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elective induction? Lock Rss

i posted a similar question in another area of this site but not getting much response so ill try here!!

I am wondering if any public patients are able to elect for induciton without much of a medical reason? I am due to have my third child(under 3!) in just under 4 weeks. My previous babies were 9lb and 9lb8oz. However my husband was unexpectedly retrenched on friday and if he get a new job before baby is born he wont get time off to take care of our other two while i recover in hospital. He will probably have to take an interstate truck driving job for now and that will mean he will most likely miss the birth of our baby too so just wondering if any other public patients have been able to elevively be induced around the 38-39 week mark?
What do you guys think?


Kathryn - Zack-4, Toby-2 & Molly 1

Gee I'm not sure that i would electively choose to have an induction lol as I ended up being induced after my little one was 2 weeks over. However I understand exactly where you coming from. Maybe if your husband was to get a new job he would be able to come to some arrangement with his new employer. If he's good at what he does, bosses will sometimes bend over backwards to help out where they can. And even some time off, be it a couple of days is better than none.

I have never heard of ppl electively having inductions and I wish you all the best with getting some feedback, hopefullly someone out there may have done the same.

I wish you all the best, and I will keep my fingers crossed for you, either way

Sam,NSW,Elise 7/9/05

l do know of one person that asked to be induced early as her husband had to go overseas for work. Her doctor agreed to it but just not before 38 weeks. l guess all you can do is ask your doctor cos at the end of the day its his decision. l do understand your situation though, in the same situation ld be asking the question! lm due in 2 and a half weeks but l have to have a c/s cos his breech and dosent look like turning, as much as lm not real happy about a c/s its defenately an advantage knowing when its all gonna happen....
I guess their is no harm in asking the Dr looking after you at the hospital!

I think it may really depend on the hospital's rules etc! I know my hospital you probably would have been told No but they are all different! Let us know what happens!

Amanda and Oscar (22 Feb 05)

Hi Kathryn,

I'm Mez, I'm due in three weeks but the closest hospital (that have maternity facilities) is 300 kms away... seriously!

Anyway, as with all mums here, we're advised to go down up to a week before your due date. What I'm getting at is, I'm seeing my OB on the Friday (due on the Sun) and he is more than happy to induce me if the bub is ready plus he can 'sympathise' that I am away from home, staying and paying in a motel, it can get quite expensive. This is through a pubic hospital too.

Good luck with everything.
hi i am a mother of 4 due in august with 5th .
i had my youngest by elective ceasar as hubby was needed over in england due to a dying uncle who he hadnt seen in 22 years.The safe period is 37 weeks so anytime after that is fine . i had bubs then he went over and spent some time with his uncle and i am so glad i did.
my advice would be to chat to who ever is looking after u and weigh up the pros and cons
I am sure they will understand if all is well
msn and hotmail is [email protected]
chat to me anytime

5 kids now

Hi there, I am public and I talked to my doctor the other day about the possibility. She said they wouldn't do it until at least 10 days after due date, as you can have complications. So my guess is its a big NO. How about trying for an elective C/S? But i suppose it will be any diff from induction. Sorry, not much help I know.
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