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Advise on pain killers Rss


I’m only 18 weeks, but I'm just wondering you girls could share some labour experiences with me particularly on the pain killer side of things. I really want to know what worked best for you…

Your advice is much appreciated.

Erin & Jack 17/8/2006 Due 12th July 2008, Vic

hey i just gave birth 8 weeks ago. i had a rather nasty birth (with complications etc, but thats a different story)
i had pethidine which i loved, but many people says it makes them feel 'stoned, drunk, spaced out'. it didnt do this to me. it was fantastic! i lied about my weight so they could give me a higher dosage (ssshhh) the only problem i had with this is it made me vomit, but since i was vomiting anyway, it didnt make much difference!
i also had gas which i HATED! it made me feel sick, dizzy.... just gross.
i also had epidural, but not for pain relief. (severe pre eclampsia. it was used to bring the blood pressure down) so i really cant comment on the pain relief side of it. all i can say is it DIDNT take any pain away. when they did an episiotomy, i felt it. but like i said, when they put the epidural in, it wasnt for pain relief. it served its purpose of bringing my BP down.

when ur in labour, feel free to try everything. and dont think that you're going to tough it out without pain relief. if you need it, its not a weakness or failure. dont feel embarrassed to ask for it.
good luck

Tania. WA, Daniel - 26/01/06... smile

With my first child I also had an epidural to bring my blood pressure down. The only problem was teh dose they gave me was really strong and I couldn't feel a thing so the midwife had to tell me when to push. As I couldn't feel it I didn't know if i was doing it right or not. I ended up having a forceps delivers and epesiotomy. I didn't really enjoy this birth and took a very long time to recover.

I gave birth to my second child 4 weeks ago and even though I had another epidural it was a wonderful experince. I had discussed with my doctor and midwife what type of birth I wanted (actually be in control and push when I felt like it). I was given very small doses through the epidural which brought my blood pressure down and took the edge off the pain but I could still feel the contractions. Just before I needed to push we let the epidural wear off and I felt totally in control. This time I could feel when to push and how to do it right. This baby came out in 4 pushes with no assistance at all. I really enjoyed this labour and recovered so much quicker.

My advise is don't be afraid to tell the midwives or Doctors what YOU WANT, this is YOUR labour. I was too shy to say anything first time around did whatever they suggested. Second time round I told them what I wanted and they happily went along. You know what feels right for you so speak up if you are not happy or even not sure of anything. It will make the whole experince much better for you.

The whole experince is wonderful and you will love the frist time you get to hold your precious baby. I spent the first night staring at my babies thinking 'I have a baby and I am your mummy, wow'. Good luck with everything and hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well.

Miki, SA, Amber 7/4/02 & Aidan 21/2/06.

hey well i advise that you go with pethadine and gas, i had an epidural 3 times for pain releif which didnt work once so i tryed the gas which i hated i felt like i didnt no wat was goin on really dizzy but then they midwife recomended pethadine which i had and as soon as i had that i started on the gas as well and my whole labour from when my pain started and pushin (6 hrs) i was pretty much out of it asleep and before i new it i had to push and even though i thought i couldnt and the bubs was out within 1/2 hr and wen i look back now i prob had a easy birth thaks to the pehadine and gas because before i had that i was in alot of pain.

nadine,wa,baby boy 3/1/06

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