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Just wondering what pain relief you all used and what you would recommend i was thinking about having an epidural has anyone here had an epidural and does it help with the pain.


For my first birth with DS1 i first of had a shot of pethidine... i do not reccomend this! It was horrible! I then went on to have gass and when my Dr arrived i was quite out of it and in ALOT of pain, contractions ontop of eachother so she set up an IV in my hand without even asking me and kept pumping me with pethidine!

I was so out of it for the birth i can hardley remember it!!

This time with my DS2 who was born last Monday i held off on anything as long as i could and caved in about 50mins before he was born and had some gass! although my labor was only 3 hours lol...

It was so good i can remember everything! I was talking and laughing right up untill i started pushing!! I did scream for an epi a few times but knew in my head it was to late... I did the same with DS1!

So as much as i dont have any advice on the epi. Id say just do what you feel is right at the time.. I used teh shower right from the start with DS2, never used it with DS1 and it was a GOD SEND!! so were the heat packs.. So try everything first. but at the end of the day do what you feel is right..

Good luck.

I love epidurals and I will probably have one this time round if I can.
I had epis with both mine and it was wonderful!
Worked like a dream! I went from being stressed, unhappy and grumpy before to being really relaxed, happy, laughing and comfortable after I got them.

I had the lot as I was induced which was very full on. I had pethidine, Gas and an epidural. the pethidine worked but it also slows down labour ( it was alot like codien how it felt)so I wouldnt recommend it but I wouldn't not ethier. I had Gas and hated it I felt disoreintated and started freaking out as I couldn't tell what was happening or what my body was doing. Some people like the feeling gas gives them but most of the people I know recon theres some special way of doing it that there've never worked out. only 1 person I know out of about 12 have liked gas. I strongly wouldn't recommend it! I held of from having an epidural for about 1 - 2 hours hard to remember and then had it. I think it was good I held off as it lasted all the way through till my little boy was born. My epidural was great to the point where I was joking and almost falling asleep (pain releif doesn't get much better then that!) but I was aware of almost everything just needed to be told when to push, I'll have one next time too if it gets to much. So I would highly recommend having one just make sure they don't get you to walk until your ready too!
how long ahead do you need to tell the doctor you want an epidural? should you say it before you go into labour or do u tell them when your in labour? does the needle hurt when they put it in or cant you feel it?


With both of mine it took about an hour for the Drs to come after I asked for it, so you'd need to ask for it before you get too dilated. They won't give you one if you're past a certain dilation (it may be 7cms but I'm not sure on that - I've only been 2-3cms when I've asked for it). I was induced with both of mine, with DD had waters broken at about 8.30am and drip put in and then pains pretty much started straight after that. I didn't ask for the epidural until about 6pm-ish.. I think it got put in at around 7-7.30. DD arrived at 9.40pm.
With DS, same thing but I asked for the epi at about 10.30am, got it at around 12 and DS was born at 2.19pm.
Only difference between the two was that I felt a lot of pressure in my pelvis with DS and knew that he was right there!
Both mine popped out with 2-3 big pushes..

It doesn't hurt at all!
You'll feel a couple of tiny pricks from the local anaesthetic but it will be nothing compared to the contraction pains!!
Plus you'll be 100% focused on the contractions to notice the pinprick of the needle - you need to make sure you tell the Dr when you feel a contraction coming on so they can stop what they're doing.

You will feel a bit of pressure in your back as they put the catheter thingy in, but it shouldn't hurt at all - none of mine ever have.
You'll then feel cold and tingly as they put the actual drug thru.. it's a funny feeling but not scary or painful!
Depends where you live and if your under a ob or a midwife. My midwife was realy good and new all the staff and everythign that was going on she got me a docter to be there within 15 mins of us desiding to go ahead with it. I would let your LMC know if an epidural is an option and ask them to let you know when they feel its your last chance to get one if you get that far with outh one. I honestly was in far too much pain at the time from the contractions to feel anything I think I may have in the back of my mind felt something cold and that was it, I haven't heard of anyone being in pain from it (theres just too much happening for you to care).
Hey there,

Firstly, I went into both my births with an open mind to pain relief and had already decided that if the pain got too much I would start with gas and work up to an epidural, if I thought I needed to.

With DD1, I had a fairly truamatic 24 hr, posterior labour. I had the gas (didn't do anything), tried the pethidine (was horrible, the pain persisted but I felt so out of control) and finally the epi (which didn't work in my back and I was then confined to bed and couldn't move). Ended up having DD1 after 2 hrs of pushing and a ventouse assist.

DD2 was completely different, 2 hr labour, drug free! Ended up giving birth to her 10 mins after arriving at the hospital. I did think about using the gas but didn't have time anyway.

The epi I had with DD1 didn't hurt at all going in. You get a local anaesthetic first, which is like a pinprick compared to contractions! LOL The hardest part is keeping completely still during a contraction! LOL. It differs between hospitals, but from memory I think it can only be administered when you're between 4 - 7 cms dilated. Not definite on that though. I was up and about within an hour or so of giving birth to DD1 so it didn't really stop me from being mobile straight away after the birth.

About when to request it. Again it differs btwn hospitals. I requested mine after my DR pretty much told me to have one as I wasn't coping very well after about 18 hours in labour. It also depends on who can adminster them and how available they are.

Ask your GP/obs/midwife for more details. But I seriously think you should go into labour with an open mind and who knows, you may end up with a fast, easy labour like my DD2!

Good luck with everything smile]

im pretty sure i will have an epidural know that i have heard from people who have had one, aslong as everything goes to plan.


eliza congradulations on ur pregnancy! its an exciting time and also a fantastic time to do alot of research.
i know everyone has different pain thresholds ext but u really shouldnt go into labour with the idea that u ARE going to have something.
i suggest going in with lots of knowledge on what u would be open to and what u dont want.

i was very sick the whole time i was pregnant and after research realised that pethadine can make u nauseas, which was the last thing i needed so i said def NO to peth. peth crosses the placenta which means the baby feels the effecys aswell can make bub sleepy and harder to attatch and bf well after the birth.

gas and air has little lasting effects. it doesnt cross the placenta but with some people can make them feel a little funny in the head. this doesnt happen to all people though and is def worth a try as it lasts only a few minutes and doesnt have reconvery time.

epidural is generally seen as a last resort as it is quite a drastic and effective drug. it basically numbs u from the waste down. u would have a cathedar inserted (bcos u wont feel when u need to go to the toilet) and u will be bed ridden ovbviously. unfortunatly epi's can slow down progression of labour and even stop it in some cases. some epi's dont work completly and u may have feeling down one side, or u may still feel the contractions. with an epi there is a much larger risk of c-section and instrumental deliveries as alot of women struggle to push effectivly whilst so numb. after the birth there is recovery time and u may not walk for a few hours. on the other hand epis can be used to help the progression of labour if mum is stressed and not preggressing epi's can relax her and allow the cervix to dilate.

my suggestion is the same as kims. go in with an open mind. have faith in the way pur bodies are designed to give birth and take refuge in the prize at the end of the pain.
i went in saying that my first choice would be gas and air and if i felt absolutly necasary i would have an epi.
i was induced and had a very fast and full on labour and did it drug free. i dont pride myself on having a high pain threshold either.

i wish u all the best for this exciting time and i do hope u take my advice, i think alot of women listen to much about word of mouth and make decisions and asssumptions based upon that.. no harm in getting information from the proper medical facts about each option and making calculated choices that way.

sharna xxx
totally agree with sharna!!!!

This is my first baby so i cant really help with what to expect but at the start of my pregnancy i was like 'im having an epidural' No questions asked i was going to have one! Boy have i changed my mind now.

Its not that im scared of the side effects of an epidural or any analgesia for that matter (im a vet nurse so i understand there is a time and place for drugs and interference) its more about having an open mind and going with the flow.
I have a super low pain threshold and i am a total wimp but labour is different (from what i have been told) I am not saying i wont have an epidural nor am i saying i will have an epidural all i am saying that if the time comes and i have tried everything else then i will consider it.
Im having my bub at a birth centre on the grounds of a hospital so they 'discourage' epi's but if you end up wanting one they just transfer you to the hospital.

Research your options so you at least now about then when the time comes but honestly go with the flow. I have turned from being absolutely terrified at the thought of labour and now i cant wait, i am literally excited about giving birth!

take care and good luck


I agree with most of the other posts.

Do your research. Epidurals do come with a risk, as does EVERY drug.

Wait and see how your body feels. Remember a womans body IS designed to do this!

If a modern medicine drug is going to help then that's great!

Be researched up, make sure your birthing partner knows EXACTLY what you want and see how it goes.

Have fun,


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