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Pethadine Rss

I am PETRIFIED of needles. (last time i had a blood test i had a panic attack)

But i have a heart condition so i need to have a drip during my labour.

I was wondering if anyone knew if they can administer pethadine through the drip rather than having to get yet another needle?

Harley's Mum - April 2006


Im not exactly sure but i have only ever heard of pethadine being administered through injection (SORRY HOPE THIS DOESNT MAKE YOU CRINGE) in the thigh or bum.

Hope eveything is going well.

I think it needs to be an injection as it's not given intravenously (spelling?) during labour. It's an intermuscular injection like immunisations - that's why it takes about 20min to kick in).

As what's been mentioned if you're not coping and you need pain relief you probably wont care at the time. I can't even remember them doing it but it's a teeny tiny needle not like what you might be used to for blood samples etc.

Due to your heart condition I'm not sure if you are allowed to have the gas but if so consider using the gas while they are administering the pethadine injection. However I do agree with the others, I was so focused on the contractions I didn't even feel the pethadine shot. Good luck!

Hi how are you? equinny when i was in labour with my daughter i had to have antibiotics through a drip and then when i asked for peth they said that they couldn't put it through the drip because it would kill me but that may have only been because it was antibiotics. But really you wont mind i hate needles but it really didnt hurt too bad. Just see how it goes when you may decide to have it and play it by year. You'll be fine. Good luck with everything


yes you can im the same but they put it threw the drip

nadine,wa,baby boy 3/1/06

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