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Being induced - are contractions more painful? Lock Rss

Hi there,

Found out on Wednesday that I'm being induced at 39 weeks (currently 32w4d) because I've got gestational diabetes. The baby is a perfect size though at the moment, not too big.

A couple of questions:

* I've heard that if you get induced, the contractions are more painful - is this correct? Anyone got any advice?

* What if my baby isn't big, why do they still insist on inducing at 39w?


i was induced for different reasons but it would also depend on how they induce you to how quick and fast the labour will happen.
i think it's not necessarily that the contractions will be more painfull but they can get to the more painfull and closer together stage quicker than if you were to go into labour naturally.

hope that made sence and helps

Jess 2005, Steph 2006, Chris 2008 and Olly 2009


I was induced with both my children... The first time I had the gel and had a great labour 6 hours long and very straight forward and all went well. My second time they decided to break my waters which was terrible because i ended up with a 12 hour labour which then turned into a ceaser (not at all what i was expecting second time around)..

Maybe get your doctor to do an internal examination and determine whether your cervix is ready or not... If it is not ready then I would suggest going for the gel.....

Either way I don't think that being induced makes your contractions more painful....

Of course everyone is different but I found the first labour much better...

Good luck
Hi Jess

I was induced with my 3rd DD who was 10 days overdue.They broke my waters which was abit uncomfortable and stareted the syntocin at about 8.30 am. I found that the contractions not so much more painful but were alot more full on quicker than going into labour naturally. But it go everything over and done with quicker my DD was born 3 hrs and 19 mins from the time they started the drip.

Hopefully this helps good luck.
no being induced doesn't hurt anymore than going into labour normally i have been induced twice they recommend doing it at an earlier date just in case of complications with the baby being to big so don't beto worried about it plus at 39 weeks theisn't any real danger to the baby. If you are worried about why they want to induceyou 39 weeks ask your doctor to explain the reason for an induction at 39 weeks andifthe baby isn't as bigas they would like they will be able to take better care for him or her in the nicu for a coupleof days hazel

hazel, nsw, 2year old, 11month old, pregnant


I wasn't diagnosed with GDiabetes with my first, but she was born 4kg a week earlier than her EDD by natural vag delivery. The day before I went into labour my ob had estimated that she would only be 3.5kg!

With my second I was diag with Gdiabetes and had to go on a low carb diet to control my Gdiabetes. Bub #2 gained weight steadily and was induced at 40 weeks, all weights and measurements were average and her weight corresponded with what my ob thought she'd be. My ob reckons that I had Gdiabetes with my first but it just wasn't detected. My ob was always concerned about how big bub got due to my small size. So it's not only how big bubba is but it also depends on the mother's pelvis as bub has to fit through that to get out.

As for contractions... dunno if it varies with different babies and whether it's your first, but my first labour took 24 hours from the first felt contraction (not painful) to the birth. If we're talking about active labour then mine took about 7 hours.

I just had my second bub last week and had no signs of labour when the drip was put in. Once they put the drip in and broke my waters, it took 15 minutes for contractions to kick in. The pain started to build up and it got quite painful after 1.5 hours. I had my baby by the third hour. It happened so quick and to me it felt very painful at the time, but when I think about it, I was relieved that the pain came fast and painful rather than long and painful because my body recovered much faster this time round and I didn't have to stare at the clock for too long =)

To teach is to learn twice


I was induced with my first baby at 40 weeks due to low movements. I didn't actually find the contractions anymore painful than the braxton hicks, but i was only induced with the gel not with he syntocinin drip & I didn't need my mebranes artificially ruptured. All these things can make a difference, with the gel it is only softening yoour cervix not actually starting your contractions like syntocinin. i had no drugs when induced. It all depends on you and your bub.
Good Luck

Kathryn 2yr old

i too was induced ealy because of GD.

i was induced with the gel and didnt find that the contractions came on suddenly but rather built up from an uncomfortable period pain to full on contractions. the doctor broke my waters close to before i was due to push and that and when he had to check how far dilated i was, was the most painful part of all (big fingers or something, i, i guess the gas n peth helped alot!)

yr baby might be a perfect size at the moment but because of the diabetes he can grow to be pretty large by the time you are ready to have him. you never know.

for 3 weeks before i was induced i was begging the doctor to induce earlier the expected 38-39 weeks. i was so heavy and in so much pain i was crying every night. i couldnt turn over from one side to the other when i was sleep at night without a whole heap of pain from it. actually i didnt get much sleep those last few weeks.

the night before i was induced at 38 1/2 weeks the doctor told me he was going to let me go full term although i begged and cried to him and told him i needed to go in now!!!! but he said no, go full term. although the week before he had booked me in to be induced the next day.

that night another doctor called to check that i was still coming in the next day to be induced because i had a booking. but i told her what the dr said, she said would i like to come in anyways so i did n am so glad i did!!!

the dr later apologised (after a 14 hr labour with a 10.1lbs baby that almost sent me into emergency surgery for a c-section) because he said he didnt realise just how big the baby was (i was telling him that!!!!) and that if he let me go full term, there was no way i could of had him naturally, especially because of my small frame.

so all i'm saying is because of the GD, they wouldnt be thinking of inducing you unless they expect the baby to be large enough by that time to be born that early. dont expect it to be as easy as a normal labour but dont freak out and think its going to be so hard you cant do it. but also every labour goes differently so you really dont know what to expect.

your one main focus to get you through the labour should be the beautiful little son or daughter you'll have after its all over. when you lay eyes on your precious little miracle you'll realise that it was all worth it.

good luck.
IMO I would be putting my foot down to being induced just because of the diabetes. Especially when you said that the baby isn't big etc.

Amanda and Oscar (22 Feb 05)


I think either way natural or not, labour simply hurts and at least if you do have the drip it seems to be all over with alot faster.

If you find you can't handle the pain simply ask for the best pain control to suit you. There doesn't have to be any hero's in the delivery suit.

I was geled and then had my waters broken and then stuck on a drip. Finally after 7 hrs ( 11pm)someone decided to check how far dialated I was and found after all the moaning and groaning I was only 2 cm the same as was at 6 am. needless to say my labour ended very quickly after that, the drip was taken out and i was wheeled down for an emergency c/s.

I didn't need any pain killers during my labour and the contractions were coming hard and fast at approx 1 minute apart so iam sure you will be fine.

Question I have for someone though is..... I was told by the nurse at the time when you r being induced you are not actually in labour and your body needs to take over before your baby can be born. Can anyone explain this a little better as between contractions this was as clear as mud to me???? and of course I nearly threw this nurse against the wall for telling me I wasn't in labour and would have quite easily have changed spots with her at the time??

As for the induction being done at 39 weeks I feel this is for your own safety and health having the G/D. Your baby will be fine, as was said before, between 38-40 weeks is full term. Best of luck

Sam,NSW,Elise 7/9/05

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