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my labour anyone similar Rss

it all started the night of our 8yr anniversary 14/09/05. my water broke that night.i didn't do anything about it until the next day.i rang my mum and said it was time. she was there in no time. here i was sitting on the chair with a cuppa. mum was running around like a chook with her head cut off. i had byrons bag packed but my bag was not ready. anyway i got my bag ready. we set off for our journey first stop was the beaudesert hospital. i went in and asked if they could see if my water had broke [we had to go to the logan hospital cause beaudesert had shut its maternity ward down years earlier] but they wouldn't help me. anyways we left to drive about 1hr to logan. i was hungry so we stopped a maccas for brekky than we left for the hospital we got to the hospital about 11am. they were keeping a close eye on me as it was my first baby. i was getting contractions but i was not feeling them my mum was i was so busy laughing at mum i forgot to breath and they gave me oxygen. than the midwife had a look and i was only 4cm dialated and than she noticed that byron was not getting enough oxygen so we all decided that i have to have a emergency c section at 4.04pm byron was born on my best friends birthday. it was the most amazing thing to see byron after 9mths he has big blue eyes and looked a split image of my dad that was scary. i'd love to hear from parents that had a similar birth........

nicky,qld,byron 15/09/05

Hi nicky.

Sounds like you had an eventful birth! It was nothing like mine though! I didnt have time to stop for mcdonalds. lol. Byron was also born on my birthday!!



mine isn't really similar.
i got up at 3am to go to the toilet but sumfn droppedn i looked down n my pants were wet ! i thought i pee'd myself ! i realised wot was going on, i rang mum she was over in a second running around little a headless chook too, i was on the phone to a mate in NSW (im in perth) , i had a shower, washed my hair, dried my ahir, painted my nails, paked my bags, had a cuppa, piked up macca's n then wetn to hospital.
midwife did internal....6cms dilated...was laughing thru the contractins coz i can't help but laugh wen im in pain.....midwife wasn't sure wot she was feelings....did was breech. alarm bells went off....needles wen into my thigh to try stop contractions...i was 7cms at this stage.....drips in my arm. monitors on belly etc etc and bieng preped for surgery.
Tyler was born at 9:36am that morning weighing 3.86 kgs..36 hc, 59 cm's long with gorgeous blue eyes and dark hair.

Danni, WA,

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