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Have you been present with someone else whilst they gave birth?

I have only experience my own - lol duh! My sister has had 2 children but choose to only have her DP there.
No but I would love to have the opportunity one day. My mum used to say when I was young that if she were ever to have another baby she'd like us (me and my sister) to be there. I always thought it was gross but I can now see where she was coming from. I would love to be there to experience all those feelings again.
no and to be honest I dont think it is somehting that I would intentially want to be part of !! ..if I was around when it all happened and they needed a hand ( they would have to be pretty desparate if they needed my help !! Lol ol lol ) then of course I would be there ....but as a deliberate act ...I dont think it is something I want to do
No i havent but id love to smile

I didnt have the best birthing experience with DD and i was completely drugged up to the max so cant even remember hardly anything.

I'd love to witness the joy of childbirth from a different angle lol.

Everytime i see a silly 'childbirth' in a movie or tv a get all teared up, even thought some of them are ridiculous lol
Nooooooo... BUT i would really really really LOVE to be one day! I would jump at the chance if SIL or one of my close friends asked me.

I want to become a midwife so hopefully if i get in i'll be attending many births in the next 3yrs!

another two years and i'll be the one helping deliver yay smile

but never seen anyone close to me give birth
NO but i would love love love to!!
I was with my SIL when she was in labour at the hospital but I left the room before my neice entered the world.

yep was with my Sister it was such an amazing thing to see..

Would not have missed it for the world...

Owen 26.2.04 and Hannah 17.9.07

I was with my sister in the delivery room infact so were my Mum and Dad and her Husband!! She laboured for 27 hours and we got the phone call from her DH to say it would be soon and about 16 hours later she gave birth!!(poor chook) It just went onand on by the time it got time for her to push she told us to stay! I held her hand for 1.5 hours whilst she pushed but bub got stuck and they rushed her off to emergency for forceps. So i got to see all the yucky bit He! He! Saw bubs head but never saw her deliver. Funnily enough it was far far worse than my labours and never put me off!!


When I was 18 I went into the room with my sister having her 2nd it was me her and her DH. To be honest I really dont remember that much of it, but that may be because it ended up being an emergency c and she got taken out the room but all I can really remember is I was in there a while. I dont recall if she was in pain or anything. Probably a good thing otherwise I wouldnt have wanted my own. The last thing I wanted when I was in labour was anyone there and my sis rang my DH and said she was coming down and I made him tell her I wasnt in labour yet.
I was 13 when my sister had her 1st son I was there for the whole labour
I left for the birth(last 5mins) come back when the after birth was delivered and the cord was cut
it was back then gross smelly and hard to see!!!
But I am older and really can't wait to see it all again one day!

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