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bad c-sections anyone? Lock Rss

hi all how is everyone?i had a pretty rough trot wen i had to have a c-section with their anyone else that has been in a similar situation?
Your not the only one,

I had one with my first son scared the Hell out of me i didnt want no more kids after him and i was so scared because of almost loosing my son i did some thing i wasnt proud of most of it was put down to PND after having him.

We later fell preg with second son and i said it will be VBAC cause i didnt want to go throught hat again and yet it was another emergancy c-section all though it was better the second time around cause i recoverd very qucik after it.

if you need to talk send me an email and i will reply i hope i can help you

[email protected]

TTC a baby girl

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