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  5. does anyone know if Induction by your doc start your labour off.

does anyone know if Induction by your doc start your labour off. Rss

Hi there im am due in 4 days and i am a first time mum. i was just wanting to know if your doc does an induction can that start your labour off.

i would like to know if anyone has had an induction and have gone into labour anytime after that was given.

i am really scard of the labour and just need some advice.

Thanks Donna.

hi donna. first of all, congrats on the pregnancy. second... DONT BE SCARRED!!!!!!! you can do it.
the only induction i am aware of is called a stretch and sweep. its where the doc inserts his finger into your vagina and does sort of a 'sweep' of the membrames near the cervix. this is usually enough to kick things off. i've heard it is uncomfortable, and doesnt always work. enjoy the rest of your pregnancy... bub will come when he's ready.

Tania. WA, Daniel - 26/01/06... smile

Hi ... i'm due in a few days too & have just seen my Obstetrician about this very topic.

They usually will talk to you about inducing you to find out what your thoughts are. Usually they wait till your 41wks before doing anything ... or up to 42weeks.

I'm seeing my Dr next Thursday to set a date to be induced & am thinking of when I should set it ... should I wait for her to come when shes ready or let them use medical intervention ?

Dr's don't like you going over 42 wks as the placenta starts to die slowly, the amniotic fluid starts reducing as well ... things that may compromise bubs health. Also, the longer it is the bigger bub grows .. the harder to push out ... so they say!
They may do a stretch & sweep (not part of an induction) just to see if that sets labour off.

To induce you they'll just book you into the hospital - usually in the evening - on a set date & give you 'prostin' gel by inserting it into your vagina - up to the cervix (if you are not dilated) - this softens your cervix & can start off dilation and contractions alone.

They may give you a few doses of this if the first insertion doesn't do anything. After inserting prostin they'll check your babies heartrate to ensure he/she isn't distressed. If you do dilate they will then possibly try & break the waters for you with a 'amnihook'. Usually once the waters break your bubs will be able to move down more quickly & will start things happening more so ... but sometimes not. The midwives will usually suggest going for a short walk up & down the hospital corridors or something if your up to it ... to help things along ... This may be enough to get you into established labour & bub won't be far off arriving.

But if your only slowly getting into labour they'll usually give you a sleeping tablet so you can get some rest & sleep overnight & they'll start 'syntocinon' IV drip the next morning.
They start it off slowly & during this time you'll have a permanent monitor around your belly to check bub's heartbeat & contractions.
They slowly 'turn up' the drip to make the contractions stronger ... & continually do this and monitor baby as well as checking if your dilating.

This will pretty much always get you into labour, but can be slow or fast .... if it takes too long, your more likely to have medical intervention such as an epidural to relax your body (decrease adrenalin which slows labour) and can end up with a forcep or vaccuum delivery if bubs is too slow at coming out ... or an emergency caesarian if bub gets distressed at anytime).

It is absolutely normal to feel scared of the upcoming labour ~ its hard as you haven't been through it before & don't know what to expect (i'm feeling exactly the same way)! I wonder whether i'll have a 4hr labour or a 24+ labour like my sister & mother had. I wonder how i'm going to handle it. Its scary to not know whats going to happen (you can be prepared as anything with setting up the nursery & planning etc, but this is one thing you won't be able to precisely plan) ... the thing is ... YOU can do it ... & you will do it! After its over you'll have a beautiful bub & that is what your doing this for! You'll have the support of the midwives, dr's, family & remember ... pain relief!

Your not alone. Good luck & i hope to hear how everything goes for you ! : )
Hi Donna

I was induced a week early due to high blood pressure. My midwife administered the gel at 7am and nothing had happened by midday so she administered some more. Things started to get going about 4pm although slowly. She then administered the syntocinin drip to try to get things moving a bit quicker. Anyway to cut a long story short my baby was born at 4:20am.

I understand about being nervous. I was admitted the night before I was induced. It was really nerve wracking because I was in a strange environment and entering the great unknown of childbirth the next day. I didn't sleep a wink. But a strange thing happened the next day. I seemed to just focus on the job at hand and I was oddly calm. I tried to take things one step at a time and not to look to far ahead. And you know what? I got through it and now I have a beautiful daughter. I think the thing to remember is it is just one day (maybe two) and its over and then you have a precious bundle of joy.

Take care. Look forward to hearing your good news


Leanne, NZ, Ella age 2 & Sam age 6months

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