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Not sure! Have i started going into labour???? Lock Rss


Yesterday on Father Day we all went out for lunch and most of the time my stomach was very hard at the front and lower end of my stomach. My belly button was sensitive aswell. It also felt like the baby wanted to come out. It felt like her knees, hands or heals were going to break the skin on my stomach, you could definitely see where she was moving. My cervix was throbbing every now and then and it also felt like her hand was going to break my waters (cervix/vagina opening and closing, a weird sensation). On the way home i had aches and had to hold my stomach the whole way home especially when DH was driving over bumps/rocky road.

Today Im feeling fine but bubs prefers me to stand then sit.

Can anyone tell me if this is normal? Am i having strong Braxton hicks? Im very confused...

Bek xx
i would say your body's getting ready for the real deal! how exciting smile

How far through are you as you haven't said?
It sounds like pre-labour syptoms, i'ld say if your over 38 weeks it'll be 3 days to just over a week away.

I am 37 weeks. I am booked in to have a c-section on 21st September.

I have my 38 week appointment with my midwife this friday 11th.

Are these common symptoms to have before going into labour?
they are the sort of symptums i had with my twins the day b4 i went in to pre term labour at 29weeks..
it may happen soon.. but ur classed as full term now.. so id just wait it out and see..
good luck..

Wow, thats exactly how i was yesterday!!! I was honestly expecting to go to the toilet and have a show or something, but today ive woke up and seem ok, just very very tired. Good luck and i really hope it is the start of labour for you!!!!

Ive returned from our ob appt to find out that I am 3-4 cms dilated and I didnt even know it. All I have had is a bit of cramping yesterday (barely noticable) and slightly wetter than usual (tmi). I havent had any bloody show, noticible m plug etc. I am a couple of days overdue so im not suprised that it starting however suprised that I am already dilated that much with no pain at all. wink
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