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sex after birth Lock Rss

hey girls,
how long after a vaginal birth can u have sex? this is my first pregnancy and im scared my partner and i will lose all our romance once bub is born and im scared that it will hurt or i cant perform like i used to lol sorry if tmi tongue
Try not to put too much pressure on yourselves. Take it easily the first time and COMMUNICATE. You'll know when you are ready to try. Chances are things will be a bit different at first because it takes quite a few weeks for your body to sort itself out, and you'll have a baby to interupt you! Good luck
Dp and I had split up when I was 16 weeks preg and we never talked the whole time I was preg.We saw each other again the day after I had bubs and we fell in love with each other straight away.We 1st had sex 2 weeks after she was born.I wanted to earlier but he was a bit scared.I stopped bleeding at about a week and I had no stitches.
It was a little uncomfy but we just took it slow and it was fine.
I think I'll be the same this time as even though we are together I do not like having pregnant sex, it grosses me out.
If I have to get stitches though it might be a different story.
There are other things to do beside sex. Cuddles, massage, and him just running you a bubble bath could be even more special if you are too sore or too tired.

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