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2nd time round..... Lock Rss

Hi Ladies!
Im almost 25 weeks pregnant with my 2nd bub!!!! and im bloody freaking out about the labour part (more so with this one then the first) The first time was long, painful, hard, tiring, i vomited non stop whilst in labour, pushing part seemed like hours, start to loose control.. it was aweful... she ended up getting SUCKED OUT (sorry i cant remember the name of that thing they use) and i tore and also tore a attery and lost alot of blood, then find out she was 4.3kg, around 9 pounds 7 (Im a small person) OMG.............
soooo im just wondering how all your ladies 2nd time round went with your labours... is it true its easier!? and im so scared this one will be bigger, and i will re tear everything and have more damage down there...........ouchie!
Hi there,
I am unable to share with you the birth of my second child (yet) but i to had a terrible labour and birthing experience with my son. I was so so frightened of going through it again.
My gp suggested that i write down all the things i felt went wrong during the labour and what types of things i can do to change it. I also HAD to change my mindset and eliminate the fear i felt. I read 2 fantastic books to do this, Birth skills and Labour of Love.
I now feel 100% calm and confident going into the labour process with my next baby.
Write a birth plan of how you would like things to pan out.
If you ever want to chat feel free to pm me smile
Good luck
hi im ema and my second is now 5mths,
i dont know how honest an answer you want, but with my first i was in labour for 7 1/2 hrs and only got 2 stiches, i also was under the impression 2nd time was going to be easier but i was wrong, its just alot quicker! for 3wks before she was due i was having constant painless contractions,which ppl kept saying would make the labour easier, the nite before she came the contractions got closer and more intense but still not painfull so we went to hospital anyway,as soon as we got there they stopped but we stayed the night .the next morn was the same no pain but i was 3cm dialated,so they sent me away only to walk back in an hour later in full labour screaming for the gas, and after 2hrs and 48min of the worst intense constant pain which never gave me a break, and 20 stitches later my gorgeous little girl was here only weighing 3.25kg, it was worth it in the time i getting an epidural!!!!!!
i hope i diddnt freak you out any extra and i hope yours goes alot better for you, good luck.

I too had the impression 2nd is easier. My story is a little different though as I have been induced both times due to medical reasons.

With no. 1 I went in on the thurs afternoon where I had my cervix ripened, had contractions all night, but nothing I couldn't handle, then the next morning they broke my waters about 8ish and she was born 12.39 that afternoon. I was all excited with this one cause they had said it should be quicker. No such luck. I went in on the Tuesday about lunchtime, where I had my cervix ripened (again, so I thought) they said they would check on me in 6 hours, nothing. Not even the slightest cramp. They let me go the night, then another doctor came round about 12 ish again and as I was only 1 cm dilated, they did it all over again (a different way). I had almost instant contractions 1 minute a part for a minute at a time! This went on all afternoon, by 6 I was still only 1.5cm and it was really getting to me. They finally broke my waters at 11pm which made it all more intense all night and she was finally born at 6.40 on the thursday morning. I was a wreck after umpteen internals and everything happening so slowly. But I really think they stuffed up at the hospital. Sorry to go on, but like you I was always told the 2nd one is easier and look what happened. My advice is take it as it comes, don't go in with any expectations.

Hi Nicki,
3 weeks ago I felt exactly the same way! I had a long labor with my first, also had a vacuum extraction birth. Sorry to say 2nd time around was not really easier, but a hell of a lot quicker - only 4 hours from first contraction to Ashlee being born. I ended up with stitches this time. But now, looking at my little girl sleeping peacefully in my arms IT IS ALL WORTH IT!!
I am sure you will feel exactly the same way! I will send you warm wishes for a fast and easy labour and birth - good luck!
Cheers, Skye
A midwife friend of mine told me that if your new baby has similar DNA to first baby (ie same mum and dad) then your body will remember what it did last time which can make things easier / quicker.

I think that the advice not to go in with any expectations is probably the best thing to do. I have also heard that hypno-birthing is the way to go - maybe this was you could approach the birth of your second child a little differently.
Ahh well I'm dreading labour this time coz first time round was great. I did have to be induced coz i was 3.5cm dilated for over a week, my waters hadn't broke or anything and i didnt even feel any contractions! They broke my waters and nothing put the drip in an hr later i got my first contraction.. 5 hrs and 20mins after my first contraction and only 20mins of pushing she was born i did hv to hv an episiotomy though coz they lost her heart beat but that was the worst of it... I've been told 2nd time is faster but the amount of pain of a full long labour just squished into a shorter amount of time!!!

I was more worried about labour the second time too. With your first you're worrying about an unknown, with your second you know only too well what might be in store for you. Having said that each birth is different, just as each pregnancy is. I have three kids now and I would say each successive birth has been easier and quicker. Everything has been pre-stretched IYKWIM and you have a better idea of what your body is doing and how to work with it. Once I got my head round the fact that baby was ready and was coming out one way or another I found I just relaxed (or rather stopped stressing) and got on with it. I had a small tear with my first, a smaller one with my second and slight grazing with my third. #1 was 3.6kg, #2 was 3.8kg and #3 was 4.05kg.
All the best for the rest of your pregnancy and I hope the birth goes as you would wish.
Thanks for all your replies ladies!!!
Hi there Nicky
Just thought i'd tell u my experiences.
First labour for me was horrible. 22.5hrs and he was posterior so heaps of back pain. Ended up having an epi after 18hrs and then they broke my waters and put me on a drip as not much was happening. After half an hour of pushing I had my DS. I had 2 stitches. He was 6lb5oz or 2.88kg
Second labour my waters broke at home and i didnt really have any contractions till about an hour and half later. They came close together early and were painful but bearable. I didn't realise i was in transition when i asked for an epi. As soon as they did the epi they did an internal and said they felt an ear and i was ready to push! I was rather annoyed they didn't do the internal before the epi... Anyway in 15mins my DD was born and no stitches! she was slightly bigger than my son at 6lb15oz or 3.15kg All up from waters breaking to birth 6.5hrs
I'm unsure what to expect this time round but will just go with the flow. I'm a little nervous about the pain factor this time though as i'm being induced......

ds3yrs dd2yrs ds9mths

i gave birth to my second child 4 months ago now. yep i was so scared i had asked for elective c section.
um first labour was 15 hours gas and epidural. 2 hours pushing and a 8 pound 3oz baby boy.

ok second time around 6 hour labour and 8 pound 7 oz baby girl.
it is so much more scary second time round because you really now what to expect.
i think i was lucky to get the mid wife i had ither wise i think i would have tore reaqlly bad, she was excellent she told me to push and hold etc etc so it gave time for the skin to stretch.
no amtter what it is scary but what ever happens you get the most beautiful bundle of joy at the end.all the best
I was induced for my first labour. The drip was put in at 8.30am and Ben was born 3.265kg at 9.53pm. 2nd degree tear with 6 stitches. Pain relief was pethadene and gas.

2nd time, I got mild contractions start at 6.30am, went to hospital at 11.30 and Erin was born 3.760kg at 5.53pm. Slight graze and no stitches. Pain relief was gas.

I was stuck to the bed for the first one because I was on the drip, but second time round I spent about 5 hours in the bath which was great for helping deal with the pain.

Good luck

Ben 25/10/06 + Erin 10/9/08

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