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Stressed :( Lock Rss

Im feeling so stressed and anxious atm sad Over the weekend I have been feeling odd, heaps of pressure and the odd tightening of my tummy, tired, emotional...

Last night I went to bed @ 8:30 I woke up about midnight with a sort of crampy belly then I had to go to the loo, massive diarrhea (sorry tmi) then I thought, oh god this could be it. I then became so anxious I had a panic attack.

Im stressing about leaving Cody when I go for the birth and I am absolutely terrified of having this baby!!!! Im so worried I wont get an epi and Im worried my panic attacks are gonna make me freak and I'm going to lose it and its going to be a disaster. I was almost in tears last night. When I thought labor may be starting I just freaked!!! Where as with Cody I was excited, nervous but happy and excited, this time Im just dreading it sad

I know he has to come out but I just don't feel ready and I wish I didn't have this stupid panic disorder, so that I just felt the normal apprehension every body else feels...oh its just too much for me atm......

Wanda, Melb. Cody 22.12.04 & Jai 30.4.06

hey wanda,
i didnt experience anything like this with my first so i cant really relate to you but i feel for you it must be horrible to go through panic attacks whilst pregnant. Have you spoken to your doc or midwife about this? maybe you could try relaxation therapy to calm your nerves or even try anything that relaxes you. Im sure cody will be fine when you go into labour, have you decided to live him at your parents or take him with you?
hmm i dont really know what else to say but hope everything goes smoothly for you and try to stay calm lol i know its easier said then down.

Anyway hows the pregnancy been going about from the panic attacks? do you know what your having yet or is it a big surprise?
decided on the names yet? i think if you focus on your new baby coming into the world it might make you less stressed.
heres my email address if you just wanna chat [email protected]

take care talk to you soon

Kayla Elizabeth (10/1/06) Mummy''''s Angel

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