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Help please! Perth Northern Suburbs Obstetricians and Hospitals Lock Rss

We are moving from Adelaide back to Perth, where bub#2 will be born in November. Although I grew up in Perth and know it well, I have NO idea about Obstetrics in WA!!

I am considering either Glengarry or Joondalup Hospitals - can anyone recommend them, or are there any horror stories? I've heard some bad stuff about emergency services at Joondalup, but the maternity stories seem ok.

Also - can anyone recommend Dr Catherine Harris (delivers at Glengarry) or Dr Margo Norman (delivers at Joondalup)?

Thanks for your help ladies wink
Hi there, I've had Dr Margo Norman for all three of my babies. She is lovely, she works with Dr Susan Isdale who I saw for a couple of appointments and was really good as well. A couple of my friends have been to Catherine Harris, heard mostly positive things (except she doesn't have much of a bedside manner lol) You might want to look into her tho, everyone I know that has been to her has had a c/s sad A friend had Dr Gan (practices @ Glengarry) at her last birth and said he was great smile Good luck and welcome home to Perth smile
Thank you so much for the reply! I was leaning towards seeing Dr Norman, because everything I've read about her has been good. The fact that you've seen her for your 3 babies was certainly reassuring! You also confirmed what I had heard about Dr Harris - I too had heard that she was pro-C-section, which made me a little nervous.

I guess you had your bubs at Joondalup Hospital? Did you enjoy it there? I feel as though I'm going in blind, because they don't even have pictures on a website!

Thanks again for your help and have a great Easter smile
hi there! I don't live that far north, but am in perth. Whatever your decision please phone and book in asap as OB appts can be v difficult to get. I called my OB when i was 4.5 weeks pregnant (in Feb) and there were already women phoning to pre-book their births for November even though they had not fallen pregnant yet!
I was in WA when i had DD#2 and my OB was Dr Susan Isdale who works with Dr Norman. I saw Dr Norman a few times and yes she is really good and so is Dr isdale.
I actually tried to book Dr Norman first but she was booked out but was extremly happy with Dr Isdale.

Joondalup Private is very nice. It's joined to the public hospital but a bit more upper class lol
They have some rooms with double beds and your partner can stay in there with you. Great staff and food.
The floors are all carpeted in the rooms so makes it a bit more homely.

Good luck with choosing and feel free to ask any more questions

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for private Glengarry has a good reputation.
Have you looked at Osborne Park Hospital? Very good rep and midwives want to work there, which says a lot.
good luck

3 girls under 3

Hi there
I had Dr Gan at Glengarry and he is just amazing. Love him to bits.
I have heard some bad stories about Dr Harris and yep all my friends that have had her have had a c section.
Glengarry hosi is just beautifull. A few friends have had bubs at joondalup with no problems either.

Ethan 18/04/06 Hannah 13/04/07 Yep we were crazy a

Personally I'ds give Glengarry a wide berth (not meant to be a pun). They often have major staffing issues and a friend of mine had her bub there a few weeks ago and the baby nearly had to go to PMH due to a very poorly managed 2nd stage.

I'm iffy on Joondalup too.

I'd go to st johns in subi cause they are fantastic there and if there is a minor prob with bub it can stay in the nnu there or pmh is only a few mins away if there is a big issue. I had Micheal Gannon, he is awesome, very pro vaginal delivery, but not to the detriment of the baby.

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