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What to pack for hospital, for yourself and for your baby? Lock Rss

I was just wondering what did you pack for hospital? is there anything you wish you had packed, or anything you did pack and it was just a waste of space???

i would have to say cheap or old undies because they will get wrecked but for the labour i say take a ipod or cd payer with your fav songs especially if you have a long labour, it will break all the awkward silent bits between contractions. and also take a few mags


Hi there,

Music and mags where a wast of space to me. LOL Didn't get time to use and/or enjoy them!
Every labour is different.

My chapstick was invaluable. I'll be packing 2 this time, 1 for my husband to have in his pocket and 1 I can grab when I need it.

I have 3 large lists of what you can/should pack if your interested.
1) Labour Bag
2) Hospital Bag
3) Baby Bag

I found it easier having 3 bags. I knew which stuff was where.
Good idea - have your support person know where stuff is in your bag!!!!!


I brought my laptop which had TV shows I downloaded from iTunes. I also had puzzle books to pass the time when I was by myself while bub was sleeping. I found not to pack too much clothes because my mum took them home half way through the week and brought them back so I had more clothes than what I needed.
kate, i'm interested in that big list you mentioned smile thank for all the info guys. i have got two bags, one for me and one for baby. smile

I didn't think to pack these with my 1st and my friend who recently had a baby reminded me of some essentials.

** Own roll of nice soft toilet paper (hospital toilet paper= OUCH!)

** Own Tea Bags.. Nothing like a good cuppa.. I love herbal tea's

I totally over-packed. Coming home it looked like we'd been away for a month, it was crazy. I packed magazines, laptop, books etc in case I had time during labour - I totally didn't, nor did I have time after my baby was born. I also packed make-up, razors, shaving foam etc thinking it might help me feel human again. WRONG again! No time for that either... I struggled to remember to brush my teeth! Of course everyone is different, but next time I won't be packing those luxuries.

But recommend packing lots of cheap black cotton undies.

Good luck!
OK this may sound stupid, BUT.....

I packed a plastic cup (my mum suggested it) every time I went to the toilet I filled the cup with warm water then poured over my stitches slowly as I did a wee... Wee stings heaps and the water made it better, it also 'cleaned'the area.

I took that really nice soft loo paper as well and 'blotted' rather than wiped. It made be feel so much better.

I didn't pack enough pads and ended up sending DH for maternity pads at chemist.So I suggest take at least 3 packets, I went through a pack a day.

I also didn't pack a dummy as our baby wasn't going to have a dummy... but after hours of having my nipple sucked on as a pacifier DH again came to the rescue and bought in a dummy at 10pm one night!

Hope that helps.

Matilda Jane, Feb 08 and Charlotte Rose, Dec 09

PS: I went into labour in the middle of the night, and since I had been in bed my hair was out. Half way through I wanted to tie my hair back (I was so hot) and had no hair band. Made mum take her ponytail out and give me hers! so would suggest packing a few hairties just incase as there is nothing worse than hair in your eyes when you are all sweaty!

Matilda Jane, Feb 08 and Charlotte Rose, Dec 09

I agree with the 3 bag idea! I totally overpacked and ended up taking most of it unused home.

Things I did use

- Make sure you take a heap of pads, you'll use a lot more than you think and I double-padded so I didn't leak at the front or back
- Chapstick or lipgloss
- Hairdryer for hair and for stiches smile
- Magazine or puzzle book (but not too many, there's not much down time)
- Dummy and nipple shields. Even if you don't use them they're inexpensive but I wish I'd known this tip. DS loved to suck (on my nipples at first) and ended up making breastfeeding quite painful.

I've also seen on the internet you can get "disposable" knickers which I think is GREAT! Nothing worse than trying to clean up spills in the shower and having to leave stained knickers for others to see. Otherwise really cheap knickers.

totally agree on the pack heaps of pads. sorry if TMI. i bleed heaps i went through a pack in less that 24 hours, also a few pairs of pj.
I only packed one as i was only staying one night, but i leaked onto my pj's before we even had left the birth room. lots of old undies.

also i got this advice late to help me. but if you sit on the toilet back wards the pee does not get on the stiches so much.

make sure your support person also has a change of clothes, DH supported DD at birth and i had to throw his t-shirt away.

Two beautiful girls, hubby working from home makes one happy mumma smile

thanks guys, you've said some really helpful things that i haven't had suggested to me before, i have bought nipple shields but i haven't put them in the bag, i think i might now, and i won't use dummies if i can help it but i have bought some and packed them just in case aswell smile

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