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Hi, I dont know if this is meant to posted here, I had my daughter in june last year and although the birth went fine after wards I started bleeding as we all do but I was bleeding really really heavy I ended up being put on a drip to slow it down and put everything back where it was. Luckily the drip worked. The dr had to come in and go digging at the blood clots. (big) ANyway over all I lost over a litre of blood and luckily I didnt need a blood transfusion just iron tablets for little while. I know it sounds bad but sorry Im wanting to have a nother baby in the future when I meet mr right but I am to scared this will happen again and Ill die from it. Like I heard that someone died from blood loss after giving birth. Can anyone help or does nyone know of someone who had same thing.

Please help
Hi singlemum1, i didn't have the exact same problem as you but after giving birth to lochie i did loose a lot of blood, and was really quite heavy for the first few days. I ended up having a blood transfusion, 3 units and put on iron tablets. I don't think you should worry that you might die next time. When you do have your next baby, you and the dr's etc.. should be aware of your past experience and be prepared "just in case". I'm pretty sure that no labour is the same so there might not even be any problems.

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