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i want her out now Rss

ok ive gone through all the posts regarding bringing labour on but im only 35 weeks but i cant wait another day im depressed my parnters in the army and away all the time, my mates dont visit me any more because i cant drink and my parents live 7 hours away im only 20 and i sit at home all day depressed i dont see the point of going out the house any more i know i should be happy but its like im stuck in this black hole. Please help me i want to go into labour now. Amy

first baby

Hi Amy,

Try to be strong! I know it must be weird coming from someone that you dont know but just try to be strong for bubs she needs you right now and she needs to stay inside for a little bit longer. My girlfriends bubs was born at 36 weeks & 5 days so medically only 2 days prem but he had to saty in neo natal unit for a week which was really hard to deal with so just hang on a bit longer.

If you want to email me to chat at my own address i dont mind its -

Talk soon

I know exactly how you feel. Im 34 wks and ive been told that he will prob b premy the whole way and i just found out that i now prob go full term. i jut want him out now! I am at home alone dont go out no friends or family live closer than 2hrs and hubby works 6 days a wk.

Kim, Kaileb James 27/4/06, Elijah 15/9/07

HI Amy,

I am unsure at this time if you have had you baby yet but thought i would add my two pennys into this conversation.

I too am a kiwi and i have a beautiful 6 month baby boy. My family live overseas and my husbands a police officer so i spent quite a bit of time on my own. I know not quite the same as your situation but on the same page. I am a social worker (although currently on maternity leave).
I have read through the topic and wanted to share with you my thoughts. I had a hard pregnancy. Was on drips regualry until about 22 weeks, i was unable to work i was so sick then at 32 weeks when i was on the down hill i got bad heameroids and went to hospital. They gave me loads of drugs but couldnt do any more for me as bringing on labour may occur. I had many a day on my own and in an unhappy place. Coupled with that was the anxiety of being a first time mum. I gave birth to my son 5 days after his due date. In the last 4 weeks leading up to his arrival i was advised to take naps in the afternoon (most women go into labour at night and are shatted after with little respite after), i rented a few videos, bought the womens weekly weekly made myself go out and walk every day and tryed to arrange a few outings in the week for myself - whether that was visiting friends, going to the library, window shopping in baby shops.

Reading your entry i could relate to. I am concerned that the suggestions below you feel difficult to do. Try one at a time not fit it all in on one day but i would strongly advise talking to your Midwife and or GP about your depression as mentioned below there are no guarantees it will go once bubs is here and the first weeks although are happy times are also overwhelming and tiring ones. Use the time you can to prepare best for bubs arrival. Read lots on what to expect, routines, etc and talk to some one

Take care, good luck with your labour and please please please talk to some one

Little guys mum

kiwi, 12/10/05

Hey smile

I'm sorry to hear you are feeling so down, it must be extra hard for you having your partner away from you. I know what you mean about wanting your bub out, i'm heading into week 34 and my moods are all over the place, i'm pretty depressed a lot of the time and i'm aching all over because there isn't a whole lot of room left in there for the bub. But you've only got about 5 weeks to go or maybe less if bubby comes early, so try and stick it out best you can, it won't be long till you get to see your beautiful little baby.

Good Luck

Bec xo
Hello smile

I have less than 3 weeks to go now & bub #1 is due on the 15th but coming out on the 6th.

I guess it depends on whether you wish to have a natural birth or not. If not, discuss it with your Dr about perhaps having a caesar as i was told they like to bring them out 10 days early or there abouts so you would need to wait a little longer but if you would rather have the full labour & natural birth then, you might just have to be patient.

I have a bad hip & back so have opted for a C section - it's only like 1 1/2 weeks early but still she will be here sooner than her due date.

Not that my dr was inpressed with my decision - he seemed a little more old fashioned about the whole thing & wanted it to be natural! YEAH RIGHT! He also didn't believe there was anything wrong with my hip or back until he was shown the scars (which are very visible anyway, he just didnt look) - i hope your dr is more understanding than mine!

Kel, SA, Mum to Lillian Rose - 06/06/06

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