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Natural delivery after 3rd degree tear... Lock Rss

I am in the same boat as the other ladies. I too had a 3rd degree tear and now that I am 29 weeks with my second need to make the decision to go natural or c-section. I am scared as I know how bad a 3rd degree is. I have 2 alternate obsetritions and each of their opinions defer. So altimately it is up too me. I am happy to go natural again but am concerned if the tear is worse this time as I know there can be serious implications. Look forward to also hearing from other Mums who went natural after a 3rd degree tear.
it seems there is no getting out of tearing if y ou have already....small baby or not...
I think the important thing that ive read from you all is to really trust your body and listen to the midwives when they say to try not to push, to really try and to get them to use hot cloths or massage or whatever to help stretch that perineum as the baby crowns...a good midwife will do this to prevent a tear.
thats what i am going to focus on, I remember with DS them telling me not to push but just losing my mind with fear and pain and doing it anyway.
this time I will focus more and take each push with concentration and breathe !!

good luck ladies

i had a fourth degree tear, plus a recto virgia fistula (tore 5cm up internally) which resulted in some bowel incont, leaking feases through the virgina etc etc. i personally would have a c-section, its not so much about the tearing again, its the damage that it will cause 20 years down the tract when you go through menapause, i figure is it really worsth it, if down the track you may have urinary or worse incontinance??? Speak with your ob or evan better a colorectal sergion as they will be able to do an ultra sound on your bits and peices and give you a far better idea on how damaged your muscles etc are if you really want to have another natural birth. you have to way it up and think weather it is really worth it or not. goodluck
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