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footling breech! Lock Rss

hi ladies, i'm 30 weeks with #4 an have just been told that my baby is a footling breech, they have advised me that i will need to have a c-section as bubs will not change position, im really disappointed and upset that i have to have section as all my births were natural vaginal deliveries
im trying to hold out hope that she will turn in the next 2 weeks before i see my doc again but by what they said i cant see that happening
so im just wanting to know if anyone has been through this and there baby turned to head down postion to have a normal delivery??
hi my dates got all mixed up but the end result was my baby turned at 40 weeks
Hi there!

My bubs was a frank breech and was not discovered until around 37 weeks. Unfortunately he didn't turn and I had a c/s, but if i had of known then what I know now I would have tried a lot more techniques to get him to turn.

Do a lot of research. Im not sure if being a footling breech makes a difference, but there are many different exercises and stretches you can try to get bubs to move. Accupuncture is also good. My SILs bub was breech at 33 weeks and accupuncture helped for her - bubby turned and she was able to deliver naturally.

Best of luck - I hope she turns for you!

Hey there...sorry but I had a c/s when my dd was born and she was a footling breech.

I'm sure you've been jabbed to bits by your bubs foot/feet in the goolies so you'd know that the feet or legs are down the birth canal so it makes it very difficult for them to turn around.

Although, there are a few things you can try and from what I know (which isnt a lot to be honest) I think that the fact that you've had 3 natural births beforehand may help you turn your bub. Try acupuncture as well as the "spinning babies" website...there's a few techniques they recommend.

I've got DD#2 on board and again she's breech just like her sister but at least this time she's not a footling. I've been told by a couple of midwives that I've probably got a dodgee pelvis and that's the reason why both bubs have stayed breech.

I hope your bub turns for you though so best of luck.


I am sorry, but what a ridiculous thing to tell a mum at 30weeks gestation - that her baby is breech and unlikely to turn... what evidence based research has your ob drawn on before telling you this? For a start breech doesn't equal c/s. Obviously each individual mother/baby is different but vaginal breech birth is very possible unless your OB is inexperienced in delivering vaginal breech births in which case s/he should be telling you this not leading you to believe that you don't have an option. Secondly, there are many ways you can begin encouraging your bubs into a head-down position such as optimal fetal positioning techniques, accupuncture, oestopathy (just to name a few!). Did you OB talk through these options with you? Babies can, and do, move positions (even in labour) so you can start seeking out advice now about how best to support your bub to do this. If your bub remains breech, then you can look into exploring your options of c/s vs vb and consider what options are available to you much closer to your due date.
Good luck.
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