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How Late is too late Rss

Just wondering if anyone know's how late in your pregnancy can you still ask for a elective c-section.

You see i had many many complications during labour #1. And the midwifes told my hubby that it should have been a c-section. But the gp/ob im seeing now recons i'll be fine. But i dont think i will, and he doesnt think all the after birth complications will happen again. But if this baby is bigger than the last one (which it sure looks like) then there will be those complications again. I have decided for my own health and baby's that i would be better off having a c-section.
But i only have 12weeks to go. Is it too late??
Hi there,

Ok, now i'm only due with my 1st in 2 1/2 weeks but i asked for a Caesarean from day 1 & he told me i needed a medical reason for it & laughed it off - however, at my last appointment he booked the surgery for me & had no problems with it any more.

I think you should just push for it coz from what my dr told me they only take bub out around 10 days early so with 12 weeks to go there should be plenty of time.

My due date is in 4 weeks (June 15th) but the baby will be delivered on the 6th.

Let your dr know your concerns about the birth & that you want a C because you can have one if you have ANY concerns, it is your choice after all.

Kel, SA, Mum to Lillian Rose - 06/06/06

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