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Hospital Not avaible anymore Lock Rss

Is there anyone who planned to go to the Belmont Hospital and have to go to John Hunter due to no doctors being available anymore, only Midwifes.

My first was born at Belmont and I liked it cos it was a smaller hospital with not so many people there and now they are only having Midwifes and because there is a risk of needing a assisted delivery I cant go there which I am quite upset about.

Is anyone in the same boat or have given birth at the John Hunter in Newcastle?
I know how you feel... I live in central Qld, and due to a shortage of both Drs and midwives I have to go to Rockhampton for the birth. That is three hours away from where we live, and have to move down there and stay in a hotel 3 weeks before bub is due. Hopefully bubs comes early and I dont spend three weeks going mad in a hotel - or more if I am overdue. If only the government or private health insurance would pay for the hotel it would make it easier.
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