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first time dad Rss

hi everyone my partner and l are haveing our first child together in less than one week. l am so happy to be a dad specially to have a child with my partner, the only problem l have is that my partner has a 15 year old and her family has been through quiet a few pregnancy's the past few years. But myself and my family have not been apart of a pregnancy for a very long time. So my partner is making decisions without me cause she says she knows whats best, so its making me feel unwanted that l have know say in anything

could anyone give me any advise l dont want to cause grief for my partner in her last week she does not need it but l need to tell her

new father

Hi Nath,
Congrats on the upcoming birth, I think the best idea is to tell her how you feel, i know if my hubby wanted to be more involved, i would be so happy. Maybe you could start by buying or borrowing from the library a few baby books aimed at Dads-to-be, there are heaps. Then she would see that your excitement and they would keep you informed on what to expect each week. Just let her know gently that your so excited and would love to be a part in the decision making process, it would make her life so much easier too!
Good Luck!

Sare, DD1 1.03, DD2 4.06, DS edd 6.07

Hi Nath,
Congrats to the Dad to be...
I have two bub's (21 months apart) and I found I had forgotten soooo much. If your partners last child is now 15, trust me she has forgotten alot.

In my experience you'll probably find that even though your family is I assume about to get their first grandchild, they too will "know more about what to do with the little bub"!!!

I would suggest reading up on the books that give you ideas on how to cope with interfering "others" as if you were the mum. It may give you a few ideas on how to assert yourself in certain situations.
As far as I'm concerned women don't give Dads enough responsability (in their defence it's usually because not many men can be relied upon). Maybe your partner didn't get alot of support last time and is assuming you will be the same. I agree that you need to let her know how you feel and that you want to be very supportive and hands on, don't hesitate letting her know you are not happy about her making decisions without you, any important decision relating to your baby should deffinately involve both of you wereever possible (it's only fair).
It's extremely important that you are not made to feel you cannot be a confident parent (confidence plays a big role with good discipline later on). Perhaps take the innitiative to buy something nice for the baby to wear and show her how excited you are?

Good luck with everything and I hope your enthusiams continues and you enjoy every minute

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