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Scared Stiff!!! Large baby. Lock Rss

Hey there,

Has anyone out there had a large baby? I've been told from around 26 weeks that this one was above average in size but now when I walked in at 34 weeks my OB said "Oh God you're really big!". I'm glad he was so honest but now I'm scared stiff! This baby seems to be taking up every ounce of space that the twins did first time round. When I asked what "big" was he indicated 10lb+. I've been doing some research on the net and now I'm worried if I try to have her naturally that there's the possibility of me being torn to shreds or that she could end up with a broken collar bone if she gets stuck. The boys are only 2.5 yrs and I have very little family help around so don't have the luxury of a long hospital stay. I had the boys by emergency ceasar and wonder if it's worth asking for this one just to be done also by ceasar just to be cautious and prevent what may or may not be a bad delivery. I'm so exhausted already now at 35 weeks that I was thinking of seeing if he'll do the ceasar at 38 weeks instead of dragging it out 'til 40. Surely if she's that big already she's got to be pretty healthy? Has anyone got some advice?

twinboys & a princess


Although I can't give you any advice, I can let you know that you're not alone.

I'm also having a few issues with size at the moment. I'm 27 weeks and measuring 33cm.

I was also big with my daughter. I had GD when I was pregnant with her, but don't this time (have been tested twice because of my size). She was 9lb and her collarbone cracked when she was coming out. It took about 4 weeks for her collarbone to heal and for her to get movement in her arm. I had an episiotomy (sp??) so I didn't tear to shreds.

It's very worrying, I know. Perhaps have a chat with your OB about your concerns. Hopefully he'll give you the best advice.

Hang in there and take care,

Kylie, SA, Mum of Tiahna 9yo and Liam 23.06.06

hey there.can i just say they r not always right with the measurements.wen i went into hospital i woz nearly a wk overdue ended up having high blood pressure and and protein in the urine they sent me 4 a ultrsound to chek that bub woz ok.just by chance i asked how big do u think it will b as i woz huge and they said i would have a big bub.anywho the ulrasound people said bout 11 pound i broke down i woz devastated.i demanded a caesarean i hadnt even started labour and i woznt waitn 4 this bub to get any bigger.jackson woz born 8pound 15 and a half it just goes to show they arnt always right.
I was told with my daughter that she was going to be big, they were even concidering inducing her early for this reason. In the end she was only 3.1kg.
With my son they never once thought he would be big but he ended up over 9 pound.
Hang in there and try not to worry too much I was told that U/S can be out 500g either way.
Lets hope he's wrong! Have you discussed doing a ceasar with your OB? He may agree and if not Im sure if she's too big for you they will do one anyway.

My 1st was 8lb 8oz and I have been told this one will be 9 - 9 1/2lb so Im a bit scared too!!

Good luck, I'll look forward to hearing how you go smile

Wanda, Melb. Cody 22.12.04 & Jai 30.4.06

Hi there,
when i was pregnant with my first the doc said it will definitely be a 10 p baby but i was too s*** scared but until i went for an ultrasound and found out she was going to be about 8 p
I too have 1 2.5 yr old but he is a handful but is gorgeous but i only get a reprieve when mum takes him one night a week
.Did they say this b4 or after an ultrasound ?
Please let us know how u go .

5 kids now

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I can relate to what you are saying. i went to my midwife clinic appointment when i was 28 weeks pregnant and the nurse told me my baby is the size she should be at 32 weeks! Its my first baby as well, and I am also scared i'll have a lot of tearing.
But I figure if she is too large to be delivered naturally then the doctors will advise me to have a cesarian. i've been researching ways I can make my labour a bit less painful and prevent tearing just incase anyway.
But seeing as you had a cesar before then maybe you should go it again, I mean if you really feel like that would be best for you and the baby.


I can understand how you feel. My son was born early yet still weighed 8pounds 8 ounces. If he was full term he was going to be over 10 pounds!!!! I saw my OB last week and he said this bub was on track to be the same size as Lachie so I am freaking out too. However my MIL told me (she was a Maternal and Child Health Nurse for 40 years) that it isn't the size of the baby that is what causes trouble but the head size. Don't know if she told me this to calm me down or if its true but that is what I am going to believe. (Lachie had a small head size).

My first baby was 8lb 9oz and I was told that she was going to be an average size, then my next was 10lb 3oz I was also told by my doctor the week before that he didnt expect him to be any bigger then 7-8lbs, this new baby (I am currently 31 weeks now) is deffinately going to be big again so I am going to be induced early,but is only because I have a severly swollen Pubic Bone and Pelvic In stability, all I can say that might help you is this, Talk to you GP/OB as I know the thought is quite daunting, I delivered both mine naturally and I only grazed with my big 10lb boy, but I was very lucky that I had some very old and experienced Midwifes, you need to get yourself some piece of mind, so tell your GP/OB your fears and concerns and see what they say, goodluck!!
I was told I was going to have a big baby, so I demanded an ultrasound to check the size. While the sonographer was doing the ultrasound, he kept saying its hard to tell if the baby will be big or not, but by the end of the scan, he was urging me to go and see my doctor ASAP cos the baby was huge!! I was booked in for an induction 2 wks before my due date. George was born 8lb11oz and if he went to term he would have been well over 10lb. I ended up having emergncy c/s with him because he got stuck anyway and was too big. My advise to you is to get an ultrasound done to see if they can measure the size of a baby, then get an early induction....
Best of luck!!!!

Hello, I wouldn't worry so much about your baby's size, like everyone is saying, they always make mistakes! My first was estimated to be low birth weight and they had the humidy crib on stand by when I gave birth, but she was a very healthy 8 lb, with my second I was told he was average size and he weighed 9 lb 10! Also I found my sons labour and birth a thousand times easier than my daughters, even though he was much bigger! With her I was in labour for 18 hours, I had gas and epidural and it was excrushiating pain, but second time round I just made it into the hospital, gave birth standing up with no drugs at all ( I tell everyone, the bigger they are the more gravity has to pull out!) Any way I hope everything goes great for you and bubs. Good luck.

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