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extremely disappointed Lock Rss

Well im 40 weeks 2 days and went to see midwife today and she tried to do stretch n sweep... she couldn't do it because my cervix was still too hard she couldnt even get 2 fingers up so couldn't do the sweep.

Has this happend to anyone at 40 weeks and how long did it take your cervix to be ready? Really dont want to still be waiting at 42 weeks sad

im so disappointed in my body geez sigh

Hang in there!
My cervix was still unfavourable with both of mine when I got induced!
I think I have a very stubborn and lazy body!

Just remember that it'll happen soon enough.. enjoy the peace and quiet while you still have it!
i dont have any peace and quiet, had 2 dd's already and totally over being heavy and trying to move around!!! lol

Ah, I hear you!

There are a couple of things you can try, but I tried most and had no success.. - doesn't mean you won't tho! It's worth a try!

you can have acupuncture, eat spicy food, or eat lots of pineapple, stimulate your nipples, pop a couple of Evening Primrose Oil capsules up your fanny (!!) - wear a pad if you do this, um.... go for swift walks or a relatively vigorous swim.. get some clary sage oil and burn it in an oil burner, or mix it with almond oil or bio oil and massage it onto your belly.. Have some serious sex with some serious orgasms! (like you feel like doing that one!!!)

Um that's all I can think of for now...
I know that you would be busting to meet bubs, but honestly your body is doing a brilliant job!
It has just spent 9 months growing a perfect little person, don't give up on it now! The reason she couldn't do a s+s is because your baby is not ready to be born yet. If it isn't ready, then trying to rush it will only create problems.

Use this time to pamper yourself and enjoy your time before your little one arrives. You won't have much you time for quite a while!

Your body is working perfectly!
The normal gestation for humans is actually anywhere between 38 and 42 weeks. Because a baby is considered full term at 38 weeks, if we get to 40 weeks we already feel 'overdue' when infact it is completely normal and natural to continue a pregnancy until 42 weeks. Also don't forget that your EDD is pretty much a guessed date working with averages and lets face it, many of us are not average!

OC1246 is right too, if you don't wait until the baby is ready then rushing it can cause some extended labour. So just remember that you won't be pregnant forever and that you really are on the home stretch.
Hi there,

I don't want to get your hopes up, but I had an appt with my ob at 40 + 1 day and he attempted a S & S too, but I was the same as you, high and completely closed. My ob couldn't touch my cervix either.

Anyway, that was a Fri at around 2pm, DD2 was born after a 2 hour labour at 0300hrs on the Sat morning. Once I got home from the obs appt I felt uncomfortable and by about 6pm knew something was going to happpen.

I put it down to his examination even though he couldn't actually do the S & S, so who knows it may have been enough to help things along.

Good luck! smile]

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