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1cm Dialated mild contractions how long to go. Lock Rss

hi there just a quick question i.
i went and saw the doctor this morning and found out that i was 1cm dialated and haveing mild contractions.first baby and is unsure how long it take for full labour to start.
any info will help heaps

Thanks donna

hi donna82,
Considering every woman's body and pregnancy/labour is different I couldn't tell you how long it would take for you to go into full labour. How far apart are your contractions??
Anyways, if you are wanting things to speed up abit you could get a little active with walking about and if you have one, sit on an inflated exercise ball and bounce. I had an active birth and my mid-wife had me doing bouncing, walking and steps (like up and down on a foot stool. It definately sped things up abit.
I wish you well and hope that you will be holding your precious bundle of joy soon.
Good luck...
Its not an exact science babe sorry! I was 1cm dilated and about 30secs apart contractions. Apparently you can roughly say 1cm per hour for the first birth. Hope this helps. although you may have already found out from personal experience by now. GOOD LUCK MUMMY 2BE

Christopher 08/10/05 William 30/12/08

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