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Perineum Massage and tearing Lock Rss


My first baby is due July and am terrified about tearing or even worse getting an episiotomy. I heard that massaging the perineum can reduce the chances of tearing. Has anyone tried it and found it to be sucessful?

Hi Louise,

I received info on perinium massage at antenatal classes but didn't use it -probably due to laziness!!!LOL!!!!

I had a second degree tear when I had my DD and have since been told that an episiotomy is the way to go if this is needed.

It makes sense that if cut, it stitches back up nicely with a nice, neat scar. Mine however is not so neat as a tear is alot more jagged and uneven and thus harder to repair!!!!

Try seing your Doc or midwife and asking for info as it certainly is worth a try.

Hope this helps

Jo, DD 7yrs dance addict; little man 13 months

Hi Louise E,

I have never done any perineal massage and have had four children under 4.5 years naturally. No stitches no grazes. Felt like i was tearing though. I think the secret is to listen to your midwife or whoever is guiding you when to push. When they say to stop pushing try really hard not to and let the baby slide at its own pace. That worked for me anyway. Good luck!!!!

Ceri mother of 4

Hi Louise

I had an episiotomy with my first daughter due to an assisted birth, she was in a tricky position. I had a pudendal nerve block and did not feel a thing.

My midwife forewarned me with my second preganancy that a tear along the old scar was likely. She suggested perenial massage which we did do.

However I think the best thing for the softening of the perenium was the fact that I laboured in warm water with my second daughter (about 3 hours, the water was emptied before she was born). This seemed to soften everything up nicely and there was no tearing or grazing, and the water was wonderful for the overall pain management - no drugs required.

I am expecting my third child in 2 weeks and I definitely plan to use water again.
I did the whole massage thing too but it didn't stop me from tearing. I think that it really depends on the person. Tearing and grazes is not at all uncommon, a lot of women tear even when they push when instructed by a midwife. When you tear you can't feel it happening anyway - everything else just takes over and next thing you know you're holding your beautiful baby in your arms!
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