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Morning sickness Lock Rss

When i was pregnant with my daughter morning sickness started to week i found out so around 5 and half weeks it went through all the way till the day before i had her. I must say it did get a touch better around 18weeks but was really bad most of the time. Has anyone else had pregnancy long morning sickness(or all day sickness) like myself?


Hi Elena,

Like you I suffered from MS all the way through my first pregnancy. I was diagnosed with hyper emphasis (servere MS) and was in and out of hospital. It was so bad I was even vomitting in my sleep. I was scared to consider a second pregnancy as no one could reassure me that it wouldn't happen again. (It started at 5 weeks). I spoke to my OB and he advised that since having lachie there was a new medication approved for pregnancy called Zofram. (It is what is given to chemotheraphy patients). It is extremely effective. I decided to give pregnancy another go. This time I didn't start with MS until 7 weeks and then it hit like a ton of bricks. So far only one trip to the hospital and after that was prescribed Zofram. I take one tablet a day and it effectivley has stopped the vomitting. I still feel nausea but at least can look after my little boy and do normal things. I will have to take Zofram until the day I have this bub but it will be worth it.

I hope that the long MS for you was a one off and if you have another bub that you breeze through it!

I had all day sickness I found eating a lil helped! strange I know
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