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Hi all, I am not sure if there is a birth stories post anywhere else so I thought I would post one here.

Hope to read lots of birth stories

mum2 AJ 05, Mary-Jane 04, Rachael 99 & Jonothan 94

The birth of Mary-Jane Charlotte Deacon.

Born Saturday 7 August 2004 at 12.47am, weighing 8.01 pounds (3680 grams), length 51cm, head 36cm.

This birth story really starts on Thursday 5 August 2004. Allan and I went and saw our specialist, as I was overdue by 2.3 weeks. He suggested that as I was already almost 4cm dilated maybe all we needed was a “kick start” to get labour going, so he arranged for us to meet my midwife at the hospital the next day. He also did a scan which showed baby was head down facing the left, which he said is an optimal position for a natural birth.

Friday we met my midwife at the hospital at 10am. I had been having mild back ache all morning. We got settled in the room and I went on the monitor. We were surprised to discover that I was having strong contractions every 10 mins. At 10.45am my midwife then did an internal and found that she would easily be able to break my waters. Which she did by attaching a fetal electrode to baby scalp so that I would not need to be in bed while being monitored. We later discovered that the cable that connects the electrode to the machine was faulty and they were unable to locate another one that was not being used so the electrode was later removed. The water started coming out in gushes, some big, some small. And my waters were Yellow! Midwife said baby must have passed a small amount of merconinum some week’s back, either when baby wasn’t moving or the time my waters broke. But as it was old would not cause baby any problems.

I remained on the monitor until 11am, the contractions were unchanged and the pain was still the same. Midwife suggested we go for a walk to see if that would make the contractions stronger. So we went for a slow walk to the café which took about 20mins. W sat down for a wee while and had some morning tea. We had just left the café and were going to go for a wonder out side when I had a huge gush (which was extremely embarrassing) So we rushed back to the delivery suite.

Just before 12pm Midwife did another internal and found that I had only dilated another cm. So an IV was inserted in my hand and the syntosin drip was started. So I had to get back on the bed and had to be monitored. The plan was to increase dosage every 15mins from 1 to 8 as long as a) baby was tolerating and b) the contractions would not last more than 2 - 3mins as this would more than likely rupture my scar. (Now I am unsure what strength the syntosin was as Midwife refereed to as a number not a dosage.) We started at 1, which baby was ok with but the contractions were unchanged. So at 12.15pm we went up to 2. After a few minutes the contractions started coming every 3 mins then I suddenly had a contraction that was not ending. And Mary-Jane heart rate became erratic which meant that she was not tolerating the contraction. Midwife had 2 turn off the syntosin. I think the contraction lasted about 5 mins before it stopped, then contractions reduced back to 10 mins apart. What I found really strange is that I was not feeling these contractions and the only pain I had was very mild backache.

I remained on the monitor for another 30 mins to ensure baby was ok and the contraction remained stable, which they did. Then I was able to get up and wonder around the room to wait and see what happens. I had intermittent monitoring which showed contractions were still the same. At around 1pm I went back on the syntosin but remained on 1, after a while the contractions started coming every 5 mins. (still no pain). I remained on the monitor most of the time bit was able to get up and go to the loo and stretch legs every so often.

At 3pm I had another internal, which showed still no change, so midwife phoned specialist who said we could try increasing the syntosin again but this time every 30 mins. This would mean I would have to remain on the bed and only get up to go to the loo. So we increased the syntosin to 2 and held our breath, this time Mary-Jane had no reaction and the contractions remained the same. After 30 mins we went up to 3. Then the contractions started coming every 3-5min. At 4 pm we went up to 4, after a wee while I started having contractions 1 min apart then 5 mins apart then 1 min apart then 5 mins apart and so on. Mary-Jane was ok with this so Midwife said we would remain on 4 and see what happens..

I think at around 6.30pm we went up to 5, then the contractions equaled out and were coming every 3 to 4 mins. At 7pm I started to feel the contractions and was able to cope with them We went up to 6 at around 8pm and the contractions started to come every 1 to 2 mins and were lasting around 2 mins. Midwife was really happy with this and said things were looking good. The pains were getting stronger but were still bearable.

As the specialist was due to come in at 9.30pm I had another internal at 9pm and we were shocked and disappointed to find that I had only dilated another cm, so since 12pm I had only dilated 2cm. We had thought that since the contractions were coming so strong and regularly that I should have dilated a lot.

So Hubby, midwife and I discussed what we should do. Mary-Jane had been wriggling a lot since about 2pm and midwife felt that she may have turned posterior also her head was not sitting the cervix which was not a good sign. Midwife felt that with the speed things were progressing that I would not be fully dilated until around 3.30am and that as I haven’t pushed a baby out before (Jonothan got stuck halfway out) that I may end up pushing for around 2 hours (like a first timer) so baby would not be born until 5.30am. She then left hubby and I alone to decided what we wanted to do. Hubby said it was my call. So I thought about it and felt it would not be fair on Hubby or Midwife to go on that long. I also I had not eaten since 11.20 am (as due to the possibility of having a c-section I was not allowed to eat) I wasn’t sure how long I would last, I felt I still had a few hours left in me but not 8.

So when midwife came in I told her with a sad heart than I would have a c-section. She said ok, turned of the syntosin and removed the monitors, so I could get up have a stretch, go to the loo etc while she went and found specialist. So I went to the loo and had a bit of a cry for my lost natural delivery, which helped me to get over it.

At 9.30pm she came back with specialist and informed him of progress and what had been decided. He reviewed the notes and said he felt considering how long we had been going and would need to continue for was the best decision. However he would not be able to do straight away as he had another emergency with undiagnosed breech that was stuck and said that if their was any complications his registrar would either assist or do my op So we should be called to go to theater at around We thought at least she would be born today and would be sharing a birthday with Rachael’s best friend.

Midwife said this was good as would allow us time to slowly get ready for theater. She said she would remain with us in theater, so as she had not had dinner yet she went of to have a break and have something to eat. So we packed up the room and allowed the reality to sink in. Midwife came back just after 10 and we started to get ready for theater. Not long after the register came and introduced her self and asked a few questions etc. Then the anesthetist came and we agreed upon having a spinal block over an epidural as the spinal works quicker and that I would have a morphine pump for pain relief after. Then waited and waited for the orderly to come and get us. Finally about 11.45 he arrived and off we went. At this point I was still feeling the contractions and continued to do so up until the spinal block was inserted.

Just after 12pm the anesthetist gave me an injection of local

mum2 AJ 05, Mary-Jane 04, Rachael 99 & Jonothan 94


I think mine were rather simple births.

My son (who almost 4yr now) was born after 9.5hr of labour under the shower with me sluped over one of those exercise balls with no pain relief. His was an easy straight forward birth..only some stitching to me afterwards thanks to his big shoulders! I went home after 3 days.

My daughter (who is 11mths) was born after 4.5hr of labour on the bed. I was wanting to have her in the shower but just a the pushing feeling began the contractions almost stopped so they put me on a drip to speed it up again. Within 30 minutes she was born. The labour hurt more this time but still had no pain relief as there was no time once the drip was in! I think I still had a rather easy birth with her! I went home the next afternoon feeling absolutely great!!

Hoping this next one's birth is just as easy!!

Mum(29) - DS 7yr, DD 4yr & DD 2yr

Hi Everyone

My 2nd child was due on the 8th July, 2004. My first child was overdue by 5 days, so I was hoping that this little bundle would arrive early.
The day before she was due I had what I thought were contractions-very strong abdominal pain, so not taking any chances in case this one was quicker, we went off to the hospital. We were admitted to the delivery suite and a monitor was fitted to my belly to monitor the contractions. I was having contractions, but they were barely registering. We spent 5 hours in the delivery suite only to have the contractions pitter out and stop so off we went home. The midwife did an internal before we left, and I was only 2-3cm dilated. I was really disapointed that this baby would be late as well.
For the next few days I was having contractions, on and off, with nothing really happening. Feeling a bit dejected by the 3rd day overdue, we put our 16mth old to bed, and I sat up stimulating my nipples (gentle massaging) to bring on labour - and it worked!!!
At 2am the next morning I awoke with a start. I was in full on labour. The contractions were coming hard and fast, about 5-3min apart. I rang my parents who had to come over to carry out babysitting duties, as soon as they arrived we dashed to the hospital, arriving at 3am. The midwife did a quick examination and informed us I was 8cm dilated and this baby would be born very soon. She also said it was too late for an epidural or a pethidine shot - I was beside myself, the pain was unbearable. I grabbed all I could - the gas!! which really didn't do a lot, except make you high between contractions. Initially I was on my back on the bed so I could see what was happening with a mirror. My waters broke at 5am and the urge to push came with it. I moved positions, to up on all fours on the bed with a midwife coaching me to breath at one end and the second midwife monitoring the baby progress down the other. In what seemed like minutes our baby daughter was born at 5.30am. I have never experienced pain like it (I had an epidural with my first) or the ecstasy of knowing I did it all myself.
The recovery after the birth was so much better this time round. I did have a tear, but it was nothing compared to the episiotomy I had with my first child. I was able to get up and have a shower straight away, and I only stayed in hospital for one night. Already I have forgotten what the pain was like.
We named our little girl "Hayley Jane", she weighed 8lb 1oz and measured 52cm. I was in labour for all of 3 and half hours, compared to 16 hrs first time round. I think the epidural I had for my first baby really slowed things down and interfered with my ability to feel the urge to push. With my first child we ended up with an assisted delivery, they had to use the vacum to get him out and needed to cut to attach the suction cap-hence the need for an episiotomy. Second time round it was a bit fast and furious-but a much better outcome in the end, especially for myself.
Wow great stories.

Heidi blue, when was Hayley Jane born, Mary-Jane was almost 3 weeks late.

My first, Jonothan was 2 weeks overdue - was induced, had a really long labour and then a c-section because he was really stuck (was postirer). Rachael was an elective c-section at 38 weeks because I was told once a c-section always a c-section, but she swallowed a lot of amio fluid as she was being born and had breathing difficlties, still does. So this time round we were trying to have a natural, thus the reason for being allowed to go so far overdue.

mum2 AJ 05, Mary-Jane 04, Rachael 99 & Jonothan 94

Hi Chrissyd
Even though my Hayley was a natural delivery, because it was so fast she swallowed a lot of fluid. For her first week she kept choking and then coughing up bloody mucus-it really frightened me at first, but once the nurse it explained what it was it wasn't so bad. Her swallowing of the fluid was because of the fast delivery, so they told me, but I guess it doesn't matter if its a caesarean or natural delivery.
Hayley was 4 days overdue.
Two weeks before Ryan's due date I had a show, contractions and my doctor told me my bub would be born in the next 48 hours. Two weeks later and I still had no sign of baby so I was convinced I would have to wait till my inducement date which was to be the 16th July. Thankfully Ryan had other ideas. My pains started at midnight on the 11th just after we got home from a friend's place. At first I wasn't convinced they were labour pains and just thought I had indigestion, but after timing them to be 4 minutes apart just before 3am and having another show I realised this must be the deal. We ended up leaving for the hospital forgetting the baby's bag and wallets. Here we were at 3am on the side of a toll road searching the car for loose change for the toll. Once we arrived at the hospital and I was hooked up to the machines it was established I was in labour and 4-5cm dilated. I wasn't in any real pain until about 4.30am. I started to panic a little at this stage so I had a pethadine shot. This pretty much sent me to sleep until about 7am when I woke up with bad pain and this desire to push. I asked for an epidural but when the midwife checked me she found I was 9.5cm dilated. This was the biggest psychological boost ever and helped take the pain away. Within 20 minutes I was pushing and at 7.39am little Ryan entered this world. He came out with his arm over his head but surprisingly I didn't have any tearing or need stiches. It was the most unreal experience ever and it is so true what they say about you forgetting about the pain as soon as that baby is placed on your chest. I found I was on such a high for days ... in fact I still don't think I have come down from it. I just found the whole birth experience so positive and can't wait to have a little brother or sister for Ryan who has brought so much happiness into our lives.

Ryan (2) & Jayden (18mths)

Joshua Stephen's Birth

It started on Wednesday the 10th September I had my hopsital appointment and I just didnt feel right in the morning when I got up, I felt really tired like I had not slept though I had a great nights sleep. I went off to the hospital and told the doctor how I felt, she said to me that I would be a mum by the end of teh day or by tomorrow afternoon. I was like ok cool. I went home and tried to sleep. Late in the afternoon Steve woke me up to take me for a walk, I made it half way around teh block and just wanted to sleep. We went back home I had another nap, then woke at about 7.30pm. We watched Tv and Steve went to bed. About 12.30am I felt some period like cramps in my tummy so I decided to go to bed and sleep them off. I woke an hour later to stronger pains. I had a shower, rang the hospital and Steve also had ashower and got soem goodies ready for himself. At 4 am I couldnt handle the pain anymore and went to the hospital. I was put on gas, which I feel didnt help at all. The midwife told me not to expect my little man until after lunch. I tried to doze off, at about 6.55am I apparently amde a large groaning noise and Steve got the doctor, Joshua was ready to be born. At 7.17am my little man appeared, weighing 8p 1oz, 51cm.

The Birth of Alexander James

On the 25th August 1998, I had a almighy stitch, I coulnt starighten myself out. I had been having these type of pains for over a week. I was at my mum's and she was concerned so took me off to the hospital. I was 5 days over due so I was a real emotional pregnant lady who wanted the baby out!!!
The doctor at the hospital gave me an examination and told me I was dialating and sent me home with 2 panadols and that they would see me the next day. I went home made sure my bags were packed, cooked dinner for Steve. While watching TV, at about 8pm I said to him we had to go as I couldnt handle the pain. We got to the hospital I was taken to the delivery suite in a wheelchair. The pain got stronger and worse, by the time Alex was ready to be born I was exhausted and I didnt want to do anymore work. Eventually from somewhere I managed to get some energy and out he came at 9.56pm, 8p 12oz, 49cm.

Kathy,VIC,Josh 8, Alex 7, Michael 1

Heidiblue - wow that must have been really scary for you. Does Hayley have any long term health problems from the fluid she swallowed?

Rachael was born at 2.32pm on the monday. I only saw her for a few moments then she was "wisked" away to the pediatrition, I was really worried as she wasnt crying and I couldnt really see what they were doing to her, i knew they were using the suction and that was all. I was then told that she had to go to the special care baby unit (S.C.B.U) So my hubby went with her while i was "closed" up.

It was the worst time of my life, I had to wait while they finished stiching me and then in recovery still not knowing what ws going on, I was then finally told that she had swallowed amio fluid while she was being born and had what is called in lamens terms "Wet Lungs" so she was unable to breath so had to be placed in an incubator with oxgyen through tubes in her nose, etc. And would have to remain in S.C.B.U for a few days.

Not long after I wasa taken back to the ward my hubby came in to tell me about her, and he had an instant photo that the nurses had taken of her in the incubator. He then went to go and pick up our son (then 4) so he could meet her.

I asked the nurses if I could be taken down to see her, they said if it got quiet they would. But that didnt happen. I asked quite a few times that night too.

So I spent most of that first night looking at the photo and crying.

The next morning I asked again of I could be taken to see her, I was told if I could get up and have a shower my husband would be able to take me down in a wheel chair - I was out of that bed so quick and had a shower and was ready and waiting when my hubby arrived.

I felt so awful seeing her in the incubator hooked up to machines with so many tubes running into her. She was 8.02 lbs (her discharge weight was only 7lbs tho) and when I looked at the other babies in the unit I was so thankful that she was such a good weight, they were all really tiny, which was heartbreaking to see even tho they were not mine.

I didnt get to hold her until Wednesday when she had her first breast feed - that was such a great moment (she had been fed by nasal tube).

She was then allowed to come out of the incubator into a normal bed later that day, and was up in the ward with me on thursday, and as she was doing so well, we were allowed to go home on the friday afternoon.

Since then she has had lots of chest infections, croup and broncitis. And often has a cough especially if she has been outside in cold/damp air.

I was so worried when I got pregnant that the same thing would happen if I was booked in for an elective c-section.

I am so thankful that Mary-Jane is so healthy and that I was at least able to labour - which I learned helps to squeeze the mucas out of their lungs.

mum2 AJ 05, Mary-Jane 04, Rachael 99 & Jonothan 94

Jo, I too can relate to that "high"

I missed out with the first too after having a long and difficult labour with my first and ending in an emergency c-section, then complications with my second (see above).

This time round was so great, I def think that being able to semi-hold Mary-Jane straight after she was born made a huge difference. I was really buzzy the first few weeks - am slowly comming down from it now.

Its a great feeling and I def think it helpos you cope a lot better with the lack of sleep.

mum2 AJ 05, Mary-Jane 04, Rachael 99 & Jonothan 94

Other than my waters breaking and having to be induced with both my children their births were totally different. I was induced at 9:30 am and delivered at 7pm. The pain didn't start to get intense until around 2pm. I started on the gas but held off for the other pain killers. After a couple of hours i went and sat in the shower for a while then came out and they checked me and said i was 7cm and i'd be a bit longer yet so they gave me petehdine. It must of completely relaxed me because withing 20mins i was ready to push. Not long after my on was born weighing 8lb 7oz and 53cm in length no stitches needed and i held him straight away.

With my daughter things seemed to be going really welll up to the delivery. I was induced at 10am and the contractions got hard fairy quickly. I didn't want pethedine this time and i wanted to put off with the gas for as long as possible. I can't remember when i started on the gas but not long after i was checked and the nurse said i would be ready very soon. I started to push and i had to give up the gas cos i wasn't concentrating as hard as i should have. Things were going well and she said she will be delivered on to your tummy. Next minute she pressed a button and there were so many people in the room. I had no idea what was going on and i was beiong puled every which way and my partner had to get out the way quick. My daughter was delivered and wasn't breathing at first. I kept asking if she was ok and they kept telling me i did well, obviously at that time they didn't know. Then i herd her cry and everything was fine. I was the told that her shoulder had gotten stuck, behind the pelvic bone and the doctor had to pull her and that her chest was being squashed and she couldn't breath and in the process her arm was broken. I got to see my baby breifly as i had to go to surgery cos i had 3rd degree tears. When i got back she had been weighed at 11lb 2oz and 53.5cms long. And i got to see her for a little while as they explained to me about her arm and what had happened. The doctor told me that if she had been born at night time she probably wouldn't have sruvived because there wouldn't have been the people there to help. They had no reason to belive she would be as big as she was as my son was only 8lb 7oz and i didn't have gestational diabetes. All i can say is we are very lucky parents and that the hospital did an excellent job and i thank them very much.

Cassie,NSW, Blair 27/9/01, Mackenzie 19/5/04

Emma was born on the 15th of March this year by c-section.

I had my appt on the Friday and she was already overdue. The doc. decided to induce me and booked me into hopsital for Sunday 6pm.

Off I went on the Sunday, settled into the hospital, had an internal, where the midwife couldnt believe how low she was and was certain she would 'come out' in the next few hours. She said my cervic was very thin, but just not open.

I had the gel around 7.00pm and was left with the monitor attached for another hour after that. Wasnt feeling anything and baby was mostly sleeping all the time anyway.

Had a very quiet night, mostly slept. Doc came back in the morning and did another internal, still cervic thinned but no open, so had more gel at 7.00am.

Doc came back at lunch time to check on me, and although my tummy was tightening every 5 mins i was feeling no pain whatsoever and still my cervic was thin but closed.

He gave me the option of trying a 3rd lot of gel with the recommendation that he didnt think it would do anything, or a c-section. By then she was 9 days overdue and i was ready for her to come out in the big wide world, even though I really wanted to have a vaginal birth i knew it just wasnt going to happen so opted for the c-section.

I wanted to be awake so had the spinal block and didnt feel a thing, not even a pin prick of the injection. The doc asked me if i wanted to know when they'd started and i said yes. His reply was we started about 10 mins ago.

Emma arrived into the world not long after and OMG what an array of emotions i felt when they lifted her up above the sheet (i didnt want to see anything) and said its a girl.

The most pain i felt was the recovery afterwards and that was only the first 7-10 days that were the worst.

I'm hoping to try for a natural birth next time, but im not holding my sister had 2 natural brths, one had 2 c-sections (for different reasons to me).

Tracy, SA, DD 15/3/04 & TTC #2

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