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any tips for a quick labour? Lock Rss

Hi my name is bec and i'm expecting my first bub in June. I am worried that the birth will take a while tho, i've heard horror stories about women being in labour for days. I'm wondering if anyone has any tips on how to make the labour move along a bit quicker.

My best tip would be to try and keep upright and mobile as much as you can and try not to fight the pain. My first labour was extremely long (2 days)and because I was so tired I spent most of my time lying on the bed or in the bath which I think probably contributed a little to the length of the labour.

My second labour I spent most of the first stage cleaning the house, vacuuming and then did some food shopping (walking around coles with contractions was quite funny). In hospital I tried to stay upright and walked and rocked my hips through the pain trying to will myself not to fight it. When I let go and did that it helped so much and I gave birth within 8 1/2 hours of established labour.

All the best, I hope you have a good labour experience.


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I stayed upright for both my labours, 1st one was 11hrs established being 1.5hrs. and the second one was only 1hr 45min from the first pain till I was holding my baby in my arms.
I don't know, maybe I'm just built for having kids.

Good luck. Oh walking helps too.

Hi Bec,
I don't know if this will help or if it will even make the labour go faster but I think it helped me a lot. During months 8 and 9, I read and re-read every pregnancy book I could find and to see exactly what my body was going to go through when I was in labour. So when the time came I knew what was normal and what to expect to a degree. Doing this took all the worry and stress out of labour and allowed me to relax.

I also found that it gave me a new lease of energy and determination by having a mirror so that I could see the babies head crowning.

From first pain to last my labour was 4 and a half hours (first baby). Being so relaxed about the whole thing I didn't ask for pain relief until it was to late because it was time to start pushing and I was only asking for gas.

Hope this helps some.

Prey! I said all throughout my pregnancy that im not having the standard 12 hour labour like they tell u to expect, and ya know what? I didnt! I had a 36 hour labour instead, from the monday night to when i had her wednesday morning i had contractions every 10 minutes for the majority of that 36 hours, i think i had a 2 hour gap where i had none at all. It was mor exhausting wondering when it was going to hurry up and get to the 5 minutes part, thankfully when they decided to hurry along, it didnt take that long b4 she was born. At the end walking really helped them come faster. Plus being your first, your body doesnt really know what its doing. So i wish u all the best and very kind labour.
p.s sorry if i scared ya

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Hu Bec

I am expecting my 3rd baby and with my 1st my labour was 4 1/2 hrs and my 2nd was 1 1/2 hrs and both my short labours i believe were due to walking before i even went into labour from about 7 months onwards i used to walk for 1 - 2 hrs a day and just before my due date i would go for a really long walk and i felt this just got everything moving i am definately doing it with this 1 as well...

Hi Bec!

Got some tips for you so hope they give u some ideas!

* From 6months drink raspberry leaf tea EVERYDAY to help with ur pelvic floor

* Try to remain upright in your labour - pressure of bubs head helps oven the cervix

* Be organised before you are due. You don't want to be stressing about last minute things you need to be relaxing and getting lots of rest

* Towards the end of the pregnancy go for lots of swims especially the last few weeks and days as the motion in the water helps bubs get into a good position for birth. My daughter was posterior for most of my pregnancy but she turned in the last few days as i spent it all in the pool!

* Get a pamphlet of pelvic floor muscle exercises from ur Obstetrician or the hospital where u have bubs to strengthen ur muscles

* When u do go into labour or u think you are having contractions, i found that staying at home for as long as possible helped as it is a much more relaxed environment. I used wheat bags heated up in the microwave when i had contractions, i had a shower (and mananged to shave my legs between contractions!) and watched sunrise (haha the only thing on tv to keep my mind off it) They say you should go to the hospital when a contraction comes and you can't focus on an object or talk to someone.

* If you want pain relief, make sure they know what you want as soon as u arrive at the hospital as it might take a bit to organise it (especially for epidurals)

* Take socks to the hospital to wear once u give birth! I was freezing almost as soon as she came out!

My labour was 4 1/2 hrs also. And only spent 1 1/2 hrs at the hospital before i gave birth to Makaia.

Hope it all goes well for u and if u would like to chat more (my mum is a midwife and a ante-natal educator for the pre-birth class thingos so i can ask her anything your curious about!) my msn/email is

Take care and all the best!

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