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Horror Birth Lock Rss

Its a bit long winded but i would really really like to hear what you guys think!

I was diagnosed with Pre Eclampsia 2 weeks before my due date, I spent 4 days in hospital before they induced me even tho they had carried on about how serious it was and how my baby was at risk! I was having absolute horror thoughts of having a still birth!
When they finally induced me I spent a full day just wandering around the hospital trying to get things to move on a bit quicker, I had my first gel put in at 11am and my second at 7pm in which time I was 75% effaced! By the next morning at 9am I was 2cm dialated and they put another lot of gel in even after telling me the day before there was no way they would put more than 2 lots of gel! I was just horrfied and worried about what was going to happen next!
That afternoon at 1pm I had a show and at 3pm my waters FINALLY broke, I thought OH YAY its all just going to finally happen and be over and done with but BOY was I wrong!
I had also been told at 36 weeks I had strep B im sure u were all tested too! And I was told how important it is to be careful about how many internals I have done during my labour because it will push the bug up and that I will not be in labour for long than 24 hours with my waters broken because theres such a risk for infection and death to the newborn!
So I was thinking YES this is good she'll be out by 3pm tomorrow!
At 9am the next morning I was taken to labour ward and a drip put up to make my contractions start coming faster! AND THEY DID! Id also had NO DRUGS in those first 2 days of labour!
By 3pm I started crying and asked the doctor what was going to happen he said oh no way you're not going for a c section everything will be fine! He said that even after telling me that my baby could die from Strep B infection!
At midnight that night I finally started pushing but NOTHING was happening so after 3 hours of pushing the midwives decided to call the doctor so an hour later he finally came, my baby was posterior and i ended up with an episiotomy and a forceps delivery and a very very bruised and battered baby!

We were both fine in the end but I was just shocked that it was let go that far! I was in labour for 65 hours from the monday late morning until early in the morning on the thursday! I spent this WHOLE time in hospital but was still let go that long!

Was just wondering if anyone else has had a shocker birth experience and if you have did you ever go back and have another?

Milli Teen Mummy 2 Shantilli Memphius

sound like the hospital is full of idiots! my 1st son ns birth was no picnic but not as yours i was in labour 26 hour after aboout 18 hour i requested an epidural but it took 3 hours to find the anethestist i finally got it it was bliss! but the bun would not come out i had a filed forceps attempt then had a c section. i had my 2nd son 16 months later & no 3 another 14 months later. both elective cesars

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

I thought I had the longest labour in history (41 hours) but I was wrong LOL!
I'm so sorry to hear about your dreadful experience Milli.
I was in labour for 2 days at home and then went to hospital for the last few hours where I had an epidural. Maya too was posterior (that's why the labour was so long) but thankfully turned and came out anterior. She was 9lbs and flew out with no stitches, just a tiny tear.
I had a shocker of a pregnancy, and a horrible labour but the actual birth was great, which is something for me to cling to for next time!
I hope you are recovering well.

Mum to Maya Grace 02-03, Sienna & Mercedes 10-06

I was a public patient and I know some women r fine as public patients but I will never do it again! Me and my partner r going to get private health next year sometime so we will be able to try for another bub 12 mths after that!

Its good to know im not the only one! All my friends have had great deliveries and had a wonderful experience and keep asking me why i didnt breast feed, I just couldnt go thru nething else!

What was it like having a c-section?

My partner and I were talking about having an elective one but I was just wondering how you felt it was?

Milli Teen Mummy 2 Shantilli Memphius

I have had a similar experience to you. My 1st baby was induced after my water broke and was a textbook, great 9 hour labour. Number two was an emergency (total life-threatening, no doubt emergency - no exaggeration we nearly lost her) cesaerean. She was fine, but the ceaser was pretty horrific. Number three was VBAC and was 10 days overdue. He was posterior and this is a major cause for overdue babies according to my doctors experience. Their heads don't engage the right way to stimulate the cervix. He remained posterior the whole labour which started on Tuesday early afternoon and finally ended on Thursday morning. I spent the whole labour in hospital, too. The hospital was being renovated and I had to walk 7 minutes to the delivery rooms, in full labour, three times before he finally decided to make an appearance. I had anepidural late wednesday night and it was unsuccessful. It just didn't work. So I was then stuck with a needle in my back and no pain relief. They had broken my waters to speed things up, but couldn't do any more than that after having had a previous ceasarean. Induction places too much stress on the scar site. Finally he turned and I was able to push him out pretty well, using the mirror to keep things slow and steady. He was 9 lb 1oz and perfect. His heart rate was steady and perfect the whole labour, and he was as calm as anything from the start. Just very squashed from being posterior in the birth canal so long. The back pain from the posterior labour is agonising, and the ineffective epidural was a shocker. But of course as soon as the baby came out - the epidural kicked in!!! I had a baby and no legs- great!
The main point I want to make is that the hospital did nothing wrong in this whole drama - it was simply the way things go sometimes. I have two friends who have been private patients and when faced with similar circumstances as me, they were rushed off for ceasers straight away. The first friend had her baby's shoulder dislocated when she was pulled out and the second one had a major flesh-eating infection after the op and was operated on twice after the birth to kill the infection and repair the wound. The private system does not protect you from these occurences, any more than being public exposes you to them. Birth is birth. The meals are better and the service is good, but your baby and your body will do just the same no matter who is paid to bring your baby into the world. The chance to have your own OB and private care is great, don't get me wrong - it is good treatment - just don't expect it to guarantee a perfect delivery. I have had four babies in the same public hospital with great treatment and care. I have had difficulties and emergencies and received all that I needed each time. Compared to the c-section and recovery I would choose the two day labour any day. The CS is major abdominal surgery. My Cs was an emergency, though, and very traumatic, so a planned one would probably be better. I have gone on to have a fourth (surprise) baby and had another posterior labour of 24 hours. He stayed posterior and was born sunny-side-up. Very painful, but manageable. I was very scared when I fell pregnant with him, after my third birth, but I was OK after a few months. After so many different outcomes I just prepared myself for anything and tried to stay positive. Now it's all just a memory of a few hard days work for four very special little people. All the best for your next baby. With private care and a bit more time to prepare, you are doing all you can to make the experience positive. All the best for a good outcome!

Domestic Goddess Mum of Four!

I feel so sorry for you negative birth story
My Mother had a similar situation when she had my Brother (28 years ago), she had toximia and was in hospital for 10 weeks before having him they finally induced her after being in labour for 36 hours a new doctor came on to start his shift and was horrified that my mother was still left in active labour with out progressing, so the did an emergency c-section.
After that I feel lucky that I am even here, I don't think I would have gone back fo another go.
When she had me she said she had nightmares that it was going to go the same way, she was put into hospital 6 weeks befor having me due to toximia again and finally induced, being a little stronger this time she was not going to go through the same thing and had me within the 6 hours they gave her before she would need a c-section again, which she was determined not to do.
My Mother spent the 40 weeks I was pregnant holding her breath that I would not have to go through what she went through, and I was also terrified of everything to do with labour, one of the women in our antinatel classes suggested Hypnobirthing classses which we signed up for and I am so greatful that we did, I was in labour for 12 hours but it seemed like about 4, I slept through most of the labour, I did have a failed vac delivery and needed forceps due to my baby being posterior, but all in all the whole experience was relaxed and calm, at no time was I worried or scared and would do it all again in a heartbeat, I went throught the public system with a private OB who was fantastic.
I hope that next time you have more of a positive experience, at the end of it all a happy healthy baby is the most important thing, after giving birth myself I now spoil my Mum a little more on Mother's Day!.
Your experience is great confirmation of history not repaeating itself! Your poor mum. The hypnobirthing might be a good option to look into. Your experience sounds ideal.

Domestic Goddess Mum of Four!

My mum also had 3 out of 4 horror deliveries. I guess they just did things very differently 20 years ago! I was her first, a textbook pregnancy, born on my due date. But with the older of my two brothers Mum's waters broke at 34 wks, so they induced her and John was born 45 minutes later, all battered and bruised from being born too quickly, and he has cerebral palsy as a result. She had to feed him hourly for 18 mths as he had a damaged digestive system from being prem...
then my sister wasborn at 35 wks, same thing her waters broke and she was immediately induced. Earlier in the pregnancy she may have lost a twin, as the initial scan showed 2 heartbeats but only one baby survived...
then with my youngest brother, her waters broke at 27 wks, BUT they kept her in hospital flat on her back for 9 wks, and he was delivered by planned c-sect at 36 wks, healthy as. It shows how much things had changed, as with her earlier pregnancies when her waters broke they immediately induced her. The flat on the back thing was a relatively new idea in 1986, but it sure worked!
So all thru my preg with Maya Mum stresse, and Dad stressed even more. When we found out how big she was going to be on a scan, and that she was posterior, Dad was pushing me to have an elective c-sect.
But it's true thathistory doesn't always repeat, and I am so glad that I was able to deliver Maya relatively easy in the end.

Mum to Maya Grace 02-03, Sienna & Mercedes 10-06

Wow. I thought they werent meant to let you go over 24 hours anymore.

My cousin had Pre-eclampsia and in labour lost all movement of her left side. We were all very worried, but Mum and Bub came out ok and my cousin has got all movement back but she isnt having anymore bubs.

Kathy,VIC,Josh 8, Alex 7, Michael 1

hi i thought i had it bad but all you guys seem to be up there i went into labour 8pm friday night coped to 5am then my mum called the hospital they said come in (my contractions were coming 6 mins apart regularly) so i went and had a shower and everything stoped so i didnt go in to cut along story short i walked and sucked on ice with around 3 hrs sleep since friday lunch time and it was sunday 10pm the pain got so bad i said to my boyfriend and mum #*%& this im going to hospital.

So at the hospital 11pm they examined me (wasnt ready for that) they told me i was 4cm (baby was posterior) and i needed sleep to get through these next few hours so i got a shot of pethadine dozed inbertween contrations and sucked on the gas and lived in the shower then at 6am baby went into distress they told me i needed an epidural but i refused so they gave me another shot of pethadine at 9 am they told me i was ready to push (my body wasnt ) i was so tired. then the baby went into distress her heart rate droped to 45 the cord was wraped around her neck and she had pooed (they thought she could have swallowed it) so i pushed for two hours whilst there were two pediatritions waiting there to take her away thinking there was going to be bad (i wasnt really informed with what was going on) and she finally came out at 11am. so in hospital for 12 hrs two shots of pethadine and lucky enough taylor had apgar score of 9. Its funny how you say with your first " i'll have this baby in 8 hrs" yeah i wish . now silly me is due in april 2005 with my second but i have decided if its posterior im going c section. never again will i allow my self to hurt that much
As awful as these births sound, isn't it nice to know that you're not the only one!

I was induced at 39 weeks because of high blood pressure and the baby hadn't moved much for a couple of days. I was first given the gel at 1pm on the Thursday and it did nothing. I was given a second dose at 7pm that night and still nothing. I went to sleep and woke up at 2am with mild contractions. They increased in severity and by 6am they were 2 mins apart. The midwife thought i would have the baby soon, however it was not to be!! At about 9am my husband and I fell asleep on the bed and an hour later we were woken up and the contractions had stopped altogether. The midwives got me up and moving and eventually they started again. My obstretician came in and broke my waters but this didn't do much, I was still 4 cm dilated from 5 hours earlier. About 3pm I was given the drip and the contractions were shocking! I had an epidural and wanted to kiss the anaethetist. I was exhausted, i just wanted the baby out. Finally by 6pm i was 10 cms dilated, however, about an hour early i had felt the baby completely move - she had gone posterior. I was pushing after being fully dilated but she just didn't want to come out. Finally at 8.30pm i had a caesar. I was extremely disappointed because i wanted a natural birth, but i was very glad that the whole thing was over. I still can't believe that after 18 hours of labour i had to have a caesar. Now my obstretician has said that because my labour was so difficult, next time i have to have a caesar or there will be severe risks to myself and the baby - i'm very disappointed. However, we now have a beautiful healthy girl, so i suppose that is the main thing!!

Alison, Vic, Abby 2.5 yrs, Poppy 5 mths

As awful as it sounds it was so good to read your birth experiences.
I also had a horror birth experience. The plan was to have a natural birth at the birthing centre, with no pain relief and the use of a birth pool. I ended up with an induced labour that lasted for three days, three failed epidurals and an emergency caesarean! When people talk about being induced you mainly get to hear about how quickly things progress, they fail to mention that sometimes nothing happens. After 2 lots of gel, breaking my waters and a never ending battle to control the strength of the hormone drip I never made it past 3cm dilated. The sense of failure was overwhelming. I can’t really remember all that much about the birth itself except for them whisking the baby away to give her formula as she was so big 10lb 7oz and there were concerns about her blood sugar levels. So much for my rosy image of breastfeeding my newborn while being cradled by my husband! The biggest problem since then has been the ongoing feelings of failure to do what other women seem to do so easily, coupled with a feeling of loss that I didn’t get to experience a “natural birth” I just keep telling myself that my daughter is happy, healthy and soo beautiful and that this is the most important thing. It would be good if other people didn’t immediately jump to conclusions when they hear you have had a caesarean, not all are performed on women who are “too posh to push!”

New Mum

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