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Older kids there when you give birth Rss

Hi I was just wondering if anyone has given birth and had their other kids there. Whilst I realise that the norm is to have someone take care of the other kids it's not really possible for me. We moved here in November and don't have any family or friends here to trust with our son who will be 3.5 when I have no 2. As far as having someone come up I would have to know when exactly I am having bub (no1 was two weeks early) and get someone to book holidays and fly up from Brisbane. So the way I see it my only real option is to take No1 to the hospital with us or give birth alone so hubby can stay at home with him which is not what either of us want. Any way back to my original question has anyone had there kids present at the birth and how did it go? Thanks
hi there
I cant really give you a reply but I'm thinking about possibly having my little girl there at the birth too - she will be 3 and a half when baby is due. As we've only been living in Australia for a year - we dont know too many people and all our family are back in the UK. My sister is coming over mid July but is travelling around a bit so might miss the birth.
My husband is pretty against the idea - but its just something I'm thinking about..... I was even thinking about trying to get hold of a video for my little girl to watch.....
When's baby due?

Clare, SA,6 month old baby Charlie

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