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Hi Guys,
My name is Katie and my beautiful boy Christopher is 6 months old.

Although we can all agree that labour isnt exactly pleasurable, I am sure that we all have some funny stories to share about labour and birth etc.

Please tell me I am not the only one who looks back and laughs at the strange things I did.

1. Didnt want to get off the toilet at home because was flooding so hubby got me a pillow and I sat there legs spread chatting to he and Mum during contractions.
2. Finally heading for hospital 30secs apart and stuck behind a P plater. Mum had her hazards on which confused him to no end, he finally realized and we saw his passenger mouth "Shes havin a baby", they quickly pulled over.
3. Hubby giggling on the gas and handing it to Mum for a try.
4. Mum giggling on the gas and handing it to me for a try (I have already had some Mum)
5. Mum saying to hubby as bub is crowning, "She looks like shes gunna turn inside out", his reply was "she always looks like that", my reply "f*@#n comedian"
6. Me abusing the aneasitist because I thought he was an orderly.

Looking forward to hearing your stories.

Christopher 08/10/05 William 30/12/08

LOL smile
I don;t have a funny story myself but thanks for sharing yours.
Hopefully some more appear

when i got to the hospital, the first thing i said to the midwife was get me pain relief! to lighten things up, she wanted a trade for something. my first instinct was to 'trade' my car!!! i told her "i'll give you princess (my car) for pethadine" she told me it was a deal, and luckily, after the birth she didnt follow it up!!!!!
i also told my partner i needed my mums permission to try the gas! i was high on pethadine already, and she was sitting right next to me!

Tania. WA, Daniel - 26/01/06... smile

Hi All,

When we had our first baby we had to drive 100kms to town to the hospital. My husband had been at work since 4am and I had a show at 10.30am so the doctor told me to drive down to be checked. By the time we got to town my contractions were about 5 mins apart.

1. My husband decided to stop at Hungry Jacks drive thru to get breakfast as he hadnt eaten all day. I was mad at first but then I remembered he wanted "jack" as a boys name and I didnt so I had a reason to cross it off the list.

2. My hubby then dropped me off at the door and went to park the car - when we met the midwife and she said she had already met Luke he decided to tell me he had parked next to her, forgot to put the handbrake on and rolled our car into the concrete wall.

3. After a 4 hour first stage and 20 min 2nd stage we finally had our beautiful little girl and the next night when hubby went to go out with family & friends to wet the head he realised all he had packed to take with him was 11 pairs of footy shorts, in the middle of winter in Twmba. So he had to stay home and celebrate quietly.

I say it was karma getting him back for making me wait at a drivethru and crashing my car!!

But we're about to do it all again - this time we're only about 2mins from the hospital so either I'm driving or we'll walk and at least he can go home for a change of clothes.

NT Mum, Keely 23/4/04 & EDD 26/4/06

Well my first labour I was so high on the gas, I was telling the nurse I can see the little ****, big smartie head and small feet, it must be a boy I was saying, to cause all this trouble.

I wanted to eat ice constantly, but had to get my mum or husband to crunk it till it was the right size, if it was too big, I would spit it back at them.

I told the anathesist to put the drip in my left side cause I have good veins on that arm and I would like to have a sleep and I like to sleep on my right side, Thanks Doc!

In the end I had an emergency caesar and had a beautiful big 9lb 4oz girl

mum of 4

mine isn't that funny.we had to drive an hour to the hospital and my partner was so excited it was finallt happening that he was laughing at me everytime i had a contraction!!

i said to concentrate on the road an laughing would result in a swift kick in the balls!!!!!!!!!

Lillie....1 year old!!!

Jess.... i wish you all the very bets of luck tonight.

Elizabeth, Alexis 7mths, Vic

hi nothing real funny happend in my labours that I can remember ,but after bub no 3 was born in jan 06 , The nurse asked me if I needed anything before she left me in my room I answered "what do I do when the baby wakes up" ? She must have thought I was nuts specialy after already having 2 boys!! I do see the funny side of it now,

lucky robert was on my chest, i didn't have time to warn anyone, one moment i was slightly queasy, the next i was throwing up everywhere

robert 15 feb 06 qld

Well I was induced 2 weeks early because of a big baby. When they were breaking my waters, my husband fainted from the sight of it, and my grandmother came rushing over, trying to kick him out of the doctors way! He woke up some time later underneath the bed! Then a while after they took me in to do emergency c/s, a nurse sat with him and comforted him while they did it!! Poor old me sat there with no one to talk to while my husband had young nurses at his beck and call!!!

im pregnant with my first and am due in about 6 weeks time thanks for all your stories they were funny, i was stressing at first about labour but am not now thankyou


Hi Katie my god that is one exciting delivering a baby and there I go with my story.

I first started getting contractions so I got up and walk around for while and than ring my mum and ask what the pains was like when she was in labour with me and explain what the pains was like and after I told my mum thats when she said that I am starting my contractions and hang up from and than went down to my partner who is still in the bed and told him that my contractions have started thats when he told me to take two pandols and go back to bed cause the baby willnt be there for another couple of days, haha and while he said this to me still had his eyes shut.

After being in the bath for the whole time with the contractions and trying to breath at the time and also my partner coming in to check on me and make that I was okay and than when I cant stand the pain anymore thats when I started to cry cause I was in so much pain and I just wanted the baby out. Than I feel like I had to go to the toliet all the time and do number 2 cause thats how I felt and by that stage my partner had got up and ring the hospital to say that we were on our way but before we left we had to take the boat of the car and while that was happening I was saying some words that wasnt nice and than we headed on our way to the hospital and my partner did the speed limit and didnt hurry while I am trying to hold the baby in so it wouldnt be born in the car.

We finally got to the hospital and than my pains had stop so I thought it was a false labour and than the pains started again and we got to the main entree and the midwife know who we were and said we had to walk this way and thats when I said no and that I want a wheelchair now cause I couldnt walk and than we finally got to the materialy ward and I just wanted to go the toliet and I went to the toliet and look down and thats when I saw my daughters crown and scream and the two midwifes and my partner ran in and thats when the had to get me off the toliet in between my contactions and after couple of minutes my beautiful baby girl was born and now she is 15 months old and I always thought that when you have a baby that you are on the bed with nice music on and your partner is holding your hand but instead of that I was on the bathroom floor with my daughter being born.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

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