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paranoid about waters breaking in public! Lock Rss

does this really happen? is it as embarrasing as im imagining?
[Edited on 11/09/2009]

I read that only 5 - 10% of women's waters break naturally so the chance of it happening is very slim!

I was actually one of those women though, my waters broke spontaneously at the clinic while I was having my 40 week check. It's not that bad, a lot of jelly like fluid came out and they just put a lot of pads on me and a plastic bag and I went home and picked up DH, it was still leaking but not for everyone else to see.

If you're really worried pack some maternity pads in your handbag just in case. I wouldn't be embarrassed, if it does happen people will know what's going on and it will be more exciting then anything!

Good luck!

As Leah has said, try not to worry about it. My waters broke with my first 2 so I really thought they would again. My main concern was that it would be while I was driving my new car lol so I took to sitting on rubbish bags.

It would be clear to anyone what had happened, and far from making it embarrassing for you I would think that people would rush to give you some help. So try not to stress!

I was like you and would u believe mine broke at home, thank god as I was a mess, and so was my water, i jumped in the bath as it all ran out. But there was meconium in mine and water was green so i was panicking and no way could have driven.
But it is quite a low percentage this happens to, I'm sure you will be fine.
good luck smile
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