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Hi Guys!
First time user. My name is Sarah and i am 33weeks preg with my first and i have been having the most bizzare dreams ever. I mean it is hard enough to sleep but my dream are making things so much worse. I am dreaming about anything from having a baby in a Westfield Shopping Centre to eating food and i wake up munching. Is anyone having weird dreams?? and if so how long do they last gasp)

Sarah, NSW , EDD 18th may


I too had some weird dreams when I was pregnant. Its just all the hormones etc. One of my pregnancy books actually said that you can get "vivid dreams" so its just a normal thing.
Can't say how long will last though!

Good Luck smile
hi sarah,

my name is also sarah! i am nearly 27 weeks preggers with my first baby so i was a bit freaked about the dreams i was having too, i dream about weird things all the time like having 2 babies but one is the size of a 2 year old! and then people saying it wasnt my baby even after i had given birth to it! i think these are just some of the things us women have to go through just to have a baby! lol if u want to chat my email is

take care, good luck with ur bubs! do you know what ur having? they think im having a girl! yay!

sarah xo

mummy 2 leila & mia x

Hi Sarni
i'm 29 weeks pregnant and i have weird dreams as well. I dream that i am alseep in bed with my ex boyfriend at his house and then i'll wake up and realise i'm in my own room, but then thing is my dream was so realistic i start freaking out and wondering where the hell am i, takes a few seconds for me to realise what just happened lol, doesn't matter how many times i have the same dream, everytime its is as realistic as the last time!

I had a dream the other night that I was a taxi driver and that I was driving Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes around looking for a hospital so she could have a baby. I also woke up the other nite standing next to my bed talking to George (who wasn't really there!) weird!

The dreams don't stop when the baby comes! For the first few weeks after my baby was born I would dream that I was catching an elevator down from a very tall building and it would break and I would freefall down to the bottom. By the 2nd week, I actually remember thinking in my dream when getting in the lift, "oh no, not this again!". I assume it had something to do with my feelings of being completely out of my depth with a new baby.
My craziest pregnancy dream was giving birth to a walking talking baby and being completely unprepared- she told me that she would need a nappy, but all I could find was a black lace g-string! The baby just rolled her eyes at me.

Gorgeous Audrey b.March 2006

The night before last I dreamt that vampires were attacking my parents house while I was there, and instead of turning into another vampire after they bit you, you would just die....I was sitting with my dad after he was bitten trying to help him, and a vampire attacked me, and I died!! That was the scariest dream I've EVER had. I also dream about my teeth falling out, which is meant to mean that you should go to a chiropracter (sp) and get your back checked....

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