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Music/CDs while in labour Lock Rss

I just wanted to know if anybody listened to music or relaxation cds while in labour and if so - did it help?
For my first labour I had a CD made up of songs I played to bub in utero, I forgot to take it with me so the nurses just pressed play on the CD player and there was some indian/hindu sorta music on that was playing in the background which was nice, after one almighty contaction I heard the music that must have been playing for hours and realised it was now chinese type music that didnt appeal to me in the slightest (I asked nicely for it to be turned off LOL), Second time around they had the radio on, I honestly didnt hear it or notice it helping - in saying that I think music during your first stages (i.e. at home) can be very relaxing but from personal experience I dont think it matters much once your in the last stages of labour as you are too focused on the job at hand. Other Mums I have spoken to say it was more relaxing with the music so definately have some there for the option. I chose the Love Actually soundtrack which I still play to both and relaxes "THEM" immensely - just wish it had the same effect on me. Good Luck with your labour.

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I took a vartiey of kinds of music for my first labour and they didn't even come out of the bag. I doubt if they did I would have even noticed.
I think just go for whatever sort of music you like.
Good luck

I spent a few days setting up my ipod for the birthing suite!!! I didnt have any type of relaxation music, it was just a mix of my fave songs, so everything from Stevie Wonder to Hoodoo Gurus!!! The music set went for 8 hours and we managed to hear it through once LOL Then I was in final stage labour for the second run of it!! The midwives loved the music, they are praobably sick of hearing chimes etc!!! We in the end were all trying to pick what song the baby would be born to!!! Miss Lily graced us with her presence to the deep soulful vocals of Barry White singing...Youre the first, the last, my everything!!!! I highly recommend taking in music you like to listen to, its also a great distraction from whats going on LOL
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