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17 weeks pregnant and am nervous about vaginal birth' how did it go for you! Lock Rss

Hello Ladies'

I am 17 weeks pregnant and am very excited.
However Ive done quite a bit of reading and am opting towards a vaginal birth.
The question is' have you had a bad experience or known anyone to have had one, maybe passing from a vaginal birth.
How bad is the pain and are you completely with it, as i don't wont to be all drugged up.
Nervous but fulled with over joy' can't wait to meet bub #1.

Thank you Ladies : ) xo

Congrats, exciting isn't it.
I had a VB with my daughter and to be honest this time plain to change nothing at all. I had the gas a little but that didn't really do much I thought, I probably wasn't using it properly. As bad as the pain was, and I don't think anyone can put it into words, its something you have to experience, with a VB once the baby is born it is amazing how quick the pain goes. I had servere tearing from the forceps but even that wasn't too bad.
Have an idea of how you would like your labour to go ie. drug free etc, but be open to the fact that this may change come the time.
Best of luck, enjoy, it is a very exciting time.

how exciting congrats!! its normal to be nervous because its the unknown smile i had a vaginal delivery- a few complications, but as for being out of it or drugged up, i wasnt. i remember clearly every single part and what drs and midwives were talking about etc. at one stage my midwife had gone on a break and when she came back she had a baby possum with her she found in the carpark- totally bizarre thing to happen lol. i think i was just very tired (maternal exhaustion) and i also had a temperature (pyrexia). on the other side of it when your baby is born, all wrapped up in the crib and you are off having your shower you feel so proud of yourself and re-energised (well i did!).

Heidi 3 years & Annika 4 days

hey and congradz on the pregnancy...with my first pregnancy i was soo scared to have a vaginal birth but i did it without any meds..the pain was well very painful but every person experiences different amounts of pain and i refused all drugs i wanted it drug free and my whole labour lasted under 3 hrs..with my 2nd daughter who was born less than 11 months after my first the pain wasnt as bad as with my first and again i had a short labour of under 3 im almost 13 weeks pregnant with my 3rd and wil defenatly have a vaginal birth unless something goes wrong and i need a c-section...i have had a few friends who had problems because the baby was too big etc but all the pain is worth it wen u hold ur precious lil baby

Congrats on your pregnancy.
It's so normal to be scared of giving birth, I was both times!
Yes it does hurt but it is so worth it to get your baby.
I had two great experiences.I only had gas which doesn't really do much for the pain but is quite fun to be
I put alot of trust into my body that it would know what to do and would get my baby out safely.
I also had an excellent miodwife who I could trust to get my baby out safely.
You have probably read or heard from other mums that the pain goes away as soon as you have bubs and it is so true!

[Edited on 17/07/2009]

I would only ever have a c-section if it were a case of life or death for me or the baby! If you and baby are healthy, then there really is no reason to have major abdominal surgery... of course there are various reasons as to why people do have caseareans, but if none of these reasons apply to you, avoid at all costs!
The recovery time is sooooo much longer! And the risks are much higher too - it is a MAJOR SURGERY!

Anyhoo - that was just my opinion!

I've had vaginal births with both mine and plan to with this one too. Yeah it hurts, but different people cope with the pain differently.
I'm a wuss so I opted for an epidural both times and both times I had a wonderful experience once the epidural was in and working! I plan on having an epidural for this one too if that's what I want.

My main piece of advice is to go in there with an open mind - don't have a rigid plan in your head that you definitely won't deviate from - chances are things won't go the way you planned them to!
I'll be nervous as hell going into the final stages with this one, just like I was with the other two.. even tho I kinda know what to expect, it is still a scary kind of experience, but I found that by reading heaps and having a lot of knowledge under my belt really helped me.
Good luck with it all..
Hey smile

I didnt have a very good VB - I had a few problems.

In saying that though - I barely remember a thing! The mind just blocks it out afterwards. I know it was excruciatingly painful and I know that it lasted a good 16-18hours but I hardly remember anything and I would do it again (and i'm saying this just 20days after delivery smile !)

I was pushing for 2 hours (due to having an epidural I couldnt feel myself pushing though) so my wee one had to be delivered by forceps due to 'failure to progress' and fetal distress (there was meconium present) He spent a week in intensive care, hes doing really well now though.

People put alot of focus on the actual birth being painful. I actually found the recovery period worse and more memorable. I could barely sit or stand due to localised brusing and swelling. I had to be wheelchaired around everywhere. I had 2nd degree tearing which had caused a big 2-3 cm tear :-s.

Worst of all - I couldnt feel my bladder or anything! I lost all sensation from pushing so hard. Its back now, luckily!

BUT! We must remember - why would women have 2nd, 3rd and even 4th babies if its really that bad? smile

And its definitely worth it in every way.

You will be fine!!

Good luck smile
i was induced for my ds (first) and only used the gas to get through the pain. don't let anyone try and tell you anything different - the pain is extraordinary and VERY intense - HOWEVER I would honestly go back and do the labour again with no questions and wouldn't change a thing!!!! The reward of a baby at the end means the pain is totally worth it .... my advice to you would be to watch some videos of babies born (your prenatal classes will cover this) and really look into "active" labour ideas as this will help you manage the pain. i think you will be very surprised how well you cope with it all, and if during the labour you decide you need more pain meds there is no shame in asking for it (though word of advice if you tell them you plan to go natural they won't offer it unless you are struggling REALLY badly so make sure your birth partner knows how you handle things so they can ask for you - my partner had to ask for the gas for me)
Hi Congrats how exciting. With both my boys I had VB's with short labours only had gas for the last 10mins or so. I wouldn't change a thing they were both amazing experinces and look forward to having more kids. Go in with an open mind and all will be ok. Bubs has to come out some how lol.
All the best.

Congrats on your pregnancy.

I think i felt the same as you with my first, and the way i got my head around it was that we (women) were made to give birth and i was not the first woment to go through this. My contractions started at the hospital the night i went into labour and didn't even know it, took about 1 to 3 cm before i asked for gas. I asked for something stronger than gas 3 hours later, but i was 9cm ready to push. Yes there is pain and ppl will tell you once you are given your baby to hold you seem to forget about it, and i was like yeah right, but it's true you have just done an amazing thing and birthed a baby and the last think on your mind is the pain you just went through.
Once back in the ward i was up walking around in a couple of hours, but must admit i did have trouble sitting so it was lying on the bed or stand, but I am having my 2nd in 9 weeks and wouldn't change a thing.
Good luck, and best thing is don't listen to ppl's horror stories, ppl always tell you the bad and not the good, and everyone is different.

mummy of 2 girls

Hi, and congratulations... dont be scared of a vaginal birth... I had all 3 of mine vaginally and completely drug free.. I loved my labours and call me a freak but i want to have another baby just to do the labouring... altho people will give you negative stories there are also lots and lots of positive ones as well... They were the most precious moments of my life and i wouldnt change anything! Just remember to focus on breathing, DONT tense up, and stay relaxed and you can do it!! Good luck!

For me, it stung (a burning sensation) for probably a minute, and then I didn't feel anything - even when he was being born.

I was lucky and didn't tear either.
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