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Just wanted to share my birth story of William James born 30/12/08. After a 14 hour labour with my first son and an epidural and ventuese(sp) delivery I was pretty scared about what was to come with my second.

Christmas day I woke feeling like crap, my Dad and his wife had travelled to spend Christmas with us and I felt like having them there like a hole in the head - so I booked us into a lovely restaurant to save me being in the kitchen all day two weeks before I was due. We went to the restaurant and I couldnt sit or stand the whole time we were there so we left early when my contractions were coming at about 15 minutes apart. The rest of the day went with intermittent contractions that didnt become regular so I went to bed waiting for things to happen. Woke up boxing day and lost my plug and contractions were coming harder but still not regular, I rang my Mum who lives nearly four thousand Kms away and told her I would let her know when I am sure it is really happening - so boxing day went with a blur and around eight oclock that night Mum knocks on the door and surprised me. (mind you Dad had not left yet and he actually left my Mum for the other woman so yeah it was pretty weird) Dad left the next day and we went up to the hospital, definately contractions, not even shortened let alone dialated go home and wait. 5 days of this continued and on the 29th my waters broke in the middle of the night - still waiting, rang hospital said I can stay home for a while if I am comfortable and then THE CONTRACTIONS STOPPED! I then went to sleep for about an hour which had been the longest stretch of sleep I had had since Christmas Eve. Hospital then rang me and asked where I was, they told me to come up and be checked and I still hadnt dialated at all. They wanted to induce me and I didnt want a bar of it but they said risk of infection to baby since waters had broken twelve hours earlier. I explained to them that I didnt think my waters had broken fully as with my first son there was alot more waters but this time not as much - they said no your waters have broken and we need the baby to come. Put me on the drip at four and said she was putting me on "the smell of an oily rag"so to speak and that it was the smallest dose and she would be back every half hour to increase it - and to sit back and relax! She couldnt have been more wrong! She was back in twenty minutes turning the drip off as I was two minutes apart and wanted to push. She gave me the gas and it wasnt doing much and then she put me in the bath. In between contractions I was getting these giggling fits and then groaning loudly when the next wave of contractions hit - apparantly the girl in the next room was a first timer and a little frightened as she said I sounded like I was mad!Hehe. Got me on the bed and I got a massive urge to push and alot of pressure so midwife said push. There was a massive explosion as if a bomb had gone off and I turned around to see Mum and the midwife covered head to toe with amniotic fluid, didnt get time to laugh but is so funny now thinking of them both towelling themselves off, cant say I didnt warn them earlier. Then things went a bit strange, couldnt figure out what was wrong but Mum went deathly pale, the midwife stopped talking to me and my husband started telling the midwife to hurry for some unknown reason. She then ran and pressed the emergency button and I can remember thinking - is my baby dead? I didnt even have time to digest that information before the next contraction hit and she told me to stop pushing, for gods sake stop pushing! Unbeknownst to me the cord had wrapped around Williams neck three times and twice around his body - a really long cord apparently, he was black when his head came out and they had to cut the cord before he was even born, he was black from head to toe and unresponsive, but after what seemed like an eternity I heard my second borns cry - thinking about all of this is making me teary (sorry) I just cant imagine the pain other woman go through with a still birth etc. Williams birth was three hours from the drip to his entrance to the world, it went in a blur and the midwife took the gas off me half way through so it was far more natural than I would have liked but too quick to organise anything else. I sit here writing this as my husband has an appointment this afternoon to talk about the "snip" with his GP, in some way I felt i need to write this as I know we arent having any more children and for some reason this feels like closure, I am saddened when I think of no more babies but am so blessed with two beautiful little boys that I am looking forward to their future. Thanks for listening, I feel better now.

Christopher 08/10/05 William 30/12/08

WOW! What a story! So glad to hear little William is ok. How scary for you, your mother & DH.

By the way my DH name is Christopher William.

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