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Wanting to know your Labour and Birth expenice Lock Rss

Hi there,
Im currently 36 weeks and my due date is getting near. Im starting to get worried and scared of going into labour. To put me at a little ease i would like to know your expenice with labour even it is horrible and how it all feels. Becasue im a really big sook when it comes to pain..

Thanks in advance


Hi there

Congrats on your pregnancy im so excited for you that your nearly there! grin

I have had 2 totally different experiences so far which has helped me decide what to do for my 3rd here goes.

Ill try to keep it short, but my 1st was born in hospital, i had an epidural and a 15 hour labour, didn't hurt much cuz of the epidural but took a long time to push her out and i couldnt get up to her afterwards because of the epidural and also other things that happend so i decided i would not do that again.

2nd dd was born 11 months ago at a birthcare, i had a drug free water birth and although it hurt like hell it was awesome delivering in the water, and amazing really to feel all of it and afterwards i had a few stitches then went straight to my birth suite where i could walk around and really bond with baby, and i was fully pumped up from all the adrenalin from doing the drug free thing!!!

my 3rd is due in july and im planning to do the water birth again.

Theres a few tips i can give you that could help during labour but when labour comes its hard to get into the right head space sometimes to follow through:

Try relax your body as much as possible during labour, keep your head clear and think positive always - each contraction is pushing your baby that tiny bit more down so its worth it each time. Have a supportive partner / family / friend there to get what you need / help you in any way. Whenever my partner spoke during contractions i told him to be quiet! I found it easier to get through each one with silence and a cold flannel on my head with my eyes closed. I found the pushing part the easiest bit, you know its almost over and it gets exciting!!

It is all a wonderful experience (well of course things can go wrong) but labour in general is all worth it in the end and you forget about it all as soon as you see bub!!

GOod luck!!!!! Post how you went grin:D


Congratulations - not long to go. Try your best not to be too anxious about the labour, just remember after the labour you get to meet your baby.

I was induced 12 days overdue. Had cervidil tape inserted as the type of induction. Labour was 13 hours (8 of those at the hospital) When i arrived at the hospital i think i went a little into shock - vomiting & uncontrollable shakes. Only pain relief i had was gas on the lowest setting for a little while but found that to not really take the pain away. I found laying down the best position for me even though i had intended of walking around & being active.
My contractions really hurt my back for the first few hours but then they started to hurt more in my front.
After 2.5 hours of pushing they told me they needed to use the suction cap to get my little girl out as they do not like the baby to be in the birth canal for too long. She had her hand next to her face which was why i couldnt get her out. They gave me an episiotomy and i also received a 3rd degree tear which resulted in a lot of stitches. I held my baby for about 40 minutes before getting up to take a shower. I can not really explain what the contractions felt like except i just wanted them to end, pushing really hurt also especially towards the end when i had a burning sensation.

My advice is to go in very open-minded about everything as anything can happen. Also expect to experience all sorts of weird things such as the shaking (that really freaked me out when it started) concentrate on your breathing, rest as much as you can between contractions, keep hydrated, take lipbalm as your lips get very dry, try different positions if you like but even if the midwives want you to deliver a certain way you choose what you want to do.

The PP Sarah is right that it is such a wonderful experience and it is all very much worth it once your holding your baby. The best part is when they lay your baby on your chest, it is the most unbelievable feeling (this is going to sound mad but i would love to go back and do the last 10 minutes or so before she was born to experience the feeling again)

All the best for a smooth labour and enjoy motherhood,

Hi there,

I won't go into details of my first birth as it wasn't a very nice expeience. It was a beautiful day as i birthed my son, but it was full of intervention and drugs. I felt that truely hindered the whole labour and birthing experience. Going into my first labour i sort of tuned out to it. I told myself, whatever happens happens, women have done this for thousands of years etc. I had the complete wrong attitude and felt i wasn't prepared for what was to come.

My next pregnancy i read and researched as much as i could to help understand the birthing process and learn skills to chnge my mindset and cope with labour. 2 books i read over and over were birth skills and labour of love.
I packed tools to help me get through drug free and kept my mind clear yet focused. I wrote a birth plan (which was pretty much followed. I used positions and natural pain relief as i felt the need. You can't plan those things.)

I gave birth 9 days ago drug free and had an amazing experience. It was extremely painful and at times i really wanted drugs lol. But i did it. And i felt AMAZING after. I am sad that it is over now. I loved my whoe labour and birth and i believe this was due to my mindset.

A few tips...
Remeber the pain you are feeling is a healthy pain. It's the uterine muscle doing it's job to help bring your baby into this world.
Let the pain wash over you. Don't try to fight it as it will make you body tense and hurt more.
Concentrate on your breathing, take deep breaths, don't hold your breath.
Remember whatever happens, you will be holding your baby at the end. As long and you and your baby are healthy that's all that matters.

Good luck smile
Well with my son, he was one week overdue... (although looking at my original dates, he was right on time!!) I had a show on the Sunday night, quite bloody but had an appointment with doc the next day so I waited until then. Went in first thing where she did an internal and I had more bleeding, so she sent me to hospital to get checked out. I was put on a monitor and told I was in labour and contracting, although I could not feel this!! I was told I would be induced on the Wednesday if nothing happened before then but to stay in hospital to be monitored. The mdiwives came to me that night and asked if they could induce me the following day instead as there were plenty of mothers coming in on the Wednesday already for inductions... (Tues was the 13th)

Next day, all they did was break my waters at 9:10am, VERY strong contractions, a shower and bath (absolute bliss!!) and my son was born on the hospital bed at 4:20pm. I had gas and that was it. I actually felt out of it with the gas so didnt like it but kept going. I also refused to walk but was told baby could have come at about 2pm if I had listened and got off of the bed. All the nurses thought he was a ventouse delivery because he kept retracting and had swelling and bruising on his head!!

This one...well, I am still waiting so will let you know how it goes when it comes!
As Hayley13 said go in with an open mind as no matter how many babies you have each labour can be different.
It's completely normal to be scared before you go into labour.

Anyway back to the question
#1 my lovely DD decided she didn't want to wait until her due date and my waters broke 3 weeks early in the camping ground of all places. We raced back home luckily only an hour away and after a five hour labour she was in my arms.
For pain relief I had some gas and pethedine. She weighed 8lb 7oz I had quite a few stictches with her but still recovered quite fast.
#2 my DS. Now since my daughter had arrived 3 weeks early I thought chances were pretty good DS would arrive by his due date this was not the case ended up getting induced 10 days overdue start to finish this time was only 1.5 hours, because it was so quick managed to go completly drug free which was great. He was 9lb 15oz and recovered so quick I don't know if the fast labour had anything to do with it.
#3 is currently still in the oven 17 more weeks to go and I actually am looking forward to simply meeting her for the first time nothing compares to it. If anything the thing that scares me is having a fast labour I'm petrified that I will end up having her on the way to the hospital hehe.

Good luck to you
Here are my two birth stories:

The planned homebirth of Tyler: A transfer to hospital

Tyler was a surprise baby, and one we got excited about really quickly, and I had a wonderful pregnancy, loved every minute of it.

As all of my family, and all of dh's are in NZ, my father and Ians mother flew over to be with us for the birth - my mother has a phobia of flying, so she couldn't make it.
My 40 week mark was reached on the Wednesday, so the next few days seemed quite endless with waiting, and we tried to fill them with sightseeing with the rellies, and then I awoke on the Saturday morning at 4:30am and realised I was leaking, and thought Wow! here we go!
I started to have some light contractions, and decided to just wander around the house for a while by myself, as everyone else was still asleep.
Ian woke up a couple of hours later, and I told him "I think we are going to have a baby this weekend!" He was just so excited, and a huge grin came over his face.
A few hours later I met my father in the hallway, and told him things were happening, and he looked petrified!
I rang my midwife about 8am to let her know, and she turned up about 10am to see how things were going, and to check my 'leakage' as I was a little concerned about the amount of blood, but she assured me it was fine.
She went home again, to let me labour in peace, and told me to let her know when things started getting quite intense.
She arrived back at about 1:30pm, and by about 4:30pm I was pretty much fully dilated, but my midwife was worried I still had a lip of cervix still present, so she told me to resist the urge to push, until it became completely uncontrollable.
I had been present at my sisters labour years back, and she had pushed on an unripe cervix, and swelled up a lot, and had a very, very long labour, so I think in the back of my mind that fear was quite strong, and made me determined to control this urge until I was given the OK.
The only problem with this, was that I pretty much controlled the urge out of existance, and it never really came back
I had to push with contractions with no urge, and that was pretty exhausting, and progress was very slow.
This continued and my midwives tried all sorts of things, we changed positions umpteen times, i went for walks, Ian and i had some 'snuggle time' we tried herbs and homoeopathics, all to no avail.
So, at about 12:30am, Sunday morning, we made the decision to transfer to hospital, and it was just so disheartening, as Tylers head was visible with each contraction, and it had been that way for so long, but no progress.
My midwife explained to me that they would probably want to use the ventouse on him, and a part of me was heartbroken at the thought, but another part of me was just completely wrung out, and I wanted this baby out by any means.
I really gave up on the whole labour at this point, and refused to push with any contractions, I was completely exhausted, mind body and spirit.
The trip to the hospital only took about 15 minutes, but it was a nightmare ride, as I could not sit properly, and was kind of leaning over towards my midwife, hanging on for dear life.
Ian had not taken any toll money with him, and was going to race up behind my midwife as she paid, and get her to pay for both, but she sailed through the e-toll, so Ian had to do the ''My wife is in that car, and she's having a baby! Let me through!" Luckily they did, or he was set to drive straight through the barrier.
So we arrived at the hospital, and I was admitted into emergency, where a doctor watched me through a contraction, and he told me that I could keep going if I wanted, or he could "help the baby out"
I shuddered when I heard that, and told him, "No, I want to keep going"
They wanted to hook me up to the fetal monitor, but I refused, as I wanted to retain my freedom of movement, so they monitored Tyler with a doppler instead.
I was extremely dehydrated from the hours of pushing - despite drinking in between every contraction - so i was put onto a saline drip, and the effect was amazing and immediate.
I felt a huge surge of energy, and felt ready for anything, and just knew I could push this baby out.
They added some syntocin to the drip, and my contractions picked right up again.
Tyler was born not too long after this, and I was able to watch his birth in a mirror on the floor, as I was standing, leaning over the bed. After 12 hours of pushing, he had finally come out.
I remember the intense feeling of his head emerging, and the burning and stretching, and the wonderful sense of relief as his head slipped out.
He was just looking at my midwife, very calm, and then with the next push, out he came.
I knew i had torn, as there was a sudden spurt of bright blood, but no pain.
Tyler was handed to me, and immediately pooed all over my hands, a sticky black mess. His cord was alittle short, so we put him as close to my breast as we could until his cord stopped pulsing and turned white, then it was cut, and he went to my breast, and had a little suck and a nuzzle.
After such an exhausting experience, i simply did not want to know about pushing the placenta out, I was actually afraid of pushing by this stage, and ended up coughing my placenta out.
I was stitched up, i had a shower, and then we packed up and off home we went, after having to sign self discharge forms, and all collapsed into bed at home for a well earned sleep.

EDITED TO ADD - I have since had a successful HB, with a 4 hour labour, and intend to freebirth my next baby, as I believe that the well meaning intervention of my midwife (who I love dearly) actually disturbed my natural birthing process to such a degree that I ended up transferring to hospital...I now know how vaginal exams can impact so negatively on the process, I should simply have relaxed and waited for labour to resume in it's own time. Pushing without an urge to do so is just so counter productive, and I can see that my midwife was projecting her fears (of transferring) into my birthing space. I did not know any better at the time, now I do, and I will take back my power, and listen to my body.

homebirthing mum to three boys!

The homebirth of baby Louie.

I planned to have a homebirth with my first child, but unfortunately after 22 hours of labour at home, and a baby who was almost crowning, but simply would not 'pop out' we went to hospital and he was birthed there within an hour or two, with the help of some Syntocin.
Having gotten so close to having the birth I wanted, I was determined that this time, I would have my baby at home.

As with my first son, I had a lovely non eventful pregnancy, and was well cared for by my independant midwife, who was also the midwife who 'caught' Tyler.

Things began very slowly, on Wednesday night, I was in bed just dozing off, when i felt a pop, and some of my waters leaked out. I didn't get any pains to speak of, so went back to bed and slept for the rest of the night, waking in the morning with some mild period like pains.
I was having bloody show, so thought my plug must be coming away, and there might be some action from my cervix.
Then all the leaking and bleeding stopped, so I thought - false alarm, and dh went off to work, but called a little later, and said he had decided to come home after all, which was nice, because i was getting light pains again, so thought things may be starting.
Nothing really happened at all, until about 3:30pm, when I began having contractions with a vengence, and they were very intense, enough so that I had fleeting thoughts of 'I want drugs!!'
I had one particularly strong contraction, and felt myself begin to grunt through it, and thought to myself, that felt like i was pushing!
I decided that was just silly, as I had only just gone into labour really, and didn't mention it to dh.
With the next contraction though, I yelled to dh "OMG - I'm pushing!!"
He got straight on the phone to our midwife, who we had spoken to earlier, but we thought things were progressing slowly, so she was waiting for our call.
He was in such a panic, he did not even say who he was, just "You've gotta come now! She's pushing!" His worst nightmare is the thought of an unassisted birth.

Up until now i had been in the living room, leaning on furniture, and pacing around, but could not stand up any more, and felt an intense need to take my skirt an knickers off, as I knew this baby would not be long in coming.
I crawled up the hallway towards the bedroom, where I wanted to birth my baby, resting with contractions, and calling instructions to dh to lay down plastic and sheets.
I was in the bedroom pushing nicely, with dh applying hot towels to my lower back when our doula arrived, (we had rung her previously, and asked her to come when she was ready) and dh was so happy, to no longer be by himself with me, he almost cried!!
Our doula was great, she got straight onto the hot towels, and was strongly massaging my lower back with each contraction.
A little while later our midwife arrived, and by this time Louie's head was on show with each contraction, a piece about the size of a 10 cent piece.
He was eventually born about an hour later, and was very white, just covered in vernix, as he was a little early by my dates.
he needed a little bit of mucous suctioned out of his nose and mouth, and a whiff of O2 to get him breathing properly.
Unfortunately I tore a fair bit, and needed to be stitched by our midwife, not something I would like to go through every day!

Our 2 year old son was present for the whole birth, and he was just great, took everything in his stride, was not distressed in the least, spent most of his time bouncing on the bed, or reading books, playing with toys, etc.
Even when I was being quite vocal, it didn't phase him, he just gave me a couple of funny looks
We are very indebted to our Doula, as she helped out in so many ways, including supporting our toddler, and really helping to keep him feeling safe, happy, and at ease.

All in all, it was a simply wonderful birth, and best of all, it was at home!

Louie was born at 7:22pm after 4 hours of active labour, 8 lb 2 oz on the 19th of January. He had apgars of 9, and 10.

homebirthing mum to three boys!

I was really freaking out about labour too - I had every drug possible listed on my birth plan!

In the end, I didn't end up using ANY drugs - totally surprised myself, DP and my doctor & midwife!

You have a build up of contractions - its not like it hits you in one foul swoop! You have time to adjust to what they feel like and you find a way to cope with them.

Its feels like really bad tummy cramps that get worse as time goes on.

Once you deel the urge to push, everything is so much easier! Pushing is EASY and apart from the 'ring of fire' that stings for about a minute,contractions are the worst part by far!!!!!

So remember, when the urge to push is there - things are about to get a whole lot better!!!

Good luck - you'll be fine!
Hey, just read your post, you sound like you think it will hurt and it does. While your body is completely designed for giving birth it is not a pleasurable experience until it is over. It all depends on the amount of drugs you may need or whatever you decide to do. it's messy, painful, long, bloody exhausting and you probably won't be able to walk further than your toilet without needing a rest for ages. I took powerade into my birthing suite at hospital as I coudn't eat anything. Your significant other(s) may like minties as my husband manageed to eat about 2-3 bags during labour. It's wonderful when its over and you have your beautiful baby. I honestly wouldn't stress - you have to give birth and it hurts - end of story. Good luck

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It is perfectly normal to be apprehensive, scared and/or worried; I was and I had already done it once before. LOL I am not big on pain, but in the same vein I won't take anything for anything's sake and when I thought about my labour, first and second time I was worried about how I'd cope with the pain and I actually surprised myself. With DS1 I had about 5 puffs of gas and that was it. With DS2 we had a planned home water birth and though I could have paid to have a gas canister available (midwives don't have it as standard "kit")I decided not to bother as I had so little of it last time. When the contractions started they woke me from a dead sleep and it was all hands to the pump from there.

DS1 was born in 3hrs 56minutes from start to finish, including an hour of pushing so I didn't expect DS2 to be any different(not that we knew he was a boy at the time) and he didn't dissapoint. PMSL Contractions went from 5 minutes apart to 3 minutes apart in 3 contractions and in the end we were lucky to get the pool filled. Yes it hurt and yes I questioned my sanity for wanting to do it without any drugs but I trusted my body, I worked with it I psyched myself up through contractions and after 1hr51 minutes I was pushing (but not really at the end) and 9 minutes later he was born. No ring of fire this time, no pain at the end no nothing just this peace and calm that looking back now is indescribable. He didn't cry, he just looked at us like he was trying to figure out what had just happened and within 2 seconds of him being born I was ready to do it all again. LOL

Everyone is quite willing to tell you the stories of their "horror" births but if you ask someone who has had a natural birth, without any medical intervention you will rarely find one of them who has one. That's not to say that they are all great and all others are bad just that I think women who go into birth trusting in their bodies generally have an "easier" time than those who go in with an incredible fear of the process. I think positive thinking is the best "weapon" you have to get the birth you want, even if it is not the one you expected.

Some argue that in the giant scheme of things the birth isn't all that important, and it isn't, but it can have a huge impact on how you move forward once the baby is here. Try and keep an open mind and if you have every drug under the sun, an induction, an assisted delivery or a c-section it doesn't make you a failure it's just how things are. Letting suppport people know what you do and don't want to happen is important too.

And now I have long as everyone is healthy(happy is good too)it doesn't matter how they come into the world. smile]


Hi, i have two boys and both were very different labours. my first was 38 hours, second was 11. my first ended up in a forceps delivery, my second i only had to push 3 times to get him out! both were extremely painful lol. i found the contractions to be the worst part, pushing was easy and made the contractions go away. once i had my babies in my arms i experienced the same feelings of relief (no more pain) overwhelming love and a massive adrenalin rush! best feeling EVER! after my first labour i swore that i would not be having any more kids. 3 months later i was preggers again! and going into labour the 2nd time all i could think was "why the eff did i do this again?". Lol. But nothing could ever ever be more worth it!


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