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Due Today! and 2cm Dialated but no Contractions Lock Rss

Im Due Today!

I had a doctors appointment yesterday and he did an internal examination and said I was 2 cm dialated and he gave me a bit of a stretch and stuff which was weird! lol

Ive been in sooo much pain since!!

They have booked me in for an Induction on Friday at 7am if I dont pop by then!

I have had some serious back pains but nothing that comes across as a contraction!

THis is my first bub is it normal to be dialated and had no contractions?

Hi - From my understanding it is possible to be 2 or 3 cm dialated for sometime and not actually go in to labour. But if you have just had a stretch and sweep yesterday then it is highly likley that you will go in to labour in the next 24 to 48 hours if you are around your due date. The back pain is a god sign that something is happening.

Best of luck for going in to labour before your induction date!

Rach - DS1-3 years. DD1-18 months, DD2-2 weeks

Yeah, I dont really want to be induced.

Im keeping up my ball exercises to try and bring on baby naturally..

Im not sure if it was a stretch and sweep but he like had his fingers in me and was moving them in a circular motion and he did say he could feel the babies head. (which was kinda strange)

Ive just had a hot bath to try and loosen up all the tension around my hips and I feel heaps better!

Cross Fingers it happens tonight!

i also get labour in my back and it sounds like they did do stretch and sweep, that is weird that he could feel the babys head, you must be so close.
what exercises are you doing on the fit ball? i have one at home but have just been doing circle things while sitting on it.
when i was having back pain i would do that and it helped heaps, and the breathing.

hey i was apparantly two weeks over due but can't be to sure i was 4cm dilated and was induced so hope you don't need to be..
My story won't make you happy hehe but I thought I'd share anyway!!

I had the stretch and sweep done when I was 5 days overdue.. And I was almost 3cm dialated at the time.. I still went 10 days over lol..

i was overdue and dialated a few cms with both my kids, was induced 12 overdue with DD but eventually went into natural labour with DS 8 days overdue. Good luck


I reckon they would have let me go on for 2 weeks but I have CHolestasis and they didnt want me to go any further!

So its looking like Friday will be the day!


hi there,

If yourve started dialating and getting back ache it sound like a couple more days and youll be in labour, i thin you usually start getting contractions when your about 3 cm dialated
Well hopefully tomorrow night i go into labor naturally so they dont have to induce me!

Send me the labor vibes girls! lol

Lots and Lots of Labor vibes being sent your way for today. If not good luck for tomorrow xoxo
[Edited on 14/05/2009]

Oh, I wonder how she is doing?

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