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did anyone go into an induction with... Lock Rss

bubby not engaged???

im being induced early fri morning. (unless she comes by herself..i have tried everything.. she just doesnt want to budge)

my cervix has started dilating but is still sitting high and bub is floating just above..

doc is concerned that i could end up with the cord falling below bubbys head (cord prolapse) or bubs turning her head getting in an awkward position.

HOWEVER my doc is concerned that i could end up with a c/s, but i wanted to try induction first!!

has anyone been induced with bub still not engaged??

thanks for any replies
xo Crystal

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my partners sister had the same problem, she couldnt be induced with the drip or the gel because shed had a previous reaction to them so all they could do is break her waters.

bubs head wasnt engaged at all & they were concerned that the cord would drop down in front of bubs as her waters went so they gave her an epidural before they broke them.

unfortunately it did happen but they were prepared for it & because shed had the epi she got to be awake for bubs birth. they had him out within 12mins & all was well : )

so as long as theyre prepared for it then its allgood.

hope it goes well!
thank you... but eeeeeeeeek.. not the answer i was hoping for lol lol lol

but yeh, he knows i could very well need a c/s so i'd say he will be prepared.

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If bubs doesn't want to budge, then that means she isn't ready to be born. Maybe instead of inducing or a c/s you could opt for monitoring. Bubs will come in their own time.
Term is considered by the medical profession to be 37 - 42 weeks. Different drs have different policies regarding when they like to induce. Some will do it whenever, others don;t like anything more then a couple of days past the edd. In real birth time though - we shouldn't have an edd, we should have a period of weeks that bubs could be born in.

You do not have to be induced on friday. Nor do you have to have a c/s. You have the option of waiting and monitoring until bubs is ready. They will tell you the risks of going over and the potential problems, (mind you this occurs after 42 weeks) however this risk is still less then having a c/s. Induction also increases your risk of a c/s.

You have the right to say no.

All the best with your decision.
Yep I had 2 inductions. Went in the monday afternoon, had the first lot about 6pm. Contracted straight away and all through the night. Had another lot about 6am the next morning. Contracted all through the day. Later that night, I hadn't dilated past 1cm so they broke my waters. ( contractions were strong before but they got a hell of a lot stronger then!) By the time it was about 10am I was only 3cm dilated! Bubs heartbeat dropped below 50 bpm and I had a temperature high bp etc etc. So I had an emergency c-section.

Now I was induced because I had preeclampsia. Why are you being induced? Is it big bub or a health reason? Over your dates? Unless its a health reason I wouldn't go for an induction. Not nice things!! Apparently inductions do end up with a higher rate of c-sections but so long as the docs are prepared for problems of any kind then you'll be right.
thanks for the replies

i have gestational diabetes which is why im getting induced. i have already waited a week longer than they wanted me to and my blood sugar levels are still not being controlled with the insulin.

being induced doesnt phase me.. i was induced with my first cos i had pre eclampsia..

im just hoping bub engages during labour.

Beginning my work from home adventure

This is your second baby, often they don't engage until you are in labour anyway! None of my babies have ever engaged, I was told with DS1 that I would need a c-sect. I did go into labour on my own though, but they monitored me closely and I proved them wrong! My dr apologised to me afterwards, he said he would have given me a c-sect if I had gone too far over.

I was induced/augmented with DS2, my waters broke and I failed to progress. He was born no worries, and was not engaged.

DD I had the most wonderful labour and delivery, and again she was not engaged at all the previous day when I visited the dr.

Good luck, I hope your bub is healthy and your labour goes smoothly. Just try and remember that whatever the method of delivery, a healthy baby and mum is the best outcome : ).
I'm due tomorrow but there's no sign of bub being ready yet. This is my 1st one and I'm sooooo scared of c-section sad We're waiting till next week to see if we need an induction. The doctor said that I have a big least 4 or maybe even 4.5 kgs! Soooo nervous!
Second babies quite often don't engage until the last moment (ie once labour has started) so I wouldn't stress.
I am overdue now with #2, facing induction next week, and have never been told of any issues regarding cords slipping etc. At least with induction, you are in the hossie IF anything happens, and at least you Dr is aware of the risks mentioned, if they are indeed a concern at all.

Good luck....
Steph smile

Mum to Oliver 12.07.07 and Bubs #2 due 24.02.09

this is common with 2nd and subsequent babies. I would try not to worry smile you'll find the baby will move down more and more during labour!

My first never engaged (too big) but my 2nd was always in my pelvis until of course the day of induction came and she moved upwards (lol stubborn little monkey!!) but all was ok and she came out safe and sound
My first one, I was induced...she was 10 days overdue, she was still high...her head did not engage even after 12 hours labour and 3 cm dilated....with all the interventions I ended up with a c-section...
I would strongly not recommend an induction....this has a really high chance that it will lead to further interventions and almost inevitably a c-section..
I ended up with PND because of the induction and c-section...
please know what you are getting yourself in for and I would really reconsider...
Wait till but is ready and try other methods of bringing on baby... rather than hospital induction.


i was 11 days over due and my cervix was favourable however my baby's head was no engaged. he doc let me go another week and made me come back to see if his head hadnt engaged.. when i went back he wa still up high and because i was already 11 days over due he decided to induce me the next morning. i had to ahve an early epidural before they started the contractions in case i had to have an emergency c-setion as they knew he was a big boy. i had a 10 hour labour and slept through the most of it as i had the epidural and may i ad was the best thing ever invented i didnt feel a thing.. after pushing for an hour to try and bring the baby's head down the ob decided that he had to help me get the baby out he said that because his head is still high there was no chance that the baby was going to come out on his own so i had to have a forcep delivery. and may i ad thatnk god for the epidural as my baby came out weighing 4795g or 10.7lb cause that surely would have hurt without it
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