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what to expect when labour starting Lock Rss

i am 11 days off due date and am scared and dont know what to expect as it is my first child. What are some of the first signs
hi alicia
its hard to tell you what to expect as first signs as everyone is different the first sign for me was my water breaking. you could get the show.

nicky,qld,byron 15/09/05

Hi Alicia

As all the other girls here will probably tell you, everybody is different ... but the first sign that I was in labour with my daughter was lower back pain. I didn't think much of it at first ... even though it was the day before my due date!

Anyway, I was preparing to go shopping for baby gear with my Mum, so I kind of pushed it to the back of my mind. After all, everyone who's been through the third trimester of pregnancy knows that back pain is pretty much par for the course and something we just have to put up with! <groan>

After half an hour or so, my back started hurting a little more and would only feel better if I leant against a wall and bent from the hips to stretch it out. My Mum, being the worry wart she is, suggested we go to the doc before shopping ... so we did. The doc conducted a quick internal exam and told me that I was in labour and already dilating rapidly so should probably make my way to the hospital!! There went the shopping! lol

Nicole - WA - Mummy to 2 Girls (16yrs & 9mths)

Hi Alicia,
As you have heard everyone is different (duh! haha) but my personal experience was no complete early sign. I just woke up at 4:24am with my first contraction, show, diarrheoa (sorry thats spelt wrong i know it) and vomiting. Contractions were 3-4mins apart from the get go, so there were no warning signs.I will admit though that the pain was bearable, so im not trying to scare you! Good luck, and as they say "you just know"...

Mumma of 2

i had little sharp pains that felt like nothing in my vagina,i had a show 12 days before my due date,all i can say is that you will know when your in labour and you'll love it(for the first few contractions anyway)good luck

Lillie....1 year old!!!

hey alicia.

don't be scared ! be excited ! u will get threw it and soon enough u'll be holding ur gorgeous baby !

my first signs was light contractions in the a heavy feelings. and then at 3am or sum craZy time i got up to go the loo and sumfn waters broke but i thought i pee'd my pants ! haha.
don't stress, breathe through it and stay focused. i had a shower, painted my nails, blow dried my hair, had a cuppa, called my mate in NSW's (im in perth) and put clean sheets in the nursery before i went to the hospital ! just one of those silly things we do.
g'dluk !! let us know how ur labour goes !!!!!!!

Danni, WA,

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