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haemorrhaging ( is that how you spell it) Lock Rss

Hi guys

I'm not here to scare anyone just would love to hear some stories of other women who haemorrhaged after giving birth and what their outcome was.

I was given an emergency c section when i had my first baby 6 months ago and I was told on the day of my discharge that i had haemorrhaged and needed a blood transfusion. i felt fine within myself and was up and about 3hrs after the surgery, doing everything for myself and my new baby. However they neglected to tell me this one very important thing.

I refused the transfusion, those words absolutley terrified me, and was told that as long as i stuck to a high iron diet and overdosed on iron everyday I could go home. me being stubborn as I am and very excited about getting home with bubby gladly opted for this scenario instead.

I had home nursing for the next 7 days and they all were absolutely shocked that i was going about my day as usual after having such a heavy bleed. They all commented that I really should have taken doctor's advise and got the transfusion.

After all that i was just wondering if anyone else out there carried on regardless or if anyone did have the transfusion and what it was like etc.

Its now nearly 7 months on and I have never felt better and although every now and again after the birth i would get a little dizzy I never seemed to have any other problems or side effects.

Your stories would be great


Sam,NSW,Elise 7/9/05

Hi Elliemoo

I had a similar experience also.

I was induced 8 days overdue and tore badly as baby came out two shoulders at once with one fist under his chin. It took 45 minutes to stitch me up, then when I went to stand up, they noticed they'd missed something and back in the stirups for another 45 minutes. This was between 7-9pm. It was about 9.30 by the time I got back to my room and was told to lie down until the next morning - not stand or sit to help ease pressure and swelling. It wasn't until the next morning when the doctor came back that he told me i'd lost a lot of blood (i think he said 1 1/2L and we have 4? not exactly sure on those figures) and ideally I should have a blood transfusion. As he wasn't pressuring me to do so and making it sound really urgent, I too said no. I was put on iron tablets and a diet that revolved around me getting a lot of iron. My skin colouring turned pale, almost yellow now looking back at photos, felt dizzy/faint often, and also really swollen feet (not sure whether from iron, swelling, excess fluid etc).

Thinking now, it took a good 6 weeks to get over the iron deficient thing, think I also had a blood test at my first post natal appt to check levels as well.

I don't regret my decision about the transfusion either. I know the risk is getting smaller, but I just don't like the idea of it and what if something did go wrong?

The worst thing about the tear/bleed was missing out on our new baby meeting grandparents while I was still in stirrups in another room being stitched up. I felt bad to say to DH to wait, as they'd all been waiting all day, but next time they WILL wait for me to meet the new baby.

I'm now 10 weeks with #2 and am already quite adament on what will happen this time when the baby arrives. It's such a special moment and i don't want to miss out this time!!

Sorry for the long post - but that's my story !!

CJ ~ DS 4, DD 1


My baby boy, Kieran was born at 1.16pm on Friday 24th March 2006. I was induced due to high blood pressure but the labour and natural birth went well and there was nothing out of the ordinary. During my first shower after his birth I passed a lot of blood clots. A lot more and bigger than with my two previous children but I didn't think anything of it. At 6pm I was feeding Kieran and during the feed I was getting the worst afterpains and could feel that I was bleeding alot and could feel blood clots coming out. I just couldn't wait for him to finish the feed.

As soon as I put him back in the cot I went to have a shower. When I got out of the bed I realised that my pants, undies and shorts when soaked in blood and there was blood on the bed. In the shower blood just kept flowing down my legs and I was scared. But after a little while it stopped and I went I managed to get dressed and called the midwife who fixed the bed.

About 10 mins later I needed to get changed again from the bleeding and called a midwife. She changed the bed again and I had another shower but the bleeding wouldn't stop. I got back to bed and she went and got another midwife. They told me to stay in bed. She came back in a couple of minutes and checked and said she though things were slowing down.

In 5 mins I called her back as I could feel that I was soaked again. the midwife then started to really worry. I had gone through ten pads in an hour plus soaked clothing and bed linen. She called my obstetrician and by the time he got there I was barely lucid. He said that he was going to try to get the blood clots out of my uterus. That was the worse thing about it all. He was massaging my belly and was trying to get the blood clots out by doing an internal. It was extremely painful and it didn't work.

I was then rushed to theatre and under a general the blood clots were removed and I had a curette. I had lost a lot of blood and was in recovery for a while as they were not happy with my skin colour. for the next three days I was like a ghost. So much so that my lips were white. I could not stand to shower and could not bath my baby myself as walking 10 metres made me almost pass out and I had to sit down and would be left in bed for the rest of the day. I was not getting any better and by the monday my blood count was still going down so I was given a blood transfusion.

It was an extremely difficult decision to make but I was unable to look after my baby and because I was in townsville and lived in cairns I wanted to be able to leave hospital and come home. The way I was I was not going to be able to come home and definitely unable to look after myself not to mention my three children.

After the blood transfusion I felt heaps better but have still been very tired and have been getting lots of headaches. I also have to take iron tablets for 4 months. My husband has decided that we won't be having any more children after this and so won't be trying for a girl.

It was a very difficult situation to deal with and without my girlfriend in townsville to talk to I would have found it worse but it was good to read your posts and see that it has happened to others. Although by the midwives reactions in the hospital I don't think it is all too common these days.

Petrice, 4 beautiful loving boys

Hi, I am new to this site and i was reading thru your story and I had to write to you! I experienced this back in 99 when i gave birth to my twins! I had an epidural, and natural birth, I had to wait for the feeling to come back to my legs before I could get up, which is all i wanted to do - go and shower! When i was finally able to get out of bed, I FAINTED! As if you need that after birth! I was not really in a state to comprehend much info at that time as my son, born second was rushed to special care, I did not even get to see him before he was rushed off - I had no idea what was happening with daughter was with me and my partner, we had visitors waiting at the hospital, even before they were born. The midwives had the visitors come thru straight after! After my fainting episode, I was told i would need a blood tranfusion! Wow, I was totally freaked out, 21 yo at the time, my son in special care, daughter crying, partner looking freaked out...I said NO to the tranfusion! Too scared for that too. I was told to take double dose of iron tablets, can't remember how long that was for, but they were helping! I did not breast feed and so my period came back a little earlier than a mum that does feed, each month I had huge headaches and felt very tired. My doctor gave me a great headache tablet, but I really think i suffered on and off from the lack of iron for about 12 months. I am due to have 1 baby in Sept, and when i had my first visit with the mid wife she read back thru my file &commented on the blood loss and told me it was 900mL. That sounded a lot to me and made me feel light headed just thinking about it! It may not be a common thing - but your not alone! Fingers crossed for me that it doesnt happen again.

Vanessa, VIC, 6.5yo boy/girl twins, 1 due 17 Sept!

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