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i was wondering if anyone knows if the doctors/midwifes prefer if you are... huhum.... "maintained" or "el naturel" down below for labour.

Harley's Mum - April 2006

I would have to say they probably prefer "maintained".
I'm only guesing of course.
I had the full XXX for both my births (well ok I saved a small patch in front - away from the bizzo)and whilst the mid-wives or Doctors didn't comment, the lady that did my waxing said they prefer it.
I have to say that I tore quite badly for both my births and had no problems with the stitches at all.
It helped with being able to keep things clean and dry (and I'm sure it made things easier for the doctor to stitch).
I also suffered badly with piles (also easier to keep clean).
OK that's enough TMI from me. Do what you're comfortable with, if you DO go for it make sure you try and get someone with reputable experience and good hygeine (you want it done as quickly and pain free as possible).


Funny you brought this topic up.
I'm on on the internet now looking up beauty places that specialise in pregnancy therapies such as: waxing, massages & acupuncture. I'm going to get a wax, but with a landing strip (TMI !) but am here waiting for bub to arrive & think it could be tonight or it could be 3weeks away (if i go to 41wks) ... so am trying to think of the best time to get it done (and not looking forward to the 'ouch' factor - as it's supposed to hurt more during pregnancy).
I work as a RN & previously as a Midwife and I can say that it doesn't even cross our minds ... but it is easier when doing perineal repairs (stitches) and also with post-natal checks of the stitches afterwards. Obviously keeping the area maintained is better seeing as though quite a few 'V.E's' get done & it can get mucky with waters breaking & fluid loss etc. A full wax or at least bikini with trim is easier for all.
Sorry if this is TMI.

Cass, DD03/06, TTC#2

Having a brazilian (with a runway left) in 2hrs ~ ouch! ... just thinking of making it easier for after hygiene & easier if I have to have stitches ... will see if it is more painful if your pregnant!
wanted to say that the waxing did not hurt (did flinch a little) ... & anyway i think i was in the frame of mind that if i can't even put up with a small patch of waxing (brazillian wax) then how can i go thru even the beginning of labour!
I think the main thing is to go to someone really good - anyone living in Sydney I can recommend a place.
Can say from my two friends been midwives that they do care. They are always thankful when they see the women has recently been waxed or at least completely trimmed to barely nothing ~ everyone wants their jobs to be easier or more pleasant no matter what you do for work, don't you think.
I'm due on 26 May with my first and i've been getting a xxx for about 2 years now. I have found since i've been pregnant it actually doesn't hurt as much. And after having it done for so long im used to it. I feel very comfortable getting it done now. And i've heard that it does make things easier for the doctor and midwifes if your all cleaned up down there. And I find that I feel much cleaner.

Amy & daughters Jada 10/07/06, Alana 07/04/08

I just want to add now (my 3rd post on this topic) that I went overdue & was induced. Got the wax done 2weeks before due date & had ingrown hairs (pimple type things) by the time I was induced .... embarrassing - well, for a moment after all the stuff us women go thru with losing our inhibitions during childbirth ... anyway, i then wished I didn't get the wax (TMI ... i know, i know, i know ... but just a warning to you in case your thinking of waxing) ... now I think i'll just get that Bikini Trimmer thing for next time!
Hi there,

Midwives and doctors have seen it all before and it is the least of there worries. Unless you have hair as long as your arm and it is likely to prevent bubs from coming out, do whats conmfortable for you as it makes no difference.

Personally i think that you will have a few days of tenderness and possibly stiches (speaking from experience - my bus is now 6 months old) and the last thing i would want would be the icth that comes with regrowth, not to mention what if you got an ingrown hair?

It makes no differnce for delivery and when you are in labour you really couldnt care what it looks like down there. Save you enery and money is what i say, but then again each to there own.

Good luck

Little guys mum

kiwi, 12/10/05

Hi there,

I am due with #1 in about 2 1/2 weeks - i've just tried to keep mine trimmed (coz i am a wuss with waxes etc) with scissors for the most part but it's a little harder now that i cant see my feet any more!

From what i've heard, they will shave you anyway for a C Section (which is what i'm having) before they make the cuts etc but i guess if you are ok with shaving or waxing you should do that youself for as long as you can.

Kel, SA, Mum to Lillian Rose - 06/06/06

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