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In labour in the car to hospital Lock Rss

HI everyone

with my first child i was induced so i was already at the hospital when i went into labour, however this time around im worried about how ill cope in the car since they tell you to stay at home as long as you can before coming to the hospital. my hospital is about 40 mins away and im worried about how to cope with the pain whilst in the car for long- especially if its in traffic, and also, what happens when we get there? parking is nearly impossible, does hubby drop me at the door and call someone to help?

anyone who has had this type of experience before please reassure me! LOL

Heidi 3 years & Annika 4 days

I cant help as my hospital is only 10 minutes away in traffic, but i would keep in mind the distance of the hospital so don't wait until you can't cope anymore to leave. I'd leave once the contractions were quite uncomfortable/ mildly painful. But then my labors have only been 3.5 hours each so progress quickly.

As for in the car- i guess it depends on what you feel helps your pain. So maybe take some panadol before you leave to take the edge off, bring a heat pack or hot water bottle, put calm music on, sit in the back seat or push the passenger seat right back and recline it so you have more room- whatever you feel helps!

My hospital has a 10 minute parking 'drop off' point so you can park there for a short time while he takes you to the labor ward for example then he can go back and move the car. With DD we parked miles away and i had to walk and stop every few minutes with contractions. Not recommended! I'd get him to drop you off!

If it is during the night they usually have a seperate night entrance to maternity where security have to buzz you in. Probably a good idea to find out where this is before you go into labour!

Good luck
Cant help with the pain, but we got the tip that with our hospital that we can park and if you put a sign in your windscreen saying in delivery they are less likely to tow your car, also that if you let the security guard know they will keep an eye on it. This usually gives you a few hours, then when you get upstairs mw will tell you if you have enough time to move car, otherwise thats what my mum is for lol
DS1, we pulled up at the emergency department and I was crowning - We left the car at the emergency department, and locked it, and went and had the baby (4 mins after arriving in the delivery room)
DH went and shifted the car after DS was born.

With DD we were lucky enough to get a park in a 10 minute bay at the ED. We went down through emergency, ended up in Delivery for less than 5 mins and DD was born, DH stayed with us for about an hour, and then went home... We stayed in the 10 minute bay the whole time - but it was 2am...

Try and leave the car so that there is still access to get past, and the entry is clear. Leave a note saying that you are "in labour in delivery ward and the car will be shifted at the first available opportunity" in the glove box, so that you can throw it on the dash on your way to hossi.
And get someone to pop it into the carpark as soon as possible.

Best of luck!!
hi i wish u luck... smile
with my daughter we went from our house which is around 30 mins from hospital, to my mums house where she drove up to the hospital, she dropped me and partner off and went to park while we was on our way to the d/s...
i didnt want to be left alone especially with a stranger besides a m/w...
so maybe u can get someone reliable to drive u and your partner to the hospital... i am sure they will come back and pick him up even if it is a excuse to see ur bubba!!! MAYBE A MUM OR DAD... who will be watching your first whilst ur giving birth???
maybe u should get the partner of them to drive u guys then your partner can be your support person when ur having contractions or u need to get out the car...

good luck anyway

Hi. This experience has happened to me with my first. We live about 35mins away from our hospital, and the car trip was one of the things i hated the most sad I kept stressing about the parking on the way there, or if my wayers would break in the car etc! lol.

I was constantly ringing the hospital and they kept telling me to stay at home, that it would be hours, but i couldnt wait and by the time we got there I was 7cm dilated and contractions were two minutes apart!

I was lucky that I had my DP , mum and mother in law, but my partner still parked in a 10min zone, he was too worried to think of dropping us off at door etc. The car didnt get moved for approx 6hrs, as it was all happening and no one dared to leave..(complications through birth)

I think having a sign in the glovebox is a fantastic idea! But i also think that hospitals are pretty understanding should this situation occur. As long as your not blocking ambulance access or general traffic then i wouldnt worry too much.

I am due in Aug with my 2nd and will not wait till the last minute to get to the hospital this time lol. Just focus on yourself and the baby, and try forget about the little things. Good luck x x
thanks girls for all your wonderful advice!! never thought of the sign in the glovebox so thats a good one. i am having shared care this time around and my next actual antenatal HOSPITAL appointment is early next month so i will ask these questions when i see them next. hopefully even if hubby has to find a park, since i would have called ahead to tell the midwives one of them might be able to meet us at the front doors of the hospital to take me up to the ward. since its my second i dont want to leave it to the last minute to get up there either. thanks so much girls, its always good to have a plan in place!

Heidi 3 years & Annika 4 days

I dont know about other hospitals but the one I am going to again this time is 20min drive away no traffic and 1 hour possibly more with traffic!! so im hoping i dont have bubs during peak hour lol tongue
But anywho they say in the info they give you when you are "registered" (cant remember the actual word tongue) with them that you park the car at the front entrance in the patient loading zone and on your way in you pass your keys to reception and they will look after them and if the car needs to be moved for any reason that they can do it without disturbing you up in the birthing suite.

thanks for the advice girls.i still have a while to wait before im due but i have been thinking about it as our hospital is 45minutes away (thats with no road works, traffic etc). do you think its best to leave as soon as i know im in labour (i.e-regular contractions) or wait until theyre a certain time apart? this is my first baby so i dont know what to expect and im terrified about giving birth on the way to the hospital!but at the same time i dont want the hospital to turn us you think its a good idea if they do turn us away to book a hotel room close to the hospital?

im having the baby at john hunter hospital in newcastle (my daughter was born there too but i was induced and wasnt planning on having her there only that i was induced that i was sent there from a smaller more local hospital).

i also have the same fears as baby!baby! because i dont want to be turned away by the midwives because labour has stopped progressing etc. i think if its night time then ill be like 'park wherever!!' as there is a security booth as you walk in the doors at the hospital who have to let after hours people in the actual hospital, but imagine if it was day time, really busy, people everywhere. plus hubby is a worry wart lol. hubby is the only support person i have and my mum is looking after my daughter whilst im in labour. it will work out im sure.

Heidi 3 years & Annika 4 days

Heya, so I live an hours drive from our local hospital when theres no traffic and up to two hours during rush hour, I had to go there to give birth. I had an independent midwife who had checked how far dilated I was before we left (I was 5cms and was getting quite uncomfortable). It was 2 am, and stormy so we had to take it slow. I was sitting on a towel on the seat as my waters had broken but were still leaking. I don't remember much of the trip, you focus very much on what is going on.

My labour progressed slowly so I had plenty of time. Like a pp said take heat packs and panadol if you find thats what makes you comfortable. The sign is a great idea too smile

Love my boys M-10/05/08 J-01/12/09

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