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Bringing Labour On ... castor oil, evening primrose oil etc Rss


I am new to this site & am trying to find information on safe ways to bring labour on ~ or to help it start slowly .... if there is such a thing! (i know its best to wait for the natural to occur ... but would love something to happen now! .. or sooner than later).

CASTOR OIL - Does anyone know if this is safe and/or how much do you take?

EVENING PRIMROSE OIL (capsules) - I've heard that its a form of 'prostin' which if inserted into the vagina can help dilate the cervix? Is this safe and/or how many do you insert & what are the effects?

PEPPERMINT TEA - have heard this could help start things? ... once again is it safe and/or how much is enough to drink?

.... what other things are out there ... ?
.... & has anyone done anything thats worked or not worked?

Hi there

I can completely symathise with you. you just get to the point where your over it and although you know that natual is best you no longer care and just want to give nature a little hand-maybe she is so busy that she has forgotten you!!!

I tried sex, long walks, hot baths. They all brought on false labours where i got all excited and rushed into hospital thinking "it worked, this is it!!" and a few hours later i would return home with no baby-VERY depressing. this happened three times with my second. so this time(i am now 37 1/2 weeks) i am not bothering. i cant handle the dissapointment again.

BUT my doctor did tell me that if i did wanna help things along the best thing he suggests is the Peppermint Leaf Tea. he didnt specify how much but said you would need a bit for it to work-it acts kinda as a laxative which emties your bowels giving baby more room to move down further and irritates your uterus often into contractions.

Hope you have some luck

Let us know

Kathryn - Zack-4, Toby-2 & Molly 1

I know how you feel (I was 12 days overdue when I had my first)

I had rasberry leaf tea with my second and tried sex (although I did have a day of false labour with this one - I DID have my second bub just one day past my due date!)

I think some things (like walking, sex and a bumpy drive)work but I think you have to be pretty close to "ready" for things to really work and actually get going.

I've heard that castor oil can work but can be very distressingg for the baby (if it distresses your bowels then it distresses theirs as well and can make them distressed during delivery). So I'd give that one a miss.

All in goos time...
Unfortunately, there is not much that can be done to bring on labor. I was 10 days overdue when i had my darling daughter. By the time i actually went into labor i was still not dialated, effaced...anything! I was due to be induced that afternoon and labor started that morning. I told the OBGYN that i did not want to be induced and wanted to wait, she told me i had to! Now, if i had have been induced when she told me to, the doctors would have made the birth a completely medical experience that my body was not ready for. Through the whole wonderful 26 hrs of birth, my body done what was necessary in way of cleaning itself out, dialiating and effacing (always last minute, that is me haha)

Granted there are some cases when inervention is necessary, but if it is not my advice is (and believe me i know it is hard and you just want to meet your baby-but you want to give him/her the best start) that your baby know's when his/her time is due, if they stay in there for a little longer they probably have a good reason and so does your body. Women have been doing this for thousands of years, before primrose oils,and castor oils etc and the baby always came out... so the best thing that can be done is to have patience and kick your feet up while you still can smile

Mumma of 2

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