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miss e and erin! Lock Rss

our lovely convo..!
[Edited on 11/02/2009]
omg dont get me started on the twinges and things i get...ive had it all since christmas day and so far NOTHING!!!! I think its just everything getting in a sense i guess it is the start, but not really iykwim? I asked my MW and she said its all normal.

Hey there!!

I am sorry to say this, but I had the same thing when I went into labour with my DD.

For a few weeks before I gave birth I was having niggles every day and back aches etc. But I asked my MW about it and it is completely normal. If you can breathe and talk through your pains and they are bearable and stop if you move around, then it's not labour.

If there's one piece of advice I was given before I had my DD that I remember regarding labour - is; you will know when they are labour pains!! They will usually be regular ie. coming every 5-10 mins and lasting 20-60 seconds. They usually start off slow, build to a peak and taper off.

There are a few signs you will notice before going into labour such as the plug or show, waters breaking and very painful contractions!!

Good luck with your upcoming birth babe, not long at all now smile
Moo x
hi ERIN, its a shame our bodies like to tease us with thinking we will FINALLY have the bubs out..only to make us upset when they wont bloody hurry up lol

thanks for the advice, i was kinda hoping the bub would make her entrance this arvo, but i guess i will have to play the waiting game abit longer!!
i had this weird feeling this morning like 'i just know this is labour' for some strange reason, but now im more keen than ever to get the bubs room sorted and the house spotless just in case she does decide to come abit earlier!
good luck to u aswell i hope u get the miracle ur hoping for grin
Thanks babe!!

Oooooh, did you say you want to get the house spotless? That could be the famous nesting instinct, another sign of impending labour?!! Hehe, either way, I hope your bubby arrives safe and doesn't leave you hanging for too long. My DD was 8 days overdue and it was hell to wait that long hehe!

Moo x
yeh i feel like i can sense out every little speck of dirt and feel obsessed with everything being perfectly clean!
even though i have let the washing and vaccuming slide a little these last few weeks, its not dirty, im just nuts lol
haha 'nesting' makes me feel like a mother bird or something!!
thanks MOO, as long as she is healthy i dont mind waiting a few extra days either!
I really don't think nesting is a sign for me because i have been doing it for months!!! Lol this morning i got the lounge suite out on the deck and cleaned it with upholstery cleaner... I got DP to move all the furniture around and vaccumed behind everything. My cupboards are perfect, I did about 4 loads of washing (blankets and things that have been sitting in the cupboard that were already clean!!) even did the window sills!! I was already a clean freak though, except now im 1000x worse. How are you girls feeling today?


Just so you know, your body has a lead up to labour. Some people feel it and others don't. Prelabor is every bit as important as labour and both mean your bubs will be here soon. Prelabour is like the warm up.... so remember, every twinge, cramp, ache and pain IS doing something!!!!
hi ERIN,
haha i wish i was as motivated to wash everything as u r..although i feel like i need to i cant seem to bend over some days lol
im feelin alot of period pains today but pretty good thanks!! how r u feelin? our babies r due about a week a part!

hey OC1246,
yay so im not going through this pain for no reason smile
i hope it prepares me a little bit so im not soo shocked when the real labour kicks in!
You'll be right! Main thing is to relax as much as you can! Everything in life hurts more if you tense up, labour is no different!

All the best with everything!
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