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Sleeping on your tummy Rss

I’m not sure if it is ok to sleep on my tummy?

I’m 18 weeks nearly 19, I’m not showing a great deal, but I cant sleep on my side it too uncomfortable, and I know not to sleep on my back, and if I do wake up and I’m on my back I roll over to my tummy.

Is this safe or will I have to concede defeat and start sleeping on the left side??

I have posted this in another section by accident, and also no response from the other sections... SORRY

Erin & Jack 17/8/2006 Due 12th July 2008, Vic

Hi Erin

I am 17 nearly 18 weeks (due 28th Aug) with my 1st.
I to have a tendency to sleep on my tummy but have decided to try and break the habit now so that it is easier when i do start showing.
I have started sleeping on my left side with a pillow between my legs and a pillow under my tummy (in front of me) and i find that it is quite comfy.
Hope this helps a bit

tash, NZ, mum 2 b

Hi Erin smile

I don't know that you "shouldn't" sleep on your tummy ... but if you're 18 weeks gone, I don't imagine it will be comfortable to do so for very much longer! lol

I'm also 18 weeks and have always been a 'tummy sleeper' so I find it difficult to sleep on my side as well. Sometimes I try sleeping 'half' on my tummy, with one knee cocked off to the side so I'm not taking my full weight on my stomach ... but lately I've been trying to position pillows around me like the books say to and that helps to keep me on my side and reasonably comfortable.

On the down side, all those pillows do create a bit of a 'barrier' between hubby and I ... he has to fight his way through half a dozen of them just to give me a cuddle! lol


Nicole - WA - Mummy to 2 Girls (16yrs & 9mths)

Hi Erin

I slept on my tummy until I was 5 1/2 months pregnant and then it just wasn't comfortable any more. this didn't seem to hinder bubbies growth at all as she was still born 8 pound 8 ounces.

After that I slept cuddling a pillow, with it between my legs and hubby got pushed aside much to his discust.

Funny thing is Elise is now 6 1/2 months and I still am having that affair with the pillow. Its just sooo comfy

best of Luck!!

Sam,NSW,Elise 7/9/05

Iam 22 weeks and I still sleep of my stomach nothing underneath me. It seems strange I know, but its the only way that I sleep. I dont think that it causes any problems and if it does I'm sure that you would know about it. Im not showing that much so to be honest I cant really tell the difference. If there was a problem then the baby will let you know Im sure of it!

Baby Due Soonish

Sorry if this has already been said, but there are so many posts on this one. but this is my experience.

I was so paranoid about sleeping positions, but the only way that i could sleep was on my tummy. Even now I am 35 weeks with my 3rd bub and still find myself asleep on my tummy (with my leg cocked a little). I am not a huge mummy, but I am well and truley pregnant. I also heard about the right sided thing, but I sleep wiht my legs bent so for me its either on my right, on my back or on my tummy. I am definatly starting to feel the pressure though when I sleep on my back, I cant breathe and i can feel a bit funny, but that is when you move. I cant sleep with pillows as I find them mainly on the floor.

I have had c-sections and they pop a wedge under your right side to tip you to the left to avoid putting pressure on your main vein. But thats with being paralysed from your belly down!

If you are really concerned ask your midwife/dr. That is what I did.

3 under 3- 15 month gaps. Busy but loving it eìí?

I am 32weeks pregnant and still sleep on my tummy, I have been told by my anti natal clinic that sleep however you are comfortable, basically cause if you dont you have no sleep and you need as much as you possibly can, I also have a body pillow which over the period of my pregnancy so far has been my best friend and my worst enemy depending on the night.and when your getting up to go to the toilet every hour or so anyways you need the sleep in between. Hope this helps smile
yeh its best to sleep on ur left side .
wen i was bub is now 9 months.....i used lotsss of one of those reallllly long ones and u can snuggle into that and just kinda lay a tiny bit on ur tummy...but not at all totally. but u can lean a little bit.
definetly don't sleep on ur back.
g'luk girlssss.

Danni, WA,

hi i have had my boy he's 8 wks. i got told its ok to but try not to sleep on your tummy.... but trust me if u cant sleep in any other position u will quickly learn as it becomes totally impossible hahaha. i was always a tummy sleeper, now i find myself sleeping on my side alot after he is born hahaha

***haydens mum***

hi erin

i think as u get bigger u wont feel like lieing on ur tummy, it gets pretty uncomfortable
Hi there,

Now i am just a mum to be in about 3 weeks BUT i read a magazine all about pregnancies (it was called Bumps or something like that, it was written by doctors i think i read on the cover) while waiting for my last dr's appointment & there was a BIG section on all the myths & which ones weren't exactly true.

Here's what i read :- there is no medical PROOF that says laying on your back will harm the baby or your internals so i'd say, if you cant lay on your tummy & your side hurts too much - definitely lay on your back. I have been for most of my pregnancy & nothing has happened (i get uncomfy occasionally depending on how bub is laying but that's it), bub is normal size, active, healthy & i'm healthy according to all the tests so nothing is wrong there.

Anyway, so, i'd go ahead & sleep on your back if you can get comfy like that coz if the medical world call it a myth then chances are it is!

Hope that helps you out a little & good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!

Kel, SA, Mum to Lillian Rose - 06/06/06

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