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When will I get to meet my baby....41 weeks tomorrow Lock Rss

I am 41 weeks tomorrow and cant wait for this baby to be born. I have tried everything to bring this labour on, sex, nipple stimulation, walking, spicy food.... Nothing seems to be working.
You know the worst part of it all is the constant text and phone calls from well wishes, "Have you had the baby yet". Each day I am overdue I am spending the day answering phone calls and texts.
I am being over sensitive, does anyone have any ideas to help bring on the baby any sooner and how to deal with well meaning people each and everyday????????
Hi there, I Hear you!!! Im 40 weeks today, and every hour im getting a message, have u had the baby yet? Do they really think we're not going to let them know!!!! Today I got message, "today is your due date" >>>REALLY! do they think i dont know that! lol it gets so frustrating!! And if you dont write back, they might think your in its really a lose lose situation! I have just started writing "No, I will let you know if I have the baby". ANyway, had my blab. SOrry! lol...will they only let you go 10 days? I saw my midwfie today, and she said they will only let me go 10 days over, so im thinking of the positives!! At the moment, Im have having painful braxton hicks, that are regular, the pain goes through my back too! But its not real labour...unfortunately!! Ive been having them since sex last night! (sorry) I really hope your baby behaves, and comes out sooner rather than later!!!! All the best...every night i think, hmm maybe tonight will be the night!!

You guys probably don't want to hear this but I tried absolutely everything with my first to bring it on, nothing worked I ended up being 17 days over by the time he decided to make an appearance. Believe me I know how hard it is but try not to get too worked up about it, have lots of nice long baths and if you have an answering machine put a message on it saying something like 'We are unable to take your call at the moment as we are using this time to relax and prepare for the birth of our baby, baby has not arrived yet but we will let everyone know as soon as it does' and only reply to the calls that are urgent. The only thing I can maybe suggest is putting a primerose oil capsule inside at your cervix a couple of times a day, I know it sounds odd but it is completely safe as long as your waters havent broken, the idea is it helps to soften the cervix, after 2 days of doing this I dilated 2 cms without any contractions.

Hope all goes well for you
Let us know

Take Care Gem, Mannix and Colton

all 3 of mine were overdue and there was absolutely nothing i could do to bring on labour, i tried everything!

i ended up being induced all 3 times, and with my second even induction didnt work.

baby realy will come when its ready and there is nothing you can do to make it come faster.

just try to relax and enjoy this last week of your pregnancy (if your pregnant for that long).
Hi, I'm in the same boat too smile I was 40 weeks yesterday, and have been dealing with constant 'have you had the baby yet?' questions for a couple of weeks now. I know how frustrating it is!! I've just started replying with 'have you heard anything yet?' and usually get silence as a reply smile

With DD I was 9 days overdue - she was due to be induced the next day, but decided just in time to make her own way out. I had no pre labour feelings before it started, so I had absolutely no idea. The only thing that I think helped was that that morning hubby and I did 'the deed' tongue By 3pm that day I was in labour.

Unfortunately with this one that hasn't worked, neither has hot curries, clary sage oil, reflexology, acupressure or a stretch and sweep by my midwife... I know I'm now only 1 day overdue, but I've been getting really strong BHs for about 8 weeks, and so many signs of pre-labour that I'm really impatient this time around!!!

All of these things are supposed to work, but I just think bub is just not ready to come yet. I'm trying really hard to be patient, but I know how hard it is!!!

Also I'm freaking out about being induced if bub doesn't come by the 22nd - I really want a drug free birth this tme around, but am worried that that won;t happen if I'm induced - has anyone had any experience with being induced and coping without pain relief??

Sorry about the rambling on ... tongue
OK, so I am a week overdue also and yep, totally sick of the constant phonecalls - now I have started saying "hang on, he's just saying his first words... I'll have to call you back!"
I know, AS IF you wouldn't let them know... don't they realise that the most anxious person to see your baby is YOU!
I have also been having sex, am smothered in clary sage oil, drinking foul rasbery leaf tea, walking, eating curry and dancing for good measure... so far nadda, zip, zilch.
Went in for induction yesterday but was told to go home because his head was nowhere near my pelvis.
Frustration doesn't even start to describe it..
Have decided that he is just as stubborn as his father.
Must be something about the hot weather... we all seem to be going overdue!
Good luck everybody!
sorry - double up
[Edited on 13/01/2009]
sorry - double up
[Edited on 13/01/2009]
sorry - double up
[Edited on 13/01/2009]
Have to tryed castor oil? The idea of the spicy food is so it gives you the runs a bit, that's how the castor oil works aswell
[Edited on 13/01/2009]

I still have 11 weeks to go and with this Adelaide heat today I couldn't imagine going over by a week or more! I feel for you ladies and hope all of your babies come soon!!

Sending many thoughts your way of ripe cervix's, contractions and labour!!

I am due today and have been told that all the so called ways to bring on labour are only old wives tales, except for having sex. I am also getting sick of the texts and phones calls, although I know they're only asking cos they are also looking forward to our little mans arrival.
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