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when do you know that you are in labour Rss

I am 32 weeks and no one can tell me when you know that you are in labour. People say to me it is just like period pain. But i did not get that at all. what about when your water breaks how do i know if i am on the toilet or in the shower is there soming different. this is my first child and I dont know what to expect. Hope that someone can help
thank you
for me personally each of my labours (4) i have never had my waters break, i get a niggley feeling in my tummy like nothing painful but maybe i need to go to the loo, it stays like that in between for about 40 mins apart ,so until there are a few of them i don't really know it's labour. by the time i get the watch out to start timing i'm usually down to about 20 mins apart and then they get a bit stronger and feel my tummy tightening, then i pretty much go and get everything/one organised make the phone calls and get ready to go to the hospital. still not painful but getting stronger, it's only when they are about 5 mins apart that i can really feel my work being cut out for me and start breathing thru the contractions, by this time i am at the hospital as my labour speeds up from then and things happen quickly for me, my waters are broken on about my last push or close to that, but this is not the case for sisters nor my mum have ever had our waters break on us, so maybe it runs in the family (the same kind of labour) good luck.
with my first kid i was induced so i just starting feeling pulling pains when it finally happened. My waters never broke.
For my second kid i went naturally. i woke at 9am and felt uncomfortable at bottom of belly. Every hour i would feel abit of pain like someone squeezing my lower stomach really tight and not letting go. by 3pm i was getting more uncomfortable and by 6pm i was ready to go to the maternity unit. I wanted to go food shopping so i was trying to ignore my labor. didnt work haha.

some people says it feels like tightenings. Have you had braxton hicks?

In the end you will know when you are in labor. And if in doubt ring your midwife, they will be able to tell by the way you sound over the phone. Thats how my midwife knew i couldnt go food shopping. unless i wanted to have my baby in the frozen section of the supermarket.

good luck


Hi Jesse

To be honest, I didn't know I was in labour because I get really bad period pains, so I thought it was just braxton hicks (practice) contractions. But you get kind of a crampy tummy right down the bottom which lasts for a few seconds, then goes away. Then might not happen again for quite a while, mine ended up being all over the place, 15mins here, 30 mins there, but closer to giving birth they get closer together and last for longer. Everyones water breaks at different times, but I think that the majority of the time it's not like on TV where a woman is in a shop and suddenly her waters break all over the floor - I'm told that is very rare. You might get what they call a "show" in your pants before hand which is a little bit of blood and mucus or spotting. But I think it can happen a week or so before sometimes (not sure), my show was only about 5 hours before my son was born. The one thing for sure is that when you need to push, you'll know, it pretty much feels like you want to go for a poo!

Hope this helps you a little bit.
Hi Jesse,
I was also like you when I was pregnant with my daughter. I had no idea if I would know that I was in labour. I had people telling me that I would start to get cramps or pains in my stomach and that worried me cos I thought I wouldn't think much of them and not realise I was in labour. Then I had my cousin telling me that she had a 'show' before each one of her children being born. That worried me because I thought what if I get one but don't see it. The way it happened for me was that the night before I felt a little dizzy and a little funny so I went to bed early. I woke up at 6am as I did every morning needing to go to the toilet. I walked down the hallway (which was carpeted) and as soon as I hit the kitchen floor (which luckily was lino) my waters broke. Not something you wouldn't notice!!! (for me anyway) Like someone else said, (sorry can't think of who) that doesn't necessarily mean that things will start happening straight away, it was another 2 hrs before i got any contractions but I was glad to know that I had a definate sign of being in labour. Fingers crossed you get a surefire sign too. You will know your own body anyway, honey.
Good luck and take care smile

Kylie, SA, Mum of Tiahna 9yo and Liam 23.06.06


i think you just know....wich may sound like a cop out but its tru...

however for me it was at 3am...i got up to go to the loo......bu wen i got outa bed i felt sumfn drop......i looked down and my pants were wet ! i thought i pee'd myself !!!!!! haha its a bit funni now i look bak at it.

u mite have cramps, or lower back pain, braxton hixs contractions might be really strong or u might get a show. it doesn't matter if u were in the shower or on the loo etc u will know...i think its like ur body becomes a little sensitive and u feel a bit weird. u will know.

Danni, WA,

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