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Any good birth stories? Rss


Does anyone have any good birth stories, I am expecting my first on 11th May and am very nervous.

A lot of people seem to be telling me these aweful birth expereiences and it is making me even more worried than I was before!

Would really love some tips on how to chill out with it all and just relax and enjoy the ride!

Em, Sydney, EDD 11 May 1st bub

I had a really great birth experience. I can not wait to do it all again, sounds crazy I know! Firstly, don't listen to the BAD stories, you know the ones, the 'I tore from here to here', 'Most painful thing in the world'....They will only freak you more, I used to just smile and say 'gee that sounds bad', and then I would tell myself that I will have my OWN birth story, and it will not be exactly what happened to them. Gosh people can be so godamn rude, I remember being 37 weeks pregnant and getting a pedicure and the lady went on and on about how horrible birth was and how she will never do it again, gee thanks lady!

The most helpful thing for me was hot showers, really HOT showers all the time, they really help during contractions. I spent my whole labour either in the shower or on the bed with my head pressing into the pillows on all fours, it must have looked nice!! That was the postion that helped me the most. Remember what they tell you in the ante natal classes. I kept in mind that during transition most people go crazy and ask for drugs, this is the part just before you are allowed to push, this happened exactly how they told me it would. I was in labour all day I tried the gas for about two or three contractions and it did nothing for me, so I was just breathing thru contractions.

Then SUDDENLY I cracked and asked for the epidural, it was of course transition! The lady explained it was probably too late, I was 6-7cm. I was in the bath at this point (this maybe prevented my tearing cause I did not get a stitch) and when she said to me it was transition I remembered that this was just a natural reaction of labouring women and I felt great that I was almost there. She offered the pethedine, but I thought to myself no way, I have made it this far. And so I pushed for one hour and out came my beautiful son, as much pain I was in that day I no longer remembered it or gave a crap really, it was over! The relief is enormous and I look back on that day as the best in my life, It is all so worth it!

Ashleigh, QLD, Mummy to Eli James

I cant suggest that I have a good birth story, but I can say that it is X amount of hours and then you have a beautiful bub for the rest of their life. So regardless of the birth, the experience is amazing. So just go with the flow, relax and cope with it the best way you can. A lot of it is in the attitude. I had emerg c-sections- and shocking labours, but i chose to remember the best bits, the fact that I now have 2 gorgeous boys that are healthy and happy, regardless of how they came out.

It is very normal to be nervous by the way, I think that everyone who reads this post would agree.

(PS, I dont want to sound like I am disregarding peoples birth stories, I believe that it is very important to debrief about the whole experience, pregnancy, labour, birth, coping after the birth and infanthood, toddlerhood, etc... )

3 under 3- 15 month gaps. Busy but loving it eìí?

What a great idea, I wish I could have read something like this for my first child. I don't think there is a women alive that doesn't get scared or think what have I done before child birth (Funnily enough I also thought the same thing for my second child).

I had a bad experience with my first labour and was terrified when it came to giving birth the second time around. As it turned out it was a great birth that I really enjoyed. I won't go into exact details but I felt like the most powerful person in the world when I delivered my beautiful son 5 weeks ago and that is a feeling and memory
I will never forget. The feeling I got with both my children was wow I helped make this wonderful miracale, the emotion of this makes the pain you felt 2 mins before seem like a million years ago.

Anyway good luck to all you girls who are lucky enough to be experiencing this in the near future because there will never be another moment in your life that will ever come close to meeting your child for the first time.

Miki, SA, Amber 7/4/02 & Aidan 21/2/06.

Hey Emilee,

Don't listen to other peoples horror stories. What is it with people?? they see a pregnant woman and just feel the need to run up and share the most horrific birthing stories they can find.
If someone is about to tell you a story, stop them, ask them is this a good story or a bad story, and if its bad tell them you dont want to hear it. The time for considering other peoples feelings is SO OVER!!!

I think my story is a GREAT story. So here goes:
I had a fantastic pregnancy, no problems what so ever, (apart from the initial morning sickness, but even that is exciting to a degree as it is a full on sign you are going to have a baby)
I was 10 days overdue so by the end of it I had kinda had enough of it. On day 10 they broke my waters in hospital(which is good in a way because it didnt happen in a shopping center) at 10am I went for a cuppa across the road at a cafe, half an hour later I was having contractions 5 mins apart so went back to the birth suite. Contractions kept coming harder and faster (as they do). I couldnt tell you what time I started on the gas, then a bit later had a peth shot. At 4.30pm I started pushing and 51 mins later my beautiful baby girl was born. Now im not going lie and say there wasnt any pain, but seriously as soon as I looked into those beautiful big eyes everything was perfect.

After hearing all the horror stories everyone told me, I really had nothing to worry about.

I personally think that the more easy going you are with everything the better it will be.

Good Luck and I dearly hope you join the world of the good birth stories rather than "the dark side" heheheh


Nth Qld 2 year old Shannon

i had a long birth but i loved every minute of it. i spent most of the 14 hours in the bath or the shower and eventually gave birth on the birthing stool. i had my husband massaging my back and my son crowned then within a few mins he was in my arm. it was the best experience of my life and hopefully i can do it again soon.

dont worry about all the bad stories you hear i was petrified as i had heard all the horror stories etc but i just focussed on the job at hand and went with the flow so to speak. i know that its hard not to listen and take note of others but just relax and enjoy and look forward to your beautiful gift in a child.
I had a really great pregnancy, but the week before my due date, my blood pressure rose. My obstetrician told me to check into hospital on the Tuesday night coming, and he would induce me the next day. My husband and I decided to have a final "last restaurant meal", and went to our favourite Italian. We hadn't been there in ages, and when I waddled in, the owner asked me when the baby was due. When I told him we were on our way to the hospital that night, he thought I was in labour and almost fainted!! he colour returned to his face when we explained properly...
Anyway, after a fabulous meal, we headed to the hospital and "checked in". At midnight, a midwife came in to apply a gel to start things happening.
I barely slept all night partly in excitement and anticipation of what was to come, but more because my darling husband, who was sharing the double bed with me, had had a few wines with dinner, and was happily snoring away!

Anyway, after breakfast my ob took me into a delivery room and broke my waters. We then sat back and waited for things to happen. And waited. And waited. I had a monitor strapped to my belly to check baby's heartbeat and my contractions. Midwife came in at lunchtime and asked how things were going and if my contractions were getting stronger. I told her they weren't, but that I was getting severe stomach pains (like I had eaten something bad), and that the were at the top of my belly. She looked at me like I was a half-breed idiot, and told me that they were contractions!!!(I humbly tried to tell her that I had expected to feel them in lower, or in my back. (So for all of you reading this who may have been told something similar, be more wise than me; they can be ANYPLACE!!!!)

Well, from that moment, things started to happen really quickly, and the afternoon raced by in a blur. At some stage I asked for gas and I got it. Bliss. I moved into a spa bath - bliss. I got out of the bath and onto a bed, then back into the bath. When things started to intensify around Pam, I begged for an epidural. I was moved back to the bed and was on all fours. The midwife started massaging my lower back and it was just divine, and I remember thinking, gee; this is really sweet of her, and sooo nice!!(I later learned that my baby was lying in a position which meant an epidural could not be given, so she was trying to manipulate her around).
Anyway, by the time my fabulous massage was over, it was too late - I was fully dilated and it was time to start pushing! That was at 5pm

I couldn't get comfortable on the bed, and felt like I was going to fall off, so I went to the birthing pool. (John Flynn hospital on the Gold Coast has regular size spas, and a massive birthing pool about the size of a kiddie wading pool. I will say here that all during my pregnancy the idea of a water birth seemed way too alternative for conservative little me, and the idea of "swimming around in my own gunk" was off putting, but the actual process of it was completely different).

Anyway, I stepped in sat in the pool with my darling hubby supporting me from behind. My midwife had called my obstetrician while I was being relocated to the pool, and in he breezed,cheery as anything and started putting on gumboots, a plastic apron and gloves which reached his armpits. Alarm bells started ringing, and for all you "A Country Practice"fans, I had sudden recall of the time Brendan and Molly helped one of their cows deliver a calf! At this point I was thinking "Holy hell - how far is he going to go in to do the internal??!!". (I later learned that the gumboots, apron and to-the-armpit-gloves are so he doesn't get his designer threads wet and gunky!!)

So, kneeling beside the pool with the midwife next to him offering words of encouragement, I pushed as hard as I could. Between contractions, I starfished in the pool which was excellent because I felt weightless and had no pressure on any part of me. (apparently in the afternoon when I had done this a few times in the spa bath I had actually fallen asleep between contractions!)When I had delivered the head, my best friend who is a nurse and had been with us for most of the afternoon, told me she could see the head, and that the baby's eyes were open. With the next contraction I delivered the shoulders, and then baby Madison just slid right out. The obstetrician caught her and brought her up to my chest. Maddie was very alert and looking around at her new world and didn't cry at all. We stayed in the pool for a few minutes, then moved to the bed to deliver the placenta. I also had ot have 3 minor stitches, which have healed quite nicely.

Good luck ladies (and expectant Dad's too!) and try to remember this useful piece of advice my mother gave me; labour will be as painful as you expect it to be..... I went in expecting it to feel like doing a massively difficult poo, and that is exactly what it was like, only with an infinitely more beautiful outcome.

BTW - My obstetrician is about to release a DVD about waterbirth (has facts and medical info, live footage of an actual birth, as well as a forum group of Mums (and one Dad) discussing their waterbirth experiences. I am in it too - I am the one in the group nursing a gorgeous baby girl!!) So, if my experience sounds like something you may like, contact John Flynn Hospital for details.

Qld, mum to Madison, born 25/5/05

to be truthful, it hurts, of course it going to, a big thing comes out a little hole. All those horror stories dont even enter your mind when ur going through it, because ur body is trying to focus on getting that baby out. When u get that baby in ur arms, u forget everything. So try not to worry, you'll know what to do when the time comes, so enjoy your experience and ur baby. And good luck!

Elizabeth, Alexis 7mths, Vic

I've got a gorgeous seven month old daughter, and she was born at home in our lounge, after only five hours of labour. I just used a TENS machine, but don't know how effective it was - I think it was more of a psychological thing, you know, being able to press the button when you wanted something to block the pain. Not that I actually remember the pain. All I remember is the last push when she came out, and then holding my gorgeous wee girl.

One thing I would recommend is getting your midwife to put a warm cloth/flannel on your pereneum (how do you spell that!!) as it helps the skin stretch and I ended up only with a tiny tear that I didn't feel and that didn't need stitches.

Have a lovely birth!
Thank you Emilee for starting such a great topic!

I'm due with my first bub in 5 weeks time. We want to have a natural drug free birth (if we can) and are booked into the birthing suite at the Women's hospital.

You wouldn't believe the amount of negativity I recieve from people when they know this. Most are convinced that drugs is the only option.

I feel good about my choice and will try to get through the pain with breathing, music, heat packs, water, etc... Reading other people's stories has really increased my hope and confidence.

Thank you for sharing.....


Karina, & Kahurangi

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